31 Dec 2007

Happy New Year

The New Year... The New Beginning... The New Life... The New Moment...
New Rays of Beautiful shining sun.

at first, let me tell about the last days.
I went to the school wearing the new clothes of Eid( like any other child). I exchanged congratulations with all the others: teachers, students, drivers and sweepers( with everyone).
I had a lot of homework ( as usual).
I'll have many exams in the next days.
I sit here keeping thinking of what happened in 2007 and what may happen in 2008.

In 2007 not many changes took place. I checked all my previous posts and remembered all the sweet and nice times I spent.
Everything now is just about memory but I enjoy recalling something happened. school and exams, holiday( it was not boring perfectly, but no very important things has been achieved, but I still remember the sweetest moments in this year when our football team could make us really sooooo very happy.
We lost many Iraqis in explosions. But at last it was our game of deciding and we decided the best.
Situation is very better than before( Thank God).
In the end of this year we had many carnivals( with Muslims and Christians) of Eid al-Ad ha and Christmas.
It is so nice to finish the year with happiness and celebrations.

I kept thinking of bad things I faced and good things. Everything was nice. although there was some space needed something to be filled.
Now, it is the time for 2008.
I don't want to imagine anything about it. It is better to let everything come as surprise.
But may all my and your dreams come true.
To see the world full of happiness and peace and without wars and starvations. To live in world clear with paupers and poor. To be good doctor can create the smile on every face.
Those are my greatest wishes.
You know what?

Every year adds something to my personality. Every year can be cosidered better than the last one. Every year my dreams grow more.
and every year some of them come true.
I hope next year I'll write a post too telling that many of my dreams came true.

Today I watched a show of celebration of 2008 at cctv in China. It was very beautiful celebration. I wish I were there.
I hope I'll attend such great big celebrations in Iraq.

May Allah protect all Iraqis.
May Allah protect innocent people all around the world.

Stay safe.

Just like the sun,

24 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas

Hello again,
Merry Christmas to the all.

There Is No Place Like Home...I'm Home

Hello everybody( especially dear brother amal, dear amal, I have now three brothers, two iraqis and one indian, wowwwwwwwwwwww).
I enjoyed my trip to Baghdad sooooooooo much. I vivsited my uncles and aunts and met new members in my life( they are my uncles' wives, my uncles both got married a year ago and I don't really know their wives, they are just like you, cute and nice).
I bought nice clothes, I made clecha with aunts and different Iraqi famous food, I bought very nice CDs of
westlife and Celindion.
They of going was very nice and clear of American tanks. There were many national guards and they all were very nice and they made jokes with travelers and gave them some bananas and clecha. God bless them.
I went to many places I didn't go for al ong time. Places like: philisteen street, karrada, zayyona, bnook, sha'ab, bab el-mu'addam, new baghdad and many others.
Mom and uncles and aunts went to Kerbala and Najef( I did not go , just because I'm a child!!!!!!!!!).
I called all my relatives( whom live in other cities and were not able to come to Baghdad), one of them is my uncle( dad's brother) Hs, he is so great, I spent about an hour on the phone laughing and eschanging jokes with him.
Great time I spent there and I wish you did too.
By the way, I went with my uncle's wife to the dentist, he was so cute that he has nice way of treating patients. I imagined myself having a clinic and treating sick ones kindly.

16 Dec 2007

Short update

Hello everybody,
I'll travel to Baghdad tomorrow to spend Eid with my relatives there.
I suppose there will be grea pleasure.
I had exam of math today and I did well.
I gave present to Manny and other girl from Baghdad, they both were happy for that.

Spend nice Eid and moments.

Al-Haj in Islam

She is my grandma who told me about Al-Haj and how it is meaningful.
She said
"All Moslems go to Mecca every year in the month of Dhu Al-Hijja to do the duties of Al-Haj.
They all wear the same clothes' color. The white, color of peace and goodness. Everyone doesn't be special because he/she is of ones who have glory or fame. The all have the same level and no difference among the all, the poor and rich, the master and the slave, the all are the same.
They are about ten days when people do.
They all aim to wander around Al-Kaa'ba and between al-Safa and Al- Marwa. The wandering between Al-Safa and Al-Marwa is the same which Hajar( the wife of Ibrahim prophet-peace be upon him- did when she looked for some water for her tiny child- Isma'il prophet( peace be upon him-. And wandering around Al-Kaaba is one of the orders that Allah by Holy Koran asked to do in Al-Haj.
When ones go around Al-Kaaba telling Allah that they came here to comply to his orders and to be pure of faults that they did in their lives.
In those day, the one forgot everything and everybody but remember Allah. Also they remember in one moment what they did whole their lives and be happy about well-doing and sorry about wrongdoing and they ask for God forgiveness.
Many Moslems( especially who went for Al-Haj) used to slay to give alms in this duration, there will be great reward for their charity.
Finally, every duty in Haj isn't wanted for its appearance, but it is a way of many others we can show through our obedience and piety."

I can add something to my granma's talking, everything you do to bring happiness and comfort for the others Allah will be very happy of it accepting it with great consenting.

Thanks Grandma( May God bless your nice spirit).


By the way, everybody who wants to go to Mecca to do al-Haj has to be at good relation with people he/she knows before his/her going, so his/her deed will be perfect.
Be Perfect

14 Dec 2007

Adha Mubarak

May All Your Dreams come True..
May Allah Lead us to do the best for ourselves and for the others.

13 Dec 2007

It has been a messy week..

The week ago was chaotic and in fact I was very gloomy. On Sunday, I had exams( biology and physics) and thank God I did well. At the night of Sunday I had very bad dreams of fire and volcano, buried ones.

On Monday, the situation was very bad near my school, national guards had a chase with terrorists and shooting made us feel very afriad and we kept staying under our desks, but at last everything was finished. I had English exam and also I did well.

On Tuesday, I had exam about computer, and everything was normal.

Wednesday, there was exam of religion. I received the result of grammar exam of Arabic language, I got 28.5 of 30, I didn't expect that. The teacher gave us -not hard questions, but wrong question!!!!- and when I tried to explain the fault I found, she began to talk to me roughly and actually, I tried to avoid her curse, so I kept quiet and sat down.
This is a simple signal about teachers and education in Iraq. She was wrong and she refused to avow.
May Allah lead her to the right way of treating others.
On Thursady, I had an exam of chemistry and I did well.
This week, one of the teachers kept talking with me for a long time. She is very nice, she always asks me about my life and how I'm doing( God bless her).
I told her about girls'harassment , she said that I do never have to care. " they want you to be the loser, they don't want you to achieve something, for no raison, but because they are jealous of you, so DON'T YOU CARE" she said.
I admire her so much. It is so nice to light up someone's candle. My Sun Shines every moment with such ones( ones like you).
Today, I went to the market, I bought some computer magazines, they are useful.
I met 7 of ones I konw in the market. I met an old friend and kept walking and talking with her for a long time. She said that she came to the market to buy some clothes for Eid al- adha.
( just like me).
But Guess what!!!!!!!!!
I kept calling her( my dear) because I forgot her name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are just 8 months since I have seen her in the last time.
I forgot her name!
Now, I can't stop laughing at me.Hehehehehheheh
I hope I'll remember her name soon.

this image is nice, what do you think?

6 Dec 2007

Everybody sees how you seem;however some know who you really are

I liked this lesson and kept thinking of it for along time. This is right.
To know someone's reality couldn't be easy thing.I, for example was shocked by someone who appeared very nice, but very sinister inside. She has other face. Face that I did never want to see or know.
This week was chaotic but normal.
Everyday, the teachers in our school become worse.In fact the curriculum and education system need so much change.
In french class, we study grammar, and as you know, every language grammar needs some explaining to understand. But the teacher doesn't expalin.
Even, she doesn't trust us, never. There was a talking about something in the class, Guess what she said.
" I do never trust you, I'll make sure from another girls" She calls us liars!!!
Anyway. I had an exam in chemistry, I did well. I received a result in physics and I feel so comfortable about it. Next week will be rich of exams.(I'll do my best).

