8 Feb 2008

Thank You "Angilina"!!

Yesterday, I heard through TV that the famous actress( My favorite one) Angilina Joli came to Baghdad!!!

I do
The sky always bestows the power that is important to reach our dreams and achieve them.
Every morning contains new rays and every new ray contains new hope
Hope enters our hearts
The message I try to let you know is that I admire you so much
For reasons like
You are very good in acting(in your job) and the one's success is considered by
His deed
You also didn't forget the others who needs hope and help
You gave some of them smile and hope
You became the ambassador of the good intentions!
With your nice heart you was able to reach the bottoms of many hearts especially the
One mine
In The night, I always stands near my window and ask God to give me promising him To give someone else!
It is nice that the one thinks of others as he thinks of
Many dreams and aims I have and maybe they are
Like the rays in numbers!
There are The sun in the morning and her brother The moon in the night
The both makes us to find the way to reach something or someplace .
The sun always reminds me of that high place where nobody can go but the giant and the owner of good deeds
You took your way to reach what lies beyond the sun
And I'll do too
Just like you
And just like The sun.
This is my message to the dear one, Joli.
I love acting too much and I love her movies too much too.
She came to Baghdad and visited some of the Americans there as well as the Prime Minister, Mr. Noori Al-Maliki. The both kept talking about Iraqis" especially the innocent Iraqis" and she wished that Iraqis will live calm lives..
Thank You Angilina, you are grear and nice leader to follow her example. I love you too much.
Just like the sun,

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Muhannad said...

I forgot to say that you DID beat me to it! Good job:)