4 Feb 2009

The First Step to a Unified Democratic Iraq...(Election Year)

How's near, yesterday for today, the same goal, the same faith , with great hope and strength…
The revolution of the purple finger..

Iraqis, again, took the way to where they made other smiles, yes, they were not only votes, they were stars, charming stars could clarify the sky, again.
Iraqis showed the whole world that there is no one who can prevent them from doing what they want to do, they insisted and they could. Again, they tell a story and build
another part of the history . History will always keep the remains alive as a great source of inspirations to make and do again.

'"vote and choose,you have the decision", offical election poster was distributed by Independent High Electoral Commission'

Today, Iraqis are more aware of what democracy and freedom mean.. admire the other opinion and respect the different thought. Everyone has rights, but besides there are duties to be done by the all. Iraqis today realize that everyone is for the all while the all is for the one. No differences and no separation, everyone wants a strong, free and developed country.
We thank Allah for helping us to revive our spirits again.
This is how Iraq is like a big bouquet, sends the perfum for a very far distance.
No matter who wins or to any direction they belong, the important thing is they should have the pure Iraqi souls that brings peace and love inside them, and fills their minds and hearts with ideas and insistance that there is no aim but renewing and rebuilding the home again and saving people from torture, injustice and pain .

Toil and sacrifices Iraqis gave, and it's their time to take the reward, everyone wants a job to do, to feel that he's alive and he's an important part who belongs to a united society, everyone wants his place to speak and create from.

We don't want Iraq of the past, we want Iraq of the future, the new Iraq that carries the gorgeous spirit of the blessed past, and the wonderful features of the new life.
The Iraqi soul never died, NEVER NEVER, it was greatly alive all the time before and this is why we decided to challenge and GET.
Generosity, love, peace, leniency and goodness are the marks of our flag, and we have dreams to go for.

'We should vote in order to draw a smile on their faces'

It's our time to see clean streets, with trees and plants, to fill the cities with big yards and gardens, good general and good traffic system, to offer people advanced hospitals and government offices, to live in quarters where no one suffers from homelessness. Iraqis want a progressing system of education, industry and agriculture, we have the stuff and the land. People need a simple way of getting their needs. It's the time to eradicate the ignorance and backwardness and to kill the unemployment. There's no other chance for any delay, the time is ours and our country is Iraq.

And for whom Iraqis chose,
Gentlemen, Iraqis didn't choose you for you get your new places only, Iraqis trusted you, and you should be loyal, you have a big responsibility, and please, always remember that old man who could hardly walk to the electing centre, he just wanted to give his last message that there's a future ahead.

'People come from far away on foot to vote'

That little child who insisted to accompany his mom for the same centre, he just wanted to color his finger with the purple, but you can guess the huge secret behind.

'Although the kids don't yet have the right to vote, they insisted to show their fingers'

Gentlemen, please, put the Iraq map in front of your eyes so you can see how beautiful the country is.

'Between the concrete barriers and barbed wire, the Iraqis insisted on the words, loyalty to the homeland'

Gentlemen, please don't let us down, we came to you as Iraqis, and it's your turn to deliver to us as Iraqis.

'Effective role of women in the Iraqi provincial elections'

Gentlemen, here's your field, let's all live the happiness and make the dreams come true, and remember, with you and us, there's nothing impossible.