Yesterday, I called my uncle( in Baghdad), he is so very sad( I hope he'll get better).
He needs three needles!! Oh, God. I do hate needles.
My aunt is doing well in her job( she is a teacher).

Situation gets better. Policemen and national guards everywhere. when I see them> I feel so comfortable.
Thank God!

In Eid ul- adha, I shall go to Baghdad to see my relatives there and to spend the happy times with them( I have not seen them since September-2006).
The pic beside is nice, I found it in
American soldiers became less in number.
Many of them were killed, others went back and others here suffer.I wanted to share it with you.
I heard alot about a city in Iraq( in Baghdad) where more than 2 millions Iraqis live.
Today it is called ul-sadr city.
It is the most miserable city in Iraq.
I'll write about it in post.
There, people below the average poverty live. in house( oh, sorry, I mean in rooms) made of slay!!!
Or, in a house less than 100 square meters as area , more than three families live!!!!!!!!!!
And, what makes it worse, nobody cares about them. The men there are idle. Many patients of chronic conditions live there and they can't buy what they need of medicine because it is very expensive, for example to buy a needle you need to pay 150$, and they don't have enough money to buy a chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May Allah care about them!!!!!
Satay safe,

Today, I checked
this blog.. check it too.. living in Sweden is nice..

1 Dec 2007

The last beginning in 2007.. no aids

It is the last beginning of a month in 2007.
Just after 31 days, the new year will hug us.
May Allah Protect all Iraqis.

Let's make this month the end of everything bad.
Let's Make All Our Days Just Like Aid Day

New Year Will Begin....
New Hope Will Cover Us.
And New Ray of Shining Sun Will Light The Darkness That Decided To Leave Us.
Just Like The Sun,
Hopeful Sandybelle

29 Nov 2007

It was a rich Wednesday

I am fifteen years old and at this age I don't think I'm tiny to speak strongly and to have strong personality among whom around me.
In the class, we are 28 girls. In the>party two weeks ago we had a lot of happiness with each other. In every moment I felt very glad . I thought they could be the greatest ones. I didn't think that they will face my charity with them with harm. In fact they did.
I enjoyed them just
last year as a new girl younger than them. At the beginning they treated me friendly. But this year, as they see that I'm smarter than them, and that all the teachers love me and try to be closer to me in everyday. So they began to feel jealous, because I got all the attention of the teachers and the headmistress of school.
They always try to make me feel sad and uncomfortable by saying words and doing things I dislike. I always try to hide my ire. But this time I couldn't bear any more.
I stood against them and they all didn't know what the had to say.
Anyway, my mom says that the successful man always face people hate him\her at his\her success.
May Allah give me a bit of patient to bear more and more.
Last night, my uncle called from Baghdad and said that the situation is so much better than month ago. We will spend al-adha feast at my grandma's house in Baghdad because the way to Baghdad is safer than before.
This made me feeling very happy. At last people of Baghdad can live peacefully.
Mohammad Yonis the winner of Nobel Prize of 2006.
How great man he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope I'll be like him in the future. He made an interview with Oprah. He kept talking about his plan with Green Bank. They gave many paupers loan to help them to own houses. I think that the loan was about 200$!!!!!!!!!
He said this amount doesn't spare a dinner for rich couple in America!!!!!
But he and Green Bank did their best to make it enough for a family of paupers.
He also helped a woman to improve her livelihood by making her selling mobiles and now she owns a simple company of mobiles!!!!!!!!!!
In this man, all features of the best can be embodied.
He helpful and with his help he made many happy and excited.
He got the Nobel Prize at aptitude and he is soooo very humble.
Thank God because he got it.
" I got thousands of Nobel prize with every smile on their faces." He said at the end of the interview.
To get Nobel prize everyday seems very grandiose.
It is great to create smiles wherever you go is so beautiful.
I hope everyone try to get Nobel Prize and try to help people as much as he can.
Everyday new dream is created. Now, I have a new dream in addition to my many.
I love to be a famous poet someday.
In school, this week we had a celebration of Library Day.( Library, one of my most favorite places). Teachers and all the students attended as well as some directors.
I had a poem to recite. Absolutely I had to keep all laws of the right way of reciting.
I received the poem that I had to recite just on on Tuesday and the celebration was on Wednesday!!!!
In Wednesday I had very hard exam of biology, I studied for 4 hours and I had so many homework. I couldn't practice well. Even I forgot the paper of the poem in my book and at that day I lent it a girl.
I called the teacher of Arabic language who loves me very much. I told her about the manner. Then, she called me and sked me about the address of my home.
Then half an hour late, she was knocking at our door!!!!!!!!!
That was great. she gave me the wanted divan and I could get the poem.
On Wednesday, it was the waited time. ( shush shush shush, tell nobody, I didn't practice at home, just 15 minutes before the celebration I practiced!!!!!!!!)
The celebration began, the librarian at school said a speech also some speeches in French language and in English language. Then it was my turn.
I felt at that time that I'm alone in the world and I felt with sme power urging me to do my best.
I didn't feel but at that time when I heard soo much clapping.

Then, the teacher of Arabic told me that everyone was very surprised and happy of my reciting.
I did well!!!
even the director of Arabic language asked for me later. I met him and he told me about his admiration.
So, I lov eto be a famous poet someday.
On wednesday , we had to do an exemplary class in Arabic language.
We had to do our best.
All the girls did their best especially me.
Other teachers came from other schools to show us. they couldn't hide their jealousness of us.
They talked badly about us although we were perfect!!
Ok, to be famous poet is geat for me. But the greatest is to get the Nobel Prize someday.

Make a bow to all the winners of Nobel prize.
I make a bow.

''and instead of cursing the light, let's light up a candle!''


22 Nov 2007

The previous days..

The week ago was normal. I had exams, French, physics, computer, religion and I did well.I also received some results, they were good.
Everyday, the teachers increase the homework, they say that there isn't enough time to complete all the curriculum, so we have to study more and more. Even sometimes I awake up very early, smetimes earlier than 5:00 p.m. to continue the homework!!!
We do our best, and the teachers too.

Yesterday, I didn't go to the school, I had bad headache, winter began, the season of sicknesses. But I love it so much, alot of snow, but in my city snow don't fall, the degree of tempreture isn't suitable for the snow to fall. Anyway, in winter, we all sit near the fireplace exchanging talking about stories we hear, many times my mom put the tea-pot on the fire of the fireplace to make the tea perfect( my grandma says that if you put the tea on a calm heat, it will be perfect, and my mom always follows my grandma's example) . I drink hot cacao so much. This is great for me.

The situation gets better, although there are many explosions but to see the policemen and national guards in the street make me feeling a bit happy. On the gate of every street there is a police car. This is good. There is some hope.
Yesterday I heard very sad story.
It is about a girl called Miriam, her family lost her in an explosion happened their house. She was playing with her friend in the quarter.
" She is gone, I have no sister now, she was my only, she was full of energy and very good in school. She always believed that the sun doesn't disappoint us. But now, everything is bad for me, I think sun will never light me life without my sisyter" her brother said.
" I have not lost my sister only, but also my close friend and everyone I loved and wanted to continue the way with him. I will never forget the happy days I spent with Ali, my friend, who died in an explosion too. explosions became normal now also killing and kidnapping. Every part of Iraqi people got its own share of sadness and terror" her other brother said.

Mirian just like the others who are at her age, loved Iraq and wanted it to become good and its people to live peacefully.
we lost many like Miriam from different ages.
Prof.s, students, scientists workers, and doctors and many many.
Every one had his/her own sad story.
We lost them all. We lost the for no raison.
Miriam had her dreams, had her thoughts and ideas, she was able to discover a new world, maybe we would be able to take the best from her and many like her.
Now, there is childhood in Iraq but without happy children.

Make the children happy and let us dont lose more.


15 Nov 2007

Sun gives us every day..

