27 Sep 2007

How is Education in Iraq

Hi friends,
Hope everything is doing well with you.
In Iraq, we have two main steps of education:
The primary School,
It contains six years, when the child gets 6 years old, he/she will enter the primary school..
the special years is the 5th and the 6th,
in the 5th year, the pupil begins to study new very important subjects..
History, Geography , the Grammer of the Arab language and English language..
For me, it is too late to teach pupils the basic English language in this year is, especially when we know that the English language is so important for everybody.
And the 6th class, the finally questions are the same in all Iraq ( ministerial questions). and we call it Bacaloria in Iraq.

Then the second step: the secondary school,
The scondary school, includes also 6 years..
There is some schools in Iraq called ( The schools of the special students), at such schools, the students study French language, as well as all the other normal subjects.
The 3th class and the 6th class, the questions are ministerial.
In the second class, the subject of Science becomes divided inti three subjects, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
In the 5th class, the student chooses between the scientific uspect or the literary uspect, and this choice depends on his/her grades ( the scientific uspect needs higher grades) and this choice will also define the students' future career and the college that they are going to join.
What Make Me Feeling Crazy, is what called'' private teaching''
without the permission of the government, alot of teachers make groups of students to teach them in the summer vacation, teach the the courses of the curriculum, in return for taking money, and many students ( the most) are compelled to attend such lessons because teaching in schools is not that good.
I see some students don't have money to join these bad groups because of their parents' limited monthly wages that can hardly keep them alive and able to attend school.
What will they do??

For that, we see alot of students fail in the exams, or get unwanted marks. so they will join colleges they don't deserve to join.( less than their real level).
It is very strange and bad condition, isn't it??
It began for more than 15years, in the duration of Saddam's rule.
The teachers began to do such bad things because of the bad salary that they get.
but although the salaries bagan to improve, they still make the groups( greediness).
And what makes it worse that some teachers don't teach well at schools to urge the students to attend their private lessons.

So the grades that the students get in the 6th high class is the ones that define their future-career. Before the final exams, there are about forty days or more for students to bring back the information that they may have forgotten.
Then the exams start.
And regards colleges in Iraq, the medicine college is in the first level, then dentistry college, pharmacy college, engineereing college, and the other ones come after these ones.
About what is though about colleges, I don't agree, because there should be no differences among the careers, we and our Iraq need all of them to improve our country and to make it developed one.
I hope this style of education will be altered by time.

Learning sandybelle

a friend of mine asked me to buy an arabic-english dictionary, and he said that I had to say" news reached my ears" and not" news broached my ears".
Thank you sir, you are always in my mind.
i think i need so much to learn, i think i should start watching shows in English and reading more in english.. wish me luck.


24 Sep 2007

Of mine

I have many hobbies and things I love to do in my life.
reading( especially the stories, I adore the stories of Agatha Christie, encyclopedias and any cultural or educational book).
Writing( especially the poetry, of course in Arabic language.. and I write my dairy in English and little bit in French.. I love to write soooo much, with pencil.. I think I can correct the faults if I write with pencil..


Acting, I love to act with myself... I love to act with a hollywood star someday.. in a movie, I prefer to name it '' Dairy of an Iraqi Girl in America'', it is a nice dream, isn't it? and little bit of singing.lol

Studying, I do love the study... my future will be bright if I be good in the study... in Iraq nowadays there's no nice future without the study.. I would like to be a Famous doctor in the future and this need to study.
Menage... I do like help my mom doing menage.

with time, i notice that my interests get changed or develpoed. sometimes i feel i like the idea, sometimes i feel so sad.. i wonder why..

I love to make my mom and dad and my family happy and excited..
I love to help the others and share them the days of suffering and success.
and now... writing posts..

When the school gets start.. my writngs will be less than now..

I'll be so busy.. my teachers give us very much homework hmmm.

23 Sep 2007

Nice words

Four days ago.. I watched a movie.. the story is talking about prisoners of war.. and how hard is the suffering they face!!
I got these words,

What is the result of hatred?
what is the value of mercy?
"I am like the seed of wheat.. if I'll stay on the land I'll not produce.. but if I die and be under the land..I'll produce alot" the one of thr generals said before his died...
friend in need is the friend indeed..
God help men who help themselves.
shining day will come one day..
my candle can light miles of darkness...because I'm hopeful, helpful, and wonderful.

words have power


15 Sep 2007

A blessed month and full of mercy

In Ramadan ,we fast…
The aim of fasting is to feel of what the paupers feel.
From the dawn until the sunset.
in Ramadan, we become closer to Allah...
We always give the paupers money( alms), although we gave them in the normal days, but that increases in Ramadan because the recompense increase too.
it is so nice to make one of them happy... since I was 5 years old, my parents taught me to share the others their suffering and sadness and how to make theirs less.
you know what? when I see somebody poor asking me to give him/her some money, I feel soo shy, and I would give him the money as possible as I can..
when I see some people rebuke some pauper I feel soo sad, how can they do such bad thing!!!
maybe they don't know the meaning of the smile..
In Ramadan, the prayers which come from the bottoms of hearts, always go up to the sky..
Allah complies with these prayers..
We pray everyday, and ask Allah to give us the safety..the freedom and the happiness.

Here in Iraq.. we all live in Ramadan spirit…
In the dawn, and before the calling to pray of matins.. we have al- suhur (it is like the breakfast".. then, when we hear the calling to pray, we should stop eating and we go to pray.
After this, we eat and drink nothing until the sunset..
In the day.. we usually talk about Ramadan, and how important it is!!
Fasting in Ramadan teach us the tolerance and the patience..
Mom and dad and all the members of my family, we all go to our jobs..
In the first day of Ramadan, I congratulate my classmates and teachers..but this time, we are on holiday.. so we used to use the phone to congratulate our friends..
Then, when school is over, I go back home.. do my homework.. then, help my mom to prepare al- futur.
We always have the soup and the milk as the most favorite liquid on al- futur.
but everyday, we have different banquet for everyday.
Befor having al-futur, we have our own praying" oh God.. bless our life and our piety.. help us to continue the right way to reach you..to make you satisfied of us...oh lord.. we ask you to grand success to us...Amen"
No for war... we don't fight in Ramadan and if we have any problem with any one we have to solve it peacefully..
dear ones, blessed Ramadan..
Ramadan is the most blessed month.. so let's try to make all of our days full of reigious moment and full of helping the others and love and peace..with patience..
Pray for us and for other Iraqis as I pray for you..
After Ramadan, there would be the Eid.. 3 days full of enjoyment and delight..
enjoy your Ramadan and your Eid...