28 Feb 2008

It is time to say

Many readers may wonder about the relationship that gathered me with sunshine.
Sunshine talked a lot about me. And it is my time to speak. Of course if someone wants to know about some problems, he/she has to listen to both of the sides.:)

Sunshine talked about the blog.

When I joined the new group, I met sunshine in the new class. I still remember that day when she called me and asked about the courses of that day because she was absent. At that time I realized that she suffers from asthma. And I'm sure she remember how afraid I was about her. When I called my uncles in Baghdad and asked them about good doctors in Baghdad. But there was no one perfect at that time.

I'm sure that sunshine remembers that day when her grandpa fell dangerously ill and when I told her about some of my family friends that can help her. And I called her everyday and ask about her grandpa who was in the hospital because I really considered him as mine.

Also she remembers that day when a horrible explosion happened near her house and I kept asking my mom to let me go to her house to help and spend the daily horror with her, i wanted to share her everything, but mom refused because after that the governorate announced a curfew.

And the day of her mom's birthday, when I called her mom and talked to her directly, and how glad , happy and SHY I was.. I just laugh when remember those nice days. The happy occasions are wonderful.

She also remembers the days of explaining the difficult sections of different courses, and how grateful she was. Different course and many especially the chemistry because the teacher was really not perfect, and I did never feel bored, because I considered her my other best friend, and the friends do their best for each other.

Also when I told her about things that I have never told anyone before, I told her because I considered her , hmmmmmm.... silence

One day she told me about her blog, because we both trusted each other and I felt comfortable with her and free that can speak fluently and freely. I gave her help, love , trust and I was sincere with her and honest with everything I told her and every feeling that I felt about her, I did never act as she said.

I consider the idea of blogging at first as a silly one, but she kept telling me about her articles, and how I admired her because I thought that finally I could find someone can understand me and share me my thoughts and feelings.

Then I created a new blog. And I can't deny that my first article was VERY bad and she asked me to stop writing in English, she suggested writing in Arabic because I'm very good. Then I deleted that post, when I told daddy, he said that I can improve my English, he said it is good post if we realize that this is your first essay in English. And in fact I didn't care so much about English, but not after I realized that it is the language of the world that everybody has to learn.

Then, one of my family members took my password and as stupid behaviour he/she changed the password and didn't tell me, I didn't tell sunshine, I wanted to take the password at first. Then I told her in a comment, and at that day I wasn't at home.

When I came back home, I called her twice and asked her to check my blog and tell me her opinion because I CONSIDERED HER A FRINED.

Then, in the noon, she called me and said that I steal many words and sentences, also the background, the style of talking about hope and life, also the images, and also the idea of R's computer.

I answered all her questions, but there were surroundings around her mind that she didn't want to listen.In the afternoon, I checked my blog and found that wayne and programmer craig left two nice comments on my blog. Then as usual I checked her blog to leave a comment.

and because it had been a long time since my last visit. I was surprised that she wrote a post talking badly about me.

I deleted that blog and created one another.

Here is my answer,

" Dear sunshine, I'm sure that you remember the nice days and moments that we lived together, and the nice thoughts and opinions that we shared. You think that I have evil intention. But be sure, no!!!!!!!

You said that I faced charity with harm, and I say I myself didn't consider what I did for you as charity, I considered it as duty between two dear friends.

You said it is your battle, but I don't consider it as a battle, because I am not your enemy, I'm the best friend that you had one day and I will always stay like that.

About the background, I chose the rosy one because I really love this color and you know, I don't choose something I don't like.

About the images, I took all my images from the website 123greetings.com and you told me about it.

Also the titles of my blog like spirit of Eid, I chose the title from the same website too.

The sentences you talk about I can find them everywhere in dictionaries , effective movies and I use them because I see they fit with the aim that I try to give. When I talk about something leads to think of hope, I choose words refer to hope, the same is done with all the other subjects.