Today we had a party in school( which I talked about in my last post) we were very happy.
In the morning, every girl began to show her clothes to the others.
My friends said that my clothes were perfect, thanks for them. Also girls made nice hairdoes.
I did a hairdo too and of course with my mom's help. they said it is nice.
Then we had so much to talk about: the latest news of singers, actors and also the family.
Then, we went to the garden.In fact, it was cold, so we returned to the class, we didn't want to get ill.
In the class, we ran the recorder.Girls brought CDs and cassetts of different singers. There was dancing, so much dancing and so much happiness.There were songs which had been made about our team when it won in Asia Cup, I remembered those happy day.They were nice new beginning for new happy life.
One of my classmates said that yesterday on her way back to home, she saw slayed man in the street and people were passing by him without any care. These scenes became very normal in Iraqis' lives.
I felt so sad about him.I'm sure he has children and wife love him so much and they will be so very gloomy and sad to lose him.There are many men died with this way in Iraq.
Any way, we just pray and do our best from our places and degrees to make the situation better.
Ater that, we put the food on the desks( we made a big table by desks, we created happiness by this).
Iraqi food is so very delicious. There was dolma, biryani, lahm bib a'jeen, pizza as well as desserts( I brought the desserts) and cake, we ate alot and I still have a bit of ache in my abdomen.
The teachers came to see what we do, we make them taste some of our food, the siad that it is very good.Two of them stayed eating for not a short time.
We had photoes with teachers.
Teacher of French loves me, and five days ago, I promised to sing for her( my relatives of whom love singing say that I have nice voice, I love singing too much as well as acting) she loved my singing and asked me to sing for the all someday a french song.This is cool!!!!!
I love you...You love me we are best friends like friend should be, with a great gig hug and kiss from me to you..............

At the end of the day, we prepared our selves to go backe to home.We gave the woman in our school who works as a servant some food,she is poor and have some children, she was so thankful.
We had so much fun and happiness.I hope such days will full what next of our lives.
At the end, we thanked each other and praised each other.
It was nice party.
To see whom around you happy, you'll feel happpy too. It is so nice to make some of them happy and share them this happiness.

Be happy and hopeful


14 Nov 2007

Every new day cotains pain..

This week was busy with exams. Biology, physics, grammar and poems of Arabic language and English exam for today. I did my best and hope the results will be good. There will be many other exams next week.

A few days ago, something happened and didn't let me have good night.I kept thinking of it for a long time.
We were on our way to the school. There is a trrafic on the way in a very busy junction and the light was red, so we had to stop waiting for the green light.
In Iraq, there are many uncivilized things and one of them is to let boys( boys who are orphans or very poor) sell cigarettes, ice cream or so. in roads and junctions as a way to earn living.
One of them came towards us and offered to buy some from him. I felt so very embarrassed.I didn't have money at that time, but fortunately our driver (we go to school as groups of girls) had and bought from him then the boy twittered thankfully and kissed the paper of money( this is one of the ways that many use to show their gratitude) and went away.
I wanted to get out of the car to follow him, to ask him about his name, his family and about the raison that led him to work at the age of roses( he seemed to be 9 years old).I know there are many like him, many don't have parents or any other one who cares about them.
I felt very sad and wished the earth to quake to hide me.

This year, in English we have a literary reading( I suppose you know it) : Oliver Twist.
It is very tragedy stories, talk about a little boy , an orphan, his dad ided before his birth and his mom at his birth, so you can imagine what could happen with an orphan in a workhouse with ill treatment and severe life with long suffering.
So I think this boy is lke Oliver.
Oh my God!!!!! maybe there are thousands Olivers in Iraq!
I hope the day when I'll all children in Iraq but all the world get knowledge and good life.
And inspite of thinking of helping such men, we see many fight for nothing and try to be the best. I think these stupid men will not reach the top at all. I will reach the top when I see all children and babies live happily and well '' Children are the roses of the earth".
Tomorrow, we'll have a party in school.
Here we can't spend times out of home getting happy moments.
What we hear and face everyday is sad, so no place for long happy time.
But we are brave and strong, we serve our country and try to do the best in our life to achieve something, our lives had become full of achievements, because we are still optimistic and thinking of shining future because our sun is still shining.
In the school we have a nice garden, so the headmistress decided to devote a day to happiness and dancing. Every class has a special day.This could put an end for something bad.
Tomorrow is our special day. I'm preparing myself. There will be Iraqi food, dancing and new look for each girl.
I'll make a nice hairdo.
I'll write something about what will happen tomorrow.
One day I bought a map.
It was a map of Iraq.
I put the map on a table in my room.
On the table there were three roses.
Near the roses there was a plumes.
Near the window, there was a bulbul.
He kept siniging when I bagan to smile.
He sang a song.
The three roses shared him his singing, as well as the plume.
The all sang a song whose first words were:
We Love Iraq... We Love Iraq.

Every night, I hear sounds of explosions and I don't know where and between whom.I don't hide.I feel afraid, but this fear leads me to stay strong forcedy the bad ones' hatred.
I'm situation will improve.
I hope the day when I'll sit in front of my PC in, writing that the situation is very good, will come.
Everytime when the love's ray visit us, it improves something bad and make us feel so cheerful.
Let The ray of love and peace visit your hearts always,


8 Nov 2007

Let bygone be bygone but stay having a grateful heart..

Four days ago, I heard this story
Once , there were two patients in a hospital, Ken and Sen. They both dwelled in the same room. In thre room, there were just one window and Sen's bed was the one beside it, so he only was able to look through the window.
In every day sen was telling ken about what he sees through the window." People, large garden full of trees and plants, big fountain and a child plays near it, as well as Red Rose'' Sen says and ken imagins.
Days passed, evil began to rise in Ken's heart. '' why I'm not the one whose bed beside the window? why I don't have to be the one who can see through the window? why should I imagine in everytime?'' Ken says.
Day after day this evil grows.

One night, Sen suffered of heart attack.
Sen died.
Absolutely, Ken felt happy, because at last he will be able to stay in the bed beisde the window to look through it.
Ken was removed to the place he wanted.
He looked through the window.
Guess What
He saw a wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He remembered Sen and kept crying.

I'm sure Ken felt very sorry at that time.
There was nothing of the nice and happy thing that Sen was telling him about.

But yes, Sen despite of his sadness, he saw the life as a big garden and by this he tries to make the ones who around him happy.
And Ken who let the evil to rise in his heart saw the life as wall.
Today, it was my sister's birthday.
She is Ten years today.
We had a party with the song of " Happy birthday to you''
I remembered my tenth birthday.
Many parts of me are still 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years old.

I still love to sit at my mom's lap crying.
I still love kiss my dad before sleeping.
I still love cacao.

Happy birthday Dear Sister, I hope all your dreams will come true, I hope you'll be good dentist, my nice sister.
I had exams this week, French langyage, chemistry and Mathematics.
Classmates said'' I'm sure I'll see you in Hollywood someday, you act perfectly''
We had a dialog in English. The teachers asked us to act it, and we did.
I do love acting, as well as singing and writing poems.

In Chemistry, the teacher siad'' dear girls, I have to leave you, I have to continue my study to get the Msc in chemistry''
This wasn't a nice surprise at all.
We all love her, and we last year suffered alot of our chemistry teacher- another teacher-
and this year, the new teacher came and added something nice to the lesson.
But at last, she was joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is good in making pranks, because at firs, I believed her and kept praying asking God to not to let her go( I felt very afriad).
In mathematics lesson, we used to make jokes and laugh- it is very funny lesson-we all love it and the teacher of it.

We have two exams on Sunday ( Grammar of Arabic language and physics) and on Monday there is an exam of biology, the teacher of biology used to give us very hard questions, but I'll study to get high marks.

The situation is bad- as usual- explosions and kiling.
A girl told me that the terrorists have slayed two men in the street in front of many people.
''I couldn't sleep at that night and I ate nothing. I kept silent all the day''
My God!! How horrible!
I have seen corpses -this is normal- but not slaying of somebody!!!!!!!!!
I hope this will end soon.

