15 Sep 2007

A blessed month and full of mercy

In Ramadan ,we fast…
The aim of fasting is to feel of what the paupers feel.
From the dawn until the sunset.
in Ramadan, we become closer to Allah...
We always give the paupers money( alms), although we gave them in the normal days, but that increases in Ramadan because the recompense increase too.
it is so nice to make one of them happy... since I was 5 years old, my parents taught me to share the others their suffering and sadness and how to make theirs less.
you know what? when I see somebody poor asking me to give him/her some money, I feel soo shy, and I would give him the money as possible as I can..
when I see some people rebuke some pauper I feel soo sad, how can they do such bad thing!!!
maybe they don't know the meaning of the smile..
In Ramadan, the prayers which come from the bottoms of hearts, always go