Never ever give up, I already love this sentence from the movie Titanic.

I write about different things, the all that I feel of and want others to know and like to dictate.

About R's computer, you remember that once when we sat together around the pc in the computer hall and asked the girls about R's condition.
You also remember and I asked girls too to make sure of this information.
When I told you about the idea, and I was able to not to tell, because that way we will be united more and more and we will become just like one family. I was able myself to buy it and then see all the others praise me and their admiration for me will increase and will be larger, but no. you know that I'm one of whom like to do good things for other by sharing others.
Sunshine! The language was found to make people able to communicate with each other, not to be separated. :)

Sunshine! Don't hate me, because I love you!! and you know!! who wants to achieve something has to love everybody and everything. Right?

I hope that my idea will reach like yours. And learn that I did never talk about this subject at all, but this is the sun that can't be seen except in the clear sky. I think that by this the sky can be clear.

I just wonder, you said " if you don't change your style, you will see the other face of sunshine!".

Is this the other face? I don't have any other face, i have one lovely one, one you know and believe..

Sunshine!! You hurt, didn't listen to me and then gave me pain..
Dear, without you I was able to start again.."

Because the sun can't be seen except in the clear sky,

three or four weeks later, sunshine found herself agian in Sandybelle's need of help. sunshine had a problem to understand a subject, maths point, but sandybelle again helped her, and sunshine later sent her an sms thanking her, saying
"thanks so much, its just my brain was like inside a box cant understand anything. you helped me, thanks. and the box was locked well."
i said,
" thank god we found the key.. dont worry, everything will be ok. send my wishes to your family. and take care of your grandma"..

the life is weird!!!

NB: If someone wants to know me more, I advise him/her to read my posts as much as he/she can. And I consider this post as a nice chance to thank my dearest mojo, 123greetings group ,the dear alice, and every good reader fill my life with nice words. words full of power.

Back to school

On Sunday,
"I'm back'', I said when I entered my school. I sang longly and kept saying prayers.
I was afriad of marks, but I feel so grateful now, I received them and my rate is %98, I know it is less than the first academic season's one, but it is higher than the others'.
Thank God..
The teachers gave us much homework, and I can't deny that I faced a problem in the study, it is the frist day and mammy didn't let me touch any book during the holiday.
Even, I was catching the pencil hard!!!
On Monday,
I was walking in our little school yard when I got a horrible shock.
You remember my friend Zuzu who was dangerously injuredin the horrible explosion that happened in a town near the city five weeks ago.
Everybody told me that she is Ok, and the surgeries that she did are perfect and that I don't have to worry, she is Ok.
But no, they all lied at me. I met her in the yard, when she entered the school holding her bag with a simple sack.
She was not Ok at all. Her beautiful face is swollen and malfomed. Also her hand and her shoulder, she needed to do many surgeries and she will do!!!.
When I saw her, I ran to her and hugged her warmly ( she said that I'm warm!), I couldn't stop kissing her and shedding tears. My spirit let me down, I couldn't bear. I know I didn't have to cry in front of her, but this happened and I couldn't bear.
In one moment, I remembered all the jokes that we exchanged, all the subjects that we talked about, and all the nice moments I had with her. I remembered her, how glad and happy she was when she knew that I could pass the hard exam.
It was one of the worst days in my life.. I stood in front of her, I wanted to do anything for her ,
I went to her in the break-time and I began to talk stupidly ( unusually) I just wanted to talk to her, to hear her voice and to look at her eyes deeply. " Why are you sad? , look at me!! I'm not!!"
She said.. I spent whole the day gloomy and sad..
I came back home and burst into tears.
When dad came home, I told him . " Why did you lie at me? you did never have to do!! Zuzu badly appears and she is not Ok at all!" I said.
" Oh, dear, I needed to lie , you didn't have to know, I know you might spend all the days sad and gloomy, and this what I hate to see, my dearest daughter's face sad! No. And don't forget that her case is the least in danger. There are many people and they are all worse than her. She will be better soon, the malformation and the swell will disappear by time , she will make another surgery and everything will be back perfectly and she will be Ok" he replied.
I didn't listen to him. I couldn't study at that day. when I read any words I just remembered her and thought of her. and this condition lasts for two days..
The rest of the week was silly and boring. There was not anything good and nice. Just much homework and thinking of Zuzu.
I don't know, maybe these days are the worst. I have never faced worse ones than before.
The holiday was boring too, there was no main achievement, I just learned cooking.
I feel like a plume flying slowly and sadly, write and then lie down on a comfortable pillow for relaxation. I really need time to gather my parts.
I came back home today, there was delicious iraqi food for lunch. After that and while I was sitting contemplating the sky ( when I feel sad and gloomy I contemplate the sky longly)an explosionn happen and I jumpped quickly , it was near one , and nearer to my sisters' school!!
I called the driver, there were no damages. Sisters came back and Thank God they feel better than me. They still own the real innocent and childish spirit.
The plume is still flying, the candle is lighting and my spirit will always be high.. There is no other choice..
Because the sun can't be seen except in the clear sky, Make he sky clear!!