Stay safe,

1 Nov 2007

Isn't shame to be poor, but it is a shame when you think thst poverty is a shame..

In Our class there is a girl, nick name for her will be Manny.
Manny is a poor girl, solitary girl, and nice- as I thought from the beginning-.
When I tried to be nearer towards her, I found her very nice girl - I was right-

"hello dear good morning, how are you?" I said
" hello, I'm fine and you?" she replied.

This was the first talking between us.
Then I began to try to reach her inside.
She is very calm and humble girl. I noticed that the girls don't talk to her at all, they even when need to ask her about some subject, they behave very badly.
I don't like their behavior with her, and don't like to explain this.

When I sked some girl" why do I see most girl don't talk to Manny?"
" Manny , talking to manny?!!! he, Girl? do you love to talk to many? she is poor girl, even she doesn't know the meaning of........." the girl replied.
You notice that I meant to put ........ instead of the remaining words.
I didn't expect to hear them.

Is There any Shame of being POOR!!!!
No at all.
The one becomes rich when he owns the other hearts by being good and sweet and kind and not he one who owns all money of the world.
These girl don't know what is the meaning of leip someone else.
This is horrible and sad.
Absolutely, I don't listen to them.
I expect that Manny and I can create nice couple to help the others and to make them happy.

Don't you think that poverty is fault, but the fault is when you think that the poverty is fault.


Hope for life

These were the first two weeks of school.
New year, new beginning and maybe new life.

Here is the routine.

In the first week, almost, everything was normal, with the except of seeing the warplanes in the sky,this tell us how horrible is the situation( we see the American planes everyday in the sky, but not the warplanes.But this time this was different).
There is an office of police and national guards near our school ( it is about 500 kilometers far from school), and the citizens say that this office has been threatened by terrorists( just like all the other offices of policemen in the city).
The office will be destroyed in any time, there will be alot of victims, maybe I'll be one of them or any one of my close teachers!
Oh, God Forbid!!
In the fifth morning of the first week, I spent 2 hours in the car, from street to another.
All the streets were locked, we still at this suffer of the delay of going to school and coming home.
I hope all these bad things will be finished soon.

In the school, at the beginning, we came to know the teachers, closely.
Every teacher has her own style, but the all seemed to be nice.
Every teacher gives us hard homework, but this is normal.

But the teacher of Biology is really not good, we had a sudden exam of biology!!
Sudden exam!! the question were hard.
Ahhh, befor I forget, I have to tell you that we don't have clinical exams in biology.Just exams on papers, and absolutely this seems very bad.
In French, the teacher's style is very dangerous and maybe hard for some girls.
Many girls say that she doesn't have good style of teaching, but even though the teacher was not good, we have to study well to get high marks.
We had an edition in English today, I did well.
The edition was of a nice reading section, about education, and how some countries used to use the schools that trevels to teach the children who live in large areas of land far from the main cities and towns( rural places), this is very nice to try to reach the knowledge to every child, to let him/her discover his/her own new world.
When I read this section for the first time, I felt very sad about the large number of children who don't go to school and don't get knowledge.Even on our road to school in the morning, we see some children moved by cars to places where they have to work to earn their living. It is so horrible, especially when you see them looking at you with look full of hatred.
It isn't their guilty to hate, no at all.
It is just because they can't go to school like us.
I hope I'll do something good for every uneducated man.

On Sunday, we'll have exam of chemistry, and on Monday, there will be an exam of mathematics, I'll try to do my best to get high marks.

Everything is ok, up to now.
I suffer nightmares in the night.
I hope they'll leave my head soon.

with my love,


26 Oct 2007

Learning sandybelle

A friend of mine asked me to change the word" insured'' with'' guarded'' in my post about Iraqis' ways of celebrating.
Thank you sir,
Your notices are very useful.


18 Oct 2007

Touched heart

Today I went to school, officially, the first day.
All girls wore the uniform( it is consisting in black skirt and white shirt).
I met my classmates and teachers.
" happy feast for you" I said to everyone, even the watchman.

I missed someone.
Ran, she was real friend. I have no real friends, but her.
She was always supporting me in my hopeless moments, she was always listening to me.
I went to the place where I met her for the first time, I remembered all the nice moments I spent with her.
We exchanged talking about our dreams of living peacefully and without terror.
She was modest and generous and beautiful girl.
Even, an overseer came to get a look about the teachers in our school.
He was specialist in English language.
" are you twins?" he asked us.
" well, not exactly!" we answered happily.

She was Christian. And I'm Moslem.
Our friendship shows all the world that there will be no difference among the religions if the heats love and help each other.
There are many people think that Iraqis are racists, absolutely, this isn't true at all.
Iraqis love each other, but in Iraq and like any other country, there are bad guys, they try to control the situation to give wrong look about Iraqis and to destroy them.
We understand what we face, this will not make us feel weak or hopeless, olds left many lessons for us, and what we face gives us lessons too.
We will stay strong and brave.

Today, Ran called me, " sandybelle! Are you home this afternoon? I love to visit you"
" yes dear, come in any time".
This was nice surprise.
I immediately arranged my room and got ready to receive her.
I prepared some of my important papers to give her, this can help her in her study.

She came, she told me that her dad was kidnapped again!! They paid 50,000 dollars to release him. They began to feel afraid.
As soon as her dad was released, she and her family left the city.
I hope I'll meet her again, someday.
They feel very sad now, they always go to the church to pray and ask God to give Iraqis the prompt peace.
God bless Ran wherever and whenever she be.

I think God doesn't leave his good serfs without keeping.
Allah always compensates me.
I got new friend.
You are my friend.
This year, courses seem to be having kind of difficulty.
I don't care, I the study.
I have to concentrate on the study this year.
May God help me to get high marks.
I'll do my best.

Teachers this year are friendly, especially teachers of chemistry and physics.
Teacher of chemistry full of vigor and energy.
Teacher of physics full of calmness.
And I love both them.
Many teachers distinguish between girl and another.
But they all love me, " you have nice soul my dear daughter" every teacher says to me.
This makes me feel high many times, and this make me feel comfortable when I feel sad.
Have nice spirit, you'll feel high forever.
Today, girls talked about the explosion which happened two days ago.
Some people stayed for 10 hours under the rubble.
Four houses have been destroyed completely, for no raison.
Many of the casualties are in dangerous case.
I hope they will get healthy sooner.

Terrorists are very stupid, they think that they can damage our hearts with this way.
We all say to them.
We all will stay brave and strong.

The terrorists don't know how harmful are these explosions!
Explosions destroy the nature surroundings, they increase the pollution, pollution in water, land and the air.
I'm sure that there will appear new diseases in the future in Iraq, as ruins remains.

Sooner or later, they will know how foolish they were! But that will be after many losses, especially loss of the kindness which has to full everybody's heart.
I hope bad things will be ended.
May God protect the Iraqis and all innocent people in the world.
Stay safe,


17 Oct 2007

Sometimes I can bear it

I don't know when will I say" thank God, it has gone, everything is perfect"!
Yesterday Was Messy Day.
Yesterday, I woke up( as what I do everyday), I had breakfast, took a bath and read something about .
In the noon, I helped my mom to prepare the lunch, we had fish and rice as well as the salad.
As soon as I said" oh mom, you don't know how hungry I am!!"
Explosion, no, so very violent explosion.
Home was shaken, bluster and dust.
Then, shooting and immediately the road was locked up.
American helicopters hovered and covered the area.

I felt so exhausted, and quickly went to the bathroom( strong vomit).
Then everything was quite , the street was empty of cars.

We used to put adhesive tape on the windows ( war condition).
Thank God, we had no losses, with the except of horror and fear.
" just because of good things that we did for the others, god did protect us" I said.

Later, I heard from friends we called, that there was truck full of TNT and bombs.
The explosion happened near a police office about 1 kilometer far from home.
At first, I expected it was in our street.

