29 May 2007

A loss by my family

In 27/7/2005, I was in Baghdad, visiting my uncles & aunts, I stayed there for two weeks, in fact the aim of my visit was to go to Najaf, to visit the shrine of Emam Ali Bin Abee-Talib, and also to visit my grandma's tomb (she died in 26\6\2005) in Alsalam cemetery.
On the fifth day of my visiting at midnight, I've got a call from my brother:
-hello Sandybelle how are you, what are the news? how's everything??
-I'm fine, we shall go to Najaf after tomorrow I'm so zealous . And you how are you? By the way do you know what time is it?
- well...e..I'm...maybe....but....hmmmmm.
-Is there anything wrong?(I felt uncomfortable, it is strange to get a call at this late time and I was rather sleepy)
-ok, where is our mom?
-Is there anything wrong?(trying to hide my anger)
-dear look, our uncle(H) was killed today ,in the evening, by scoundrel terrorist in his shop.
That came as a great shock.

He would tell my of anybody's murder, but not my uncle, especially this uncle..

My uncle was: a peace-loving, optimistic and an ambitious young man, he wanted to continue his study as an engineer, there was always a big smile on his face& he did his best to help the others ,high spirits were his, he had two children with a tiny baby(two months old) I didn't believe that at first.

"What you said?'' I said.
-As you heared dear.
I didn't answer my brother with any word, I just kept quiet, and ended this bad call.
The next day, I went toh is house and found his family in a miserable condition, my dad came too, it was the first time i see my dad cries.. everything became sad, even the dove that had kept flying for ages..

My uncle should be alive to serve the human society, to continue the long life way with his children & to achieve his ambitions.

You know, many people die everyday by this bad way & one of them was my uncle.

Nowadays, bullets, explosions, kidnapping and killing became our daily life.
But we decided to never give up never never forever.

God bless your nice soul, uncle!!

Sad Sandybelle

I just want to ask, Was my uncle guilty when he loved the life???

18 May 2007

For a better life

A lot of laws have been legislated by many long-practiced lawmakers who work in U.N ,UNICEF and many other international organizations ,about different aspects.
Some of these laws are so desirous on ensuring the required happiness, good life, education....etc., for all people on this planet.
however, we see many people (especially the children) ,are excluded from the very simple needs of that good life, like those who live in Africa, in Asia (like Iraq -there are people living under poverty line , like those who live in al-sadr city in baghdad,-& India), and many other countries in the world.
A lot of diseases with poor medicin,so low level of education.That capture the largest place in their life.
Besides,many leaders (stupidly) are so busy, in a great fighting with each other, trying to reach the top,forgetful the bad life that many people live.
I hope that you'll share me with this project to help the miserable people,to change this bad situation on our earth.
There are many ways to achieve that.I'll discuss them with you some next posts if you want.

if poverty was man, i would kill him