Just like the sun,

21 Feb 2008

Smile of dawn

" There is nobody here.. There is nobody near..
Let these matters be.. Don't you trust what you see..
Take hold of your time.. Step into the line.."
I kept saying while I was washing dishes. Mom is abroad and I do all home affairs. I tried too find sutiable tone for these words, and praise be to God, I did.
At night, I needed to stand beside my window. The sky was completely dark with the exception of some shining spots that we call stars. There was our dear and the great helper of the sun, the wonderful Moon.
The scene was like a black cloth inlaid with pearls. I began to count the stars ( childish behaviour), the first was for my grandpa, the second for grandma, the thirs for grandpa........... then, there was a pause, I stopped for a while, and I kept thinking. Maybe every star is a sun for another group of planets!!, maybe there is another earth! maybe there is another people live far away from here!! It is strange and maybe foolish idea, but I thought. Maybe poeple there aren't humans, maybe are angels and will come soon to put an end to this misery. Yes, Yes. God never foget his worshippers. God really knows who we are and who I am.
I felt of shudder , I wanted to go out, to stand in the middle of the street and to make loud cry
" WE WANT TO BE ALIVE!!!" , "No one can make our life like this dark night. No one can destroy our hearts. Maybe bulidings and streets are destroyed, but not the hearst!!".
I went to my daddy and asked him about the angels, he said" Oh dear, the main field of the angels is Eden. But look, you are maybe right and maybe worng. But the very thing I believe in and can tell you is that we must not wait for the angles only, we have our hands, our opened and free mind. We did alot, and we will do. there is no other choice and no other way. We chose the life".
I went to bed , I couldn't sleep. I brought up some old memories, my grandpa. His words still fill my mind when he said "Whoever wants to be or do, he/she will. but I say that man can create pain in one moment to another, but to remove this pain , it needs so very long time".
Maybe that is right, evildoers and terrorists gave us pain for four years and if pain of one moment needs long time, what about pain of four years?!!!
But there is a space and hope. The time is n't over and this is why we can live for ever!
We believe in what we do and what we can achieve. God stands by our side , as well as the angles and the prayers.
We are faithful, we are hopeful , we are strong..
We are brave, we are great and we are not alone..
I admire westlife when they gave songs, meaningful songs having power to move many hearts.
" Flying without wings, amazing,season in the sun, rose and backhome and so many others" every song has its own spirit. They talk about friendship, love, hope, help and faith. and they have main aim, is to create the smile.
I'm moved by all them Especially the one backhome, they talk about their homeland Ireland. What about my home?!
*Iraq* that word which is full of grandeur. the mother place of the first letter, the first wheel and the first laws.
Our ancestors lighted up many candles. And it is our chance to light up others.
They sowed and we harvest,and we sow for others to harvest. So let us sow for love and peace.
Now, terroists want us to lose everything, hope , home and life. They want to destroy our country and memories and hope. But no thanks!! we decided to build again and to sow again.
Now, my life contains many surprises. although I love surprise , but I don't favor them to be kind of fear. Every new day contains anxiety about people whom we love. When I hear of an explosion took place in Baghdad here or there, I begin to think of 100 persons!! maybe uncle, or aunt, no it is cousin, but I'm sure it could be the best friend!! Oh God!! soon, I turned to prayers. But on the other hand, there is great sight of hope everyday.
I look at my sisters with pity. Poor ones children of Iraq. They didn't feel of or live real life that any child in the world live or plan to live and lead.
Many children are forced to leave school to earn their pure living, because they have lost their dad in some explosion or because they were born as orphans, and NO ONE cares.
after these thoughts, I felt so sleepy and then I slept deeply. My grandpa visited me in the dream and smiled.
Then, I was awakened by explosion at about 6:30 a.m., I quickly went to the window and took out the curtain, there were not destroyed windows nor killed poeple!!! But there was Sun and beautiful rays!!! It was the dawn!
Thank you grandpa!! Now I have the desire to go to sleep, I may see you again!!!
But I believe that your soul is everywhere around me, supports me and gives me the power to do and not to stay asleep! God bless your soul grandpa!
I brought up my school books and kept turning their pages. every page reminds me of day, one was special that we didn't hear any explosion, other was funny that we made many jokes in the class, other was dangerous that big explosion took place.
The second academic semester will start next Sunday. Thank God we can go to school. We study and get knowledge.
The study reminds me of the great scienists.
The scientists that gave the humanity the great ways that lead us to this developed world were simple men, but they used their mind and thoughts in the right way. Their circumstances and the life that they lived was not perfect. And this make me feel comfortable, that these days are not completely bad, there is something good that we can be giant and great like them. Always the hard days lead to find great people!.
At finaly I can say
" What we do and say is like a great tree, its roots are fixed and has olives reach the sky. And what they do is like ash, any simple wind can take it very very far".
The lucky one is who can climb our tree..