Our neighbor lost some windows and some possessions.
" hello sandybelle, I'm busy of gathering the bits of the glass of windows, hehehe, we don't have windows now!! Don’t worry, we will fix new windows, this is normal, this is the 4th time!!" girl said, when I called her asking her about her family's case.

I decided to go to her home to help her, but the governorate media announced the curfew.
In Ramadan, we prayed a lot and asked Allah to stop these bad things, but nothing has changed, at the opposite, the situation gets worse moment after moment.

Friend of dad's called us, he said that the ambulances are still carrying the injured and the died ones to the hospitals ( after 2 hours of the explosion). There are many victims, some are in very serious case.

Sometimes I feel that evil is stronger than us, we are still hopeful, but maybe hope should mean nothing for us.

Many Iraqis left, some with return and many without.

And I don't know, what about me." I wish I were in the olds era. There were no explosions, no bullets and no terror" sister said.

I am still wondering..

16 Oct 2007

Iraqis celebrate

Iraqis, in the middle of these bad events have their own ways of celebrating.
In the first day of the feast, most families gather at the house of the oldest member of the family, like the grandparents
Relatives exchange wishes( best wishes) and talking about many different subjects, personal( like talking about weddings) and original ( like talking about the situation).

For me, I didn't attend this gathering this year.
Way to Baghdad is dangerous and full of terrorists.
Last year, when I went to Baghdad, there were many terrorists, they kidnapped the travelers, and killed who were from sect differs with theirs.
Our driver was brave, he drove quickly through another way, so we could escape.

In the past, my cousins and I were all spending the time playing and exchanging jokes. We would take al- 3eediyat, and spend it on buying desserts.
We would go to the games city. We would buy some deserts for poor people who can't buy.

Al- 3eediyat is money we take from the parents and uncles and aunts( people who are older than us), as well as grandparents.
We would eat clecha too.

The second day, we would go to friends' homes to felicitate them.
The third day, we would stay at home to receive some visitors.
But this was in the past.
Now, some families are still do the same custom.
As well as, there many people mean to get married or engaged in Eid, to make the happiness twofold.
Some families spend Eid remembering their dear ones who died by different ways, like : killing, explosions- car bombs, mines, or so-, bullets of random shooting, and many other ways, due to the terrorism.
So, they don't have feast.
Others, spend Eid playing with the very simple and rusted iron games.
They can't go to the main games city, the situation is horrible and they don't have enough money to go.
This what touch my heart and make me feeling sad many times.
This year, I saw some hope.
In Baghdad, we have a park called al- zauraa
This park was closed for the 3 years ago.
People were afraid of going there, they could be killed by terrorists.
But this year, fortunately, our brave national guards and policemen guarded the place.
Many people went and spent nice moments there, they had picnics with Iraqi food, yum!!
There was some celebrating arranged by a media channel called al- hurria, the aim of it was to establish the relations among the Iraqis.
Some one asked" can anybody tell me how many sunnis and shiits here? There is big present , 1 million dollars for him "
They all answered with one voice" there is nobody sunni or shii, but just real Iraqi loves Iraq and its citizens".
The question was delusive, to make the others understand the Iraqis, and know them at their reality.
This show me, you and all the world, how brave and united are the Iraqis!!.
I'm so glad for this.
Baghdad and its citizens suffered a lot , and they deserve some happy moments.
I wish I were in Baghdad.
I hope I'll be in Baghdad next year, posting from there saying" hi, I'm in Baghdad, I'm happy, shining day came!!".

God bless our national guards, our policemen, all Iraqis and

The day when our beautiful Sun will shine so calmly will come soon, let's be sure of that.

7 Oct 2007

Beauty of Eid

After Ramadan, after the happiness by sharing others our favorites. After being closer to Allah.
We would live three days full of other kind of happiness.
Eid ul-fitr
Happiness when someone says" I wish you did well in Ramadan, I wish you prayed for me as I did for you and all the other ones. How do you live Eid's Spirit? Did you make Clecha? Will you go to the dreams city-as I like to call it- we will come with you.
This was in the past.
The three days are still three.
But the spirit has been changed.

Yesterday, I kept thinking of Eid. I remembered all the nice times I spent in the three days in the past - before 2003-.
I remembered when mama was making Clecha while I was tasting the dough and playing with it." ohh, you don't have to put it in your mouth, hh" my mom would say.I would stop eating the dough
I would be thinking of what will happen in Eid.
What shall I wear?- in Eid we used to wear new clothes-
How shall I spend Eid at my grandparents' home in Baghdad- in Eid we used to go to Baghdad to spend it with our relatives who would be come from their cities. Where will I go?
In fact, I would be thinking of 100 things at the same time.
But this was good.
This was happy.
But nowadays, many Iraqis don't like Eid to come.
They will remember all the nice times they spent with their lovers who maybe were murdered by terrorists, killed because of one of the explosions or bullets or so.

As usual, before the feast,
We cleaned all home, we made Clecha.
I remembered all the nice time that I was spending them in Baghdad, when I was getting up in the first day morning of Eid, seeing all my uncles and aunts, cousins , sisters and brothers and parents, I would say " Ayamkum Sa3eeda" - happy days for you- and I would exchange kisses and wishes among us.

I was thinking if these times will be returned someday, I hope so.
How will I spend the feast this year?!
Maybe I'll keep calling my dears felicitating them or by email.
How boring!!
I'll not travel to Baghdad, baghdad and the road to it is very dangerous( everyone says).
Maybe with supporting friends like my real friend IraqiAmerican , as well as family, I'll be able to spend al-eid cheerfully.
No no no, not cheerful eid, but at least, convincing Eid
But what happiness?
Everday, in the news, we hear that many Iraqis died as martyr somewhere and others injuired
How will orphans spend the feast?
How will the sick ones who can't find their suitable cure in the middle of these events?
How will the ones who lost their lovers yesterday or days ago?
How will the paupers?
Such people increase everyday in Iraq.

These questions are the 100 nowadays.
" Sandybelle!, what's wrong?" my mom said
" ohh, nothin mom" I answered.
Sometimes I think that the terrorism and unfear will overcome us.
But, in my heart ( like all other real Iraqis) there is a voice saying " free free"
What freedom? I don't know.
However, that will keep me breathing ( at least).
Maybe we all are waiting for our death, which is calmly steals a bit of our souls, bit..bit.
Then, we shall find that we became died without feeling of.

May Allah blessed our days.
May Allah protect you and all the Iraqis.
May Allah help us to stay optimistc and hopeful,
And to forget all our Sad Moments.

Eid Mubarak for all The Iraqis,
And for you.
Just like the sun,
I forgot to tell you, Clecha is an Iraqi dessert we make in Eid.
The one of it consisting dough filled up with: date , nut or cacao or so.
I do love clecha. and I do love you

27 Sep 2007

How is Education in Iraq

Hi friends,
Hope everything is doing well with you.
In Iraq, we have two main steps of education:
The primary School,
It contains six years, when the child gets 6 years old, he/she will enter the primary school..
the special years is the 5th and the 6th,
in the 5th year, the pupil begins to study new very important subjects..
History, Geography , the Grammer of the Arab language and English language..
For me, it is too late to teach pupils the basic English language in this year is, especially when we know that the English language is so important for everybody.
And the 6th class, the finally questions are the same in all Iraq ( ministerial questions). and we call it Bacaloria in Iraq.

Then the second step: the secondary school,
The scondary school, includes also 6 years..
There is some schools in Iraq called ( The schools of the special students), at such schools, the students study French language, as well as all the other normal subjects.
The 3th class and the 6th class, the questions are ministerial.
In the second class, the subject of Science becomes divided inti three subjects, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
In the 5th class, the student chooses between the scientific uspect or the literary uspect, and this choice depends on his/her grades ( the scientific uspect needs higher grades) and this choice will also define the students' future career and the college that they are going to join.
What Make Me Feeling Crazy, is what called'' private teaching''
without the permission of the government, alot of teachers make groups of students to teach them in the summer vacation, teach the the courses of the curriculum, in return for taking money, and many students ( the most) are compelled to attend such lessons because teaching in schools is not that good.
I see some students don't have money to join these bad groups because of their parents' limited monthly wages that can hardly keep them alive and able to attend school.
What will they do??

For that, we see alot of students fail in the exams, or get unwanted marks. so they will join colleges they don't deserve to join.( less than their real level).
It is very strange and bad condition, isn't it??
It began for more than 15years, in the duration of Saddam's rule.
The teachers began to do such bad things because of the bad salary that they get.
but although the salaries bagan to improve, they still make the groups( greediness).
And what makes it worse that some teachers don't teach well at schools to urge the students to attend their private lessons.

So the grades that the students get in the 6th high class is the ones that define their future-career. Before the final exams, there are about forty days or more for students to bring back the information that they may have forgotten.
Then the exams start.
And regards colleges in Iraq, the medicine college is in the first level, then dentistry college, pharmacy college, engineereing college, and the other ones come after these ones.
About what is though about colleges, I don't agree, because there should be no differences among the careers, we and our Iraq need all of them to improve our country and to make it developed one.
I hope this style of education will be altered by time.

Learning sandybelle

a friend of mine asked me to buy an arabic-english dictionary, and he said that I had to say" news reached my ears" and not" news broached my ears".
Thank you sir, you are always in my mind.
i think i need so much to learn, i think i should start watching shows in English and reading more in english.. wish me luck.


24 Sep 2007

Of mine

I have many hobbies and things I love to do in my life.
reading( especially the stories, I adore the stories of Agatha Christie, encyclopedias and any cultural or educational book).
Writing( especially the poetry, of course in Arabic language.. and I write my dairy in English and little bit in French.. I love to write soooo much, with pencil.. I think I can correct the faults if I write with pencil..


Acting, I love to act with myself... I love to act with a hollywood star someday.. in a movie, I prefer to name it '' Dairy of an Iraqi Girl in America'', it is a nice dream, isn't it? and little bit of singing.lol

Studying, I do love the study... my future will be bright if I be good in the study... in Iraq nowadays there's no nice future without the study.. I would like to be a Famous doctor in the future and this need to study.
Menage... I do like help my mom doing menage.

with time, i notice that my interests get changed or develpoed. sometimes i feel i like the idea, sometimes i feel so sad.. i wonder why..

I love to make my mom and dad and my family happy and excited..
I love to help the others and share them the days of suffering and success.
and now... writing posts..

When the school gets start.. my writngs will be less than now..

I'll be so busy.. my teachers give us very much homework hmmm.

23 Sep 2007

Nice words

Four days ago.. I watched a movie.. the story is talking about prisoners of war.. and how hard is the suffering they face!!
I got these words,

What is the result of hatred?
what is the value of mercy?
"I am like the seed of wheat.. if I'll stay on the land I'll not produce.. but if I die and be under the land..I'll produce alot" the one of thr generals said before his died...
friend in need is the friend indeed..
God help men who help themselves.
shining day will come one day..
my candle can light miles of darkness...because I'm hopeful, helpful, and wonderful.

words have power


15 Sep 2007

A blessed month and full of mercy

In Ramadan ,we fast…
The aim of fasting is to feel of what the paupers feel.
From the dawn until the sunset.
in Ramadan, we become closer to Allah...
We always give the paupers money( alms), although we gave them in the normal days, but that increases in Ramadan because the recompense increase too.
it is so nice to make one of them happy... since I was 5 years old, my parents taught me to share the others their suffering and sadness and how to make theirs less.
you know what? when I see somebody poor asking me to give him/her some money, I feel soo shy, and I would give him the money as possible as I can..
when I see some people rebuke some pauper I feel soo sad, how can they do such bad thing!!!
maybe they don't know the meaning of the smile..
In Ramadan, the prayers which come from the bottoms of hearts, always go up to the sky..
Allah complies with these prayers..
We pray everyday, and ask Allah to give us the safety..the freedom and the happiness.

Here in Iraq.. we all live in Ramadan spirit…
In the dawn, and before the calling to pray of matins.. we have al- suhur (it is like the breakfast".. then, when we hear the calling to pray, we should stop eating and we go to pray.
After this, we eat and drink nothing until the sunset..
In the day.. we usually talk about Ramadan, and how important it is!!
Fasting in Ramadan teach us the tolerance and the patience..
Mom and dad and all the members of my family, we all go to our jobs..
In the first day of Ramadan, I congratulate my classmates and teachers..but this time, we are on holiday.. so we used to use the phone to congratulate our friends..
Then, when school is over, I go back home.. do my homework.. then, help my mom to prepare al- futur.
We always have the soup and the milk as the most favorite liquid on al- futur.
but everyday, we have different banquet for everyday.
Befor having al-futur, we have our own praying" oh God.. bless our life and our piety.. help us to continue the right way to reach you..to make you satisfied of us...oh lord.. we ask you to grand success to us...Amen"
No for war... we don't fight in Ramadan and if we have any problem with any one we have to solve it peacefully..
dear ones, blessed Ramadan..
Ramadan is the most blessed month.. so let's try to make all of our days full of reigious moment and full of helping the others and love and peace..with patience..
Pray for us and for other Iraqis as I pray for you..
After Ramadan, there would be the Eid.. 3 days full of enjoyment and delight..
enjoy your Ramadan and your Eid...

20 Aug 2007

Isalm.. means peace

I have a religion like you. .my religion is a great one. It ia named Islam. In Islam, we have a holey book, The Holey Koran/ the holey qur'an. It covers all the orders and advices which were given for us by God.

Our main slogan is

" no God but Allah, Mohammad is the prophet of Allah"
Doing praying, giving the alms, fasting in Ramadan,
And going to hajj (pilgrimage) in Mecca.

Our religion orders us to treat the others well and with admiration and kindness.
Our religion orders us to search for knowledge and learning in everywhere to create a developed society.

Our religion orders us to give the woman her wanted cares to live peacefully like the man and not only the woman, but also every member of the human society, " We made you as different nations and different people, to came to know and to live peacefully and with cooperation, but the best one is the most pious one" .

Our religion orders us to respect the others' opinions about anything and try to make them changing their ideas if they were wrong with a kind way and without violence.

Islam doesn't mean terrorism at all. I know There are many terrorists in the world, they might be Muslims, but their Islam isn't the true Islam. Terrorism has no religion and Islam refuses it. Islam orders us to believe in all other religions .

Islam means love and peace. Even , our religion gave us nice words of greeting( like hello or hi in English), we usually say" Al Salam Alaykum" and in English this means, PEACE BE UPON YOU.

Islam orders us not to lie, .not to steal, not to give the others hurt.

So, please try to clarify the meaning for anybody, so, we all will live happily and peacefully..

we are the children of God

Alsalam Alaykum.


16 Aug 2007

Ani iraqyya

I am Iraqi.. days ago, I was in Syria, I visited my relatives there, uncle and cousin with her husband.
Many Iraqis live in Syria nowadays, I met many of them, they left Iraq because of the bad and hard situation. Most them have been threatened by the terrorists, and they were forced to leave their houses.

In fact, I
I didn't find any other suitable title for this post.

i see that the Syrians treat the Iraqis badly. They forgot the Iraqis who fought with them against the Zionists years ago..( I see the Iraqis were wrong with that fighting, we didn't have to do that).

I went to Alippo, Lattakia, and Damascus.
they are wonderful places, but in iraq, there are like them and maybe more beautiful, im just sad because iraq's circumstances dont let the development cover the nature here.. hmmmm

Om Attiyour, was a very special place.. very dense green trees, sea surrounded by two big mountains, these mountains called Pig Mountains.

I visited Busra Alsham, it is an archeological place, it seemed very nice to me. In
Busra I met a tourist. He was Swiss,we talked to each other , share us our talking:
I: hello sir, where are you from?
He: I am Swiss.
I: it is beautiful country.
He: thank you.
I: I'm from Iraq.
There was a pause…………then,
He: you said your from Iraq?!
I: yes sir.
He: but I hear bad news about Iraq in TV.
I: yes sir, maybe.. the situation is very bad in Iraq. But we live strongly and everyday considered as a challenge.. but life has to continue and we have to continue our road.
He: what a strong people you are!!
I: hhhh, thanks, here we are sir.. Iraqis.
He: do you live in Syria?
I: I live in Iraq. I am a student.. my parents are professors at the university.. we can't leave our homeland.
He: so you came here just as tourist
I: yes sir. Just like you.
Then, mom asked for me..
I: ohhh sir, I have to leave. My mom is calling me.
He: yes.. I'm very glad, at last I met Iraqi . and what an Iraqi!! Brave, clever and beautiful.
I: thank you sir. Nice to meet you.
He: nice to meet you.

I was excited with this meeting.. I did something for my country..
I declared something for someone.. he has an other look about Iraq and Iraqis now.

We are strong…….. we are brave……..we are the oldest people on this earth..
Hammourabi, nabougath nussar, seen, these are our ancestors.. they died many many years ago, but you know what?

They are alive in our hearts and our blood.

Nibor , is a city in Iraq, in this city, the first parliament in the history was held by the deities to give the decisions which were organized the state of the universe as the people believed.

So the first democratic society was the Iraqi one…

We gave the others the democracy they needed.

Live a democratic life..


1 Aug 2007

Let's smile and never cry

yesterday was really special day, my birthday, but what a birthday!!it rised with the celebrations of the Iraqi people about our winning in the competition of Asia Cup...

God help us always...Allah love the Iraqis..I am sure..

Younes, Nashat, Noor, Ali Riheima, Karrar, hawar, Jasim, Basim, Ahmed Mnajid, Haider, Qusey, Mahdi, Khaldun, and others, they formed a great group of hope and peace and love.

we all got a nice lesson from them.

they all iraqis..we all iraqis..they love iraq..we love iraq..

Iraq in our hearts and our spirits..here we are..Iraqis.

Nobody can separate us..

Even, in Baghdad, some explosion happened, and a womam lost her child, but

"I shall not make consolation, I want the players to bring Asia Cup, and if the bring it , I'll make consolation, but if not, I shall not"

that moved the players' souls and sensation..so they decided to do their best for their homeland.

for the iraqis..for this woman..

They did it..they brought the Cup..

it was the most beautiful birthday whole my life..

I saw all the Iraqis happy and excited..

I felt very high...

I saw some iraqis who are outside crying and saying ''we want to go back home..we want to go to Baghdad, we want to kiss the ground of Baghdad"

that touched my heart...

I just spend whole the day thinking of our team.. one of my gifts was the picture of the Iraqi team..this is amazing..

Now, a new dream entered my life..it is to meet our players and to say to them

"We all love you and Admire you..You brought us together..You gave us smiles on

every face..God Bless You"


26 Jul 2007

Our brave team

The Iraqi Football Team

I was not able to write something about the iraqian team,Iwas traveler and the home where I stayed in did not have internet.
I was in Arbil, my dad did his surgery( cataract), and I stayed at Mrs. R, she is studying to get the M.Sc., and my mom is her director, her family don't love to watch the matches at all, but we made them..we were very zealous, and that surprised them, so they decided to watch the match with us.
Younis, Nashat, Hawar, Mahdi Karim, and the hero Noor Sabri.they made really a very nice picture of the iraqi people, I call them Football Doves, because they are really .
The Iraqi people suffer alot, I think some times that the happiness decided to not to capture our life , but the happiness answers me that it loves us very much...this time the happiness came by the iraqi footballers' hands. they won in the match against the team of Korea after the victory against Australia and Vietnam.
I was afraid of the team, I did not think that we shall win.
Against Australia we won with 3 goals for Iraq by 1 goal for Vietnam, but in God we trust, so we could do it.
Vietnam , we won against its team with 2 goals by 0 goal.
agains Korea team, we won with the penalties.
in this image, Younis seemed full of challenge , the captin, he is a good player, I hope I'll meet him one day.
his nimber is ten, ten is the most favorite numder for the players, he deserves it.

Noori Sabri, he is our goalkeeper.
always, he brings us the smile in the critical minutes.
the iraqi players came from different cities in iraq, because their love towards iraq gathered them, and they decided to continue the road with each other to make their people happy and to serve their homeland without separation and without terrorism, I admire them.
We, the Iraqi people, felt soo happy.at last, something began to shine..

In God We Trust.
God bless our team and the the Iraqis forever.
the lover of Iraqis,

10 Jul 2007

Message to Baghdad

Be good, be good, be good, be good Baghdad, you and your people are in my heart, every night before going to sleep I think of you and remember the nice days I spent breathing your clear air, I love you, I love you .....

So please be strong forever as I knew you, the most favorite city in my life and my great mother.Be strong for me , I don't want to lose you, because if I lose you, I'll lose my heart.

Mama, papa, sisters , brothers and I , all pray for you every day,

Because We Love you.
your lover citizen,

A small party..very big in meaning

Hello friends, how are you? I hope it is a sunny day, because the sun is the source of hope.

6 days ago, I was very sick.My sisters were traveler to an other city, I was alone at home and of course with my mom.

I was sooo hot, I had to drink the medicine although I hate it so much.its smell is unbearable.

Sisters when heard that I'm sick decided to come back and they did.

when my sisters came back home and saw me in this case,they became sad, I noticed they were preparing for something.

In the evening, I saw some small card beside me" please, accept our invitation of the party", a party!! i said..

The place of the party was our room, in the party there were: acting, singing and laughing.and the players of everything were my sisters, they felt sad to see me sick, so they decided to make me happy, because the smile and the happiness are the remedy of any illness.

I felt soo happy, I have known how much I mean for them.It is so nice to find someone loves you very much ,like my sisters.

Surely, you have many people around you who love you that much and more..



24 Jun 2007

An iraqi team

A year ago, 13 of the Iraqian Taekwondo team were kidnapped in Al-anbar city, the Iraqian government found no trace for them, the members were coming back from Jordan in a trip, and they had to come through Al-anbar, they came to Iraq ,their homeland, with medals, they did their best in competitions against many other players from other countries, they had no guilt, they just wanted to tell the world that the Iraqi people with any thing sad happened or will happen in their country, they will stay strong, they had families, brothers and sisters love them very much and wanted them to stay for ever to take from them the wanted strength!!
When we heard that in the news, we felt so sad and sorry, what was their guilt??
We were all praying for them, but you know, some of us forgot them because every day we had new tragedy story like this and that make some citizens forgetful any other past story .
Some days ago, I heard ( in the news) that the Iraqi government found their remains in a desert in the west of Iraq, near Al-anbar.It was obvious to us that they have been killed after torture.The terrorists always work with hard to make us weak and sad.I hate them(although I don't know the hatred in my life, because I just hate the hatred, and what they do means hatred, so I have to hate them) the terrorist, always make us losing our dear people, NO TERROR,I say to them now and everyday.
In TV I saw the 13' parents, they were crying, big pain in their hearts.I'm really sad, please don't let any place for the terrorism in your contries and your lives, it is really bad situation, but I think there's some lone solution of that disease do you know what is?? so let me tell you.
work hard and cooperation with each other that is the best, we have to love each other more and more, all that to live happily.
The rainbow is a so clear example of the cooperation and love, the rian's drops, the sunrays and the air, all help each other to make strong love towards the people, and to give us a very nice gift, the seven colours, the hopeful colours all make us happy, in fact, when I look at the rainbow, I feel so happy and optimistic.
So let's give each other the love and happiness to live for ever.
God bless the 13 souls, and bless you.

23 Jun 2007

A challenge

I'm an Iraqi,living in Iraq,and I'm a student having all the problems that any other student living in Iraq has...Some of these problems : no continuous electricity, no safety, seeing horrible scenes everyday in the way to school, to the market and even to home.

That is on a hand, and on the other hand, many victims suffer alot every day for no main reason, many injuries, many died people in addition to the harm we got ever moment.I hope that you'll never live like that,never never, but may you imagine? can you imagine?? most of children in the world imagine the dreams city, to fly with the butterflies, or even to own the largest factory of cacao on the earth, but the Iraqi ones just imagine living safely & praying for their parents hopefully that God will bless them and keep them for ever.

But the life has to continue, God is our guard, in any place or any time. and He is the most gracious, the most merciful.

One day, our school's headmistress told us that there was an exam for the super and the smart student, if we pass it, we will be able to pass the whole following year by only three months.

I did like this idea, and told my mom, she supported me this time (no, in fact, she always does do), but there was something, the main place of the exam was in Baghdad, and the road was so dangerous, what a problem!!!

I trusted in God as usual and decided to go to Baghdad, to do the exam. Daddy was the other angel who made my road full of flow with his nice words and supporitng look and say.

the days before the exam, my friend (who wanted to do it to but her marks didnt allow her) called me and told me to be strong and never give up.. it was such a nice call.. i thank her sincerely. but she told me something about the exam's date, i got sshocked, that there had been a mistake that the headmistress told me the date wrongly. i soon told dad, and we quickly went to baghdad the following morning. Thank God, i was about to lose it!!!!!!!!

I did go, the road was very bad(we spent 15 hours in the car) to Baghdad.

I spent the night at my grandma's house. All my uncles and aunts prayed for me deeply. that day, David Beckham, my favourite footballer lost a game, and i turned sad, so sad..

I did the exam, although there was another mistake, the authorities of the school didn't tell me the right way to do the exam, three of the subjects were not the same(we had get all the informations of the exam from the school).

Then, we got threatened by the terrorists, they asked us for so much money, so we decided to leave iraq for that moment and headed to Syria.

When i was in Syria, my mom's friend sent us and e-mail and told us that my name was announced on the TV that i was the first successful student, and i DID IT!!!!!

then, i had to do other exams of the following year subjects, which meant the second chance for those who were really in that grade (older than me) because the failed .
we were in troubles for fear of returning to mosul. but finally, we decided to return, we had to, we couldnt leave everything.

the school that i had to do the exams in was horrible, no fans, and hot weather..and the students who did the exam with me were lazy, they tried to steal the true answers from me, amd they were older than me with at least 5 years, they had failed to do it many times.. the observers wanted me to do perfect, you could see them sitting next to me, just to make sure that i would be fine and happy.. mom every day accompanied me to the school.

then i recieved my marks, and the average was 94%, mom said that it was a miracle because i studied the 10 subjects in only two months and i was studying by myself without any helper except the dears' prayers.

At first, this result didn't convince me. I don't get marks lower than 97%. but you know?
To pass exam in the middle of more than 7 policemen around you, with so hot weather and to see a mouse passing from between your feet could be nice. Especially when you was about to be kidnapped the day before.

But There was some power inside me. Power urged me to continue the way and not to stop at that step. I had to do something.And I did, i am so thankful, i believe i was not alone. all my people were with me.

He stand by me. Most Gracious Most Mercyful. I'm so thankful.

then, school time came, I went to school happily , I began the new year with a new group, they are older than me with a year, but that doesn't matter, they are all so sweet and friendly.For them I became as a new friend , they considered me like A SISTER what a great group!! I love them soooo much.

I will never forget the lesson that says:The darkest part of the night comes before sunrise, Before Sunrise

Everyday, new ray, new hope and new life.

We face so much hurt every moment, however, we have duty to do.

Do your duty.... Carry a message.....

Thankful Sandybelle

BTW: All that was in the year 2006, and in the other year that I ment is 2007, I passed it also with 99% as an average.

6 Jun 2007

A geat meeting

This is a real story from Baghdad, the centre of iraq, my homeland.

''Y'' is a shy, sensitive and sweet little boy.(he is only ten years old).
For some reasons, he had to live with his mom only, away from his dad. and that was when he was 2 years old or younger..

His father was sad during these long years and with hard, he tried to hide his sadness.

The days are going on and quickly, and the longing is increasing day after day.

One day the father decided to meet his only child Y, although the child Y is living in a very dangerous neighborhood in Baghdad.

The father bought Y some gifts and new mobile( kid's demands in Iraq nowadays).

I've got the mobile's number, and began to call Y and we became close friends.
I've known from him that he's so zealous to see his dad
Each call,I try to encourage him with some words that maybe can make him feeling that there are many people in this world love him so much.(of course,I am one of them), and there many children who live away from their parents but this doesnt mean that they dont miss each other.

On Saturday 2\6\2007 ,I've got a surprise, the the dad met his child Y, this was amazing, I couldn't believe that!!!both of them could overcome his fear and shyness, lol ;)


Finally they met each other,Y ran into his father's arms saying "I missed you dad! it's the suitable time to live my days with you"

"me too dear, me too" his dad answered

And every one tried to hide his tears.

This was a great meeting,wasn't it???

BTW: I've known that Y is very good in school,a brave boy and soo polite, and this is great too.

29 May 2007

A loss by my family

In 27/7/2005, I was in Baghdad, visiting my uncles & aunts, I stayed there for two weeks, in fact the aim of my visit was to go to Najaf, to visit the shrine of Emam Ali Bin Abee-Talib, and also to visit my grandma's tomb (she died in 26\6\2005) in Alsalam cemetery.
On the fifth day of my visiting at midnight, I've got a call from my brother:
-hello Sandybelle how are you, what are the news? how's everything??
-I'm fine, we shall go to Najaf after tomorrow I'm so zealous . And you how are you? By the way do you know what time is it?
- well...e..I'm...maybe....but....hmmmmm.
-Is there anything wrong?(I felt uncomfortable, it is strange to get a call at this late time and I was rather sleepy)
-ok, where is our mom?
-Is there anything wrong?(trying to hide my anger)
-dear look, our uncle(H) was killed today ,in the evening, by scoundrel terrorist in his shop.
That came as a great shock.

He would tell my of anybody's murder, but not my uncle, especially this uncle..

My uncle was: a peace-loving, optimistic and an ambitious young man, he wanted to continue his study as an engineer, there was always a big smile on his face& he did his best to help the others ,high spirits were his, he had two children with a tiny baby(two months old) I didn't believe that at first.

"What you said?'' I said.
-As you heared dear.
I didn't answer my brother with any word, I just kept quiet, and ended this bad call.
The next day, I went toh is house and found his family in a miserable condition, my dad came too, it was the first time i see my dad cries.. everything became sad, even the dove that had kept flying for ages..

My uncle should be alive to serve the human society, to continue the long life way with his children & to achieve his ambitions.

You know, many people die everyday by this bad way & one of them was my uncle.

Nowadays, bullets, explosions, kidnapping and killing became our daily life.
But we decided to never give up never never forever.

God bless your nice soul, uncle!!

Sad Sandybelle

I just want to ask, Was my uncle guilty when he loved the life???

18 May 2007

For a better life

A lot of laws have been legislated by many long-practiced lawmakers who work in U.N ,UNICEF and many other international organizations ,about different aspects.
Some of these laws are so desirous on ensuring the required happiness, good life, education....etc., for all people on this planet.
however, we see many people (especially the children) ,are excluded from the very simple needs of that good life, like those who live in Africa, in Asia (like Iraq -there are people living under poverty line , like those who live in al-sadr city in baghdad,-& India), and many other countries in the world.
A lot of diseases with poor medicin,so low level of education.That capture the largest place in their life.
Besides,many leaders (stupidly) are so busy, in a great fighting with each other, trying to reach the top,forgetful the bad life that many people live.
I hope that you'll share me with this project to help the miserable people,to change this bad situation on our earth.
There are many ways to achieve that.I'll discuss them with you some next posts if you want.

if poverty was man, i would kill him