and don't you forget" the sun can't be seen except in the clear sky".
We may make our sky clear.
Just like the sun,
NB: the explosion I heard was about car bomb exploded by the national guards, we are thankful that they noticed it and there was no victims or damages .

18 Feb 2008

Eye upon the hospitals in Iraq

Every university student who graduated from medicine college became at first as resident doctor, then rotator doctor and then he/she has to pass many years of hard work and study to be real good doctor. It could be a sacrifice " I myself like this job, I always call the doctors and the nurses who take care of people and bring the life to them again , I call them Angels from The Garden of God.".
Iraq had many great doctors, some were forced to leave Iraq because of the bad situation, some were murdered by terrorists for no crime, or they might be killed because they gave care to the national guards and the policemen( terrorists consider the national guards and the policemen as traitors, so those who care about them are considered traitors too!!". And some doctors are staying here because they find no other shelter suffering and challenging. For that, medicine teaching is worse than before because the expert doctors are rare " yesterday I heard from a report in TV that 135 doctors came back to Baghdad because the situation is getting better day after day, Thank God!!" .
Hospitals are the main field of the doctors.
Every city in Iraq has a hospital or more. Hospitals here are distinguished by old and badly built buildings. Also most them are dirty and full of rubbish, this is miserable!!
So, I see it is better to build some perfect hospitals and try to construct the others to be like the new ones.
Also, the doctors need so much experience, one day, my sister fell dangerously ill and we took her to the doctor, he gave her a medicine. But we noticed that sister wasn't getting better at all. We took her again to him, Guess What he said, " Oh, I'm sorry, It wasn't the suitable medicine, I was wrong." He maybe thought that my sister is a doll. I felt very angry at hearing this.
Also, the medicine is a bit expensive for some families( for example, the one can fall sick and needs medicine of 30$ for the one tablet, and what the family gain all the month is just about 40$!!! And there many families like that" Families live under the poverty level!
The perfect medicine is rare. Iraq imports medicine from countries like Syria and Egypt and others. But the best medicine factory in Iraq is Samarra factory( to the north of Baghdad). So to find perfect medicine we have to finance the factory well to get medicine well.
I see it is better to build another factory, let it be in the south, that way, Iraq will have two main factories and this is good for the present time.
I also see that We have to build hospitals in the south. There are many miserable cities in the south. For example the city of Omara/Misan, there we sooooo many poor people. I remember a friend of the family who lived there, when his son fell ill, he needed to come to Baghdad to make the checking and to find good doctors and hospital.
And the last and the most important suggestion is to spread the safety to make sure that all the doctors will come back to help more and more people.
May God Save and protect and keep you away from any disease.


12 Feb 2008

a Scene

Hello there,
I have just recieved these images now. And I love you to have a look. this island is something special. it lies near North America.

Going Shopping

Yesterday, I went to a market consists of an only main street full of shops of different things like: clothes, CDs, books and antiques and also food and deserts. I bought nice clothes and I found no perfect books( also my mom withheld me from buying any book, she said that I have to take good care of my eyes that I don't have to read any book).The fans above are funny. they are made in China!!China, that country where best things are made. They made hand fans for us too!!The Chinese began to realize that Iraqis suffered alot of the bad electricity which comes as a very witty humorous visitor, and What a visit!! it lasts only for less than 3 hours a day!!We didn't have electricity and water for two days( we only have the water that we keep in large tank on the rooftop) and Chinese realize that Iraqis can being out of electricity area for years in the next too!!
Iraq imports many goods from China especially the electronic instruments and the electrical ones too. But this is the very funny. Hahahha!
Between the fans, I put my Magiacal light!! It works without electricity, it helps me too much in the time of study when there is no electricity. It works at draining by electricity for three hours or by polonging the battery life. Thank You Mister Light!!
This street is good one.
Today, I went with my mom to the biggest market in my city. In the markets in my city( and of course the other Iraqis cities) there are many dirty areas with mud and dust. it is horrible. There is no good municipality.
I Saw That The beggars increase in number and they are from different ages, kids, young and old women and young and old men.. They are from different cases, some are blind, some are handicapped. The all contain a great tragedy.
I bought some nice clothes.We bought fish!!One of the most important parts of this market are: fish market and gold market.In the fish market, there, we find fish from different kinds, but the very one in this season is Silver. I love this market.In gold market, there, we find different shops sell gold as beautiful shapes of jewelry , necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelet. and also there is silver and diamond. But the less one is the diamond.
Today, I was about to make a fighting with my mom!! In the market, as we are good shoppers, we buy many things and I as the young girl has to carry the sacks( good manners!) but my mom always refuses that I carry them. "Ohhhhhhh mom! let me!!" I said "No!!" she answered.But Don't worry, at last I won!! I carried them in spite of her subborness.
I feel Ok. I went to the market.
These days, there are much of inspection activities. Explosions are alot too. It is the latest try for the terrorists. I'm sure that we are the winner at last.However the difficulties are many, We are stronger because we are people and we when the people insists to live, the fate will respond and obey...
Yesterday, in the night, I watched a nice show about Grammy prize of the fete of 2008.There was Beyonce, Tinna Birner, Hana Montana, Akon and many many good singers.I listened to a song I had not listen to than before.."LET IT BE" is the title of it.It is very moving and pathetic song. It is an old one. But I see that the song however was old, but the time makes it newer day after day.the Humans have to cooperate.. Have to love each other.. That way, we can live happily forever.No Matter the distance was far.. The Hearts want and the days can be changed...
Sandybelle For Being Soleil

8 Feb 2008

Thank You "Angilina"!!

Yesterday, I heard through TV that the famous actress( My favorite one) Angilina Joli came to Baghdad!!!

I do
The sky always bestows the power that is important to reach our dreams and achieve them.
Every morning contains new rays and every new ray contains new hope
Hope enters our hearts
The message I try to let you know is that I admire you so much
For reasons like
You are very good in acting(in your job) and the one's success is considered by
His deed
You also didn't forget the others who needs hope and help
You gave some of them smile and hope
You became the ambassador of the good intentions!
With your nice heart you was able to reach the bottoms of many hearts especially the
One mine
In The night, I always stands near my window and ask God to give me promising him To give someone else!
It is nice that the one thinks of others as he thinks of
Many dreams and aims I have and maybe they are
Like the rays in numbers!
There are The sun in the morning and her brother The moon in the night
The both makes us to find the way to reach something or someplace .
The sun always reminds me of that high place where nobody can go but the giant and the owner of good deeds
You took your way to reach what lies beyond the sun
And I'll do too
Just like you
And just like The sun.
This is my message to the dear one, Joli.
I love acting too much and I love her movies too much too.
She came to Baghdad and visited some of the Americans there as well as the Prime Minister, Mr. Noori Al-Maliki. The both kept talking about Iraqis" especially the innocent Iraqis" and she wished that Iraqis will live calm lives..
Thank You Angilina, you are grear and nice leader to follow her example. I love you too much.
Just like the sun,

7 Feb 2008

Just like the sun

Good day,

The life that I live is great and interesting althought the difficulties are so many, but no matter, we was born to live and to do something. Making the chaotic life great and peaceful is so nice way to live.
The weeks ago were full of happenings. let me talk about them.
as the academic year consists of three main parts, the first academic course, mid-year exams and the second academic course.
We finished the first course and I received my final average of all the subjects. It came as %99.5
How nice!!!
I beleive in the say "Who works hard at fir will get alot at last".
On Wednesday, I didn't go to school.I was abit sick and my mom insisted at me to stay home to get rest time. The exams of mid-year would start the week later and I had to be very fine.
On Thursday, we had very lovely lesson of chemistry. the teacher kept telling us very nice stories about her life in college and we laughed alot. We did the exam of english" the listening paragraph" this time it was about animals with backbones and animals without. The great thing is that we everyday know a new animal. Animals are many and they all have their own lives.
When I came back home, there was so much homework waiting for me. I studied biology and physics. The subjects we had got that day were a bit difficult and they needed long time to study them perfectly.
A great explosion took place as we were writing our answers. Greatly terrified we returned.
Thank God foe saving us.
On Friday, I studied English, and On Saturday I studied the computer subject.
Saturday was special day. Millions of Iraqis went to Kerbala commemorate the anniversary of martyrdon of a special leader who killed for more than 1000 years ago. Imam al-Hussein, is his name. The whole story is about wronged people who sent for the imam to come to liberate them from the unfair rule. The imam came with his family and friends to come to the city al-Najef to be able to communicate with people there closerly and the whole train was about 72 ones. When he was on his way to Najef a great army came with the order of the ruler to stop the train and to kill all the comers. This was done in a great battle called " altaf". The result was Killing all the men wrongedly when they were too thirsty. None stayed alive but kids and women.
The revolution of the imam is about revolution of correction, to make something right. This battle needs so much talking and I will talk in a provide post about it. It is a story of Great Man. And I still memorize the say of Ghandi( the Indian Famous leader) about him" I learnt from Al-Hussein how to be wronged to triumph"..
I watched a movie entitled" enemy at the gates" about the world war. How horrible is the war. Many victims the huminity lost in the wars for the foolishness of the leaders.
On Sunday I went to school and did the exams of english and computer lesson (they were oral exams).
The two other day I did the exams os Arabic and religion. I did well. as well as in the French on the fourth day (it was Tuesday).
Too, OnTuesday, I saw my teacher of mathematic, she seemed very gloomy. There was some trouble between her and another teacher. I kept talking to her and at last she felt soo better and she said" Dear one!! you always shines and gives us many rays that enter our hearts to keep them warm".
I saw the teacher of art and she talked to me alot. She asked me if I know a suitable girl in the age of marriage for her son!!!!!!!!. I've never got such question than before. hehehe
I came back home. The school gave us the table of the exams of the written exams. On Saturday(the first day) there was physics.
On thursday, a horrible explosin happened in a little town in my city. Many victims, many houses had been damaged completely!! I kept praying for the victims. There were many sad scenes. Then, We lost our chief of police in one another. As a result, the Prime Minister made a visit to our city to see how is the situation here.
On satyrday morning and before entering the class I heard a horrible news. My friend Zuzu got hurt in the very bad explosion that happened on Thursday. She went to another city to get the care there in a better hospital than the others in my city.
I couldn't do the exams without thinknig of her. when I came back, I called my brother( he is a doctor) asking him to go to see her, how is she and what is she doing. I cried alot about her.
He went and said that her case is the least in hurt than all the others!!!!!! he said he couldn't stop crying as seeing the victims and the injuries.
He comforted me abit about zuzu. Thank God. She would make a surgery.( I called her mobile number and will call her today).
In my life, I have friends and they are divided into: friends, close freinds and dear close friends.
And with all the kinds I realise that the friendship is about a seed. It needs good soil( Honesty), water(love), sunlight( peace and hope) with all this it will grow and become great tree with deep and fixed roots. God bless Zuzu!!
On Sunday, there was arabic exam, i did well. I talked to my teacher of this subject alot after the exams aout poets and the languages.
I came back and began to study in an early time( On Wednesday there was biology), during my study, in the street there was very heavy shooting and shell and chases. The days are passing with fear.
The questions of biology were good and nice and very scientific. I saw my teacher of french and she kept asking me about my doing in exams and about my projects in the holiday. this woman cares much about me as well as many other teachers, like the arabic one and physics one.
I came back home and the way was dangerous more than expected. On Thursday, there was exam of chemistry and art class. the questions of chemstry were easy( the teacher is so lovely and perfect). and the art was difficult!!!!!! hahahah. I drew well.
On Saturday, there was exam of mathematic and I did well. Thank God anyway.
In 31/1 there was the first anniversary of the students of al-mustansiriyya university in Baghdad who were killed by a very stupid explosion. God bless their nice spirits!!
A friend of mine told me that five american soldies were killed in her quarter and this was followed by inspection and general alarm.
On Sunday, there was exam of English and the questions were nice and I did well.
The other days later I did the rest of exams, religion and French and today computer lesson.
Today, I talked to my teacher of physics. She will make a cake with cacao today for me!!! she will write my name in it!!!! Woowww. Nice.
When I finished my exam, I didn't come home directly, we, in the car made a little journey round the city. I visisted streets I had not visited than before.
Some days of my study I suffered of my Nasal sinuses iinflammation. I feel better now.
The days ago were full of events and completely were full of chases between the american soldiers or the policemen and the terrorists. We live in a battlefield. But everyday, we became stronger.
The days ago were full of sadness and happiness , suffer and success.
My projects about my mid-year holiday (which is about almost 17 days) are reading some books that my mom's friend sent for me. But my mom insisted at me to leave reading for a while. she said that as much as I love reading, I have to love my eys. My eyes need so much care. I think this si right. I have to take good care of my eyes. Eyes are great gift. You can read, watch and see the scene of sunrise!
There is alot to do. Many people I have to contact. I'm sure they are maybe abit angry. I was in another world and I came back now!!!
I feel comforted now and the most important thing is that my plume came back after flying for a long time( I can write with it easily now) and my candle is still lighting also the book is still opened...

Just like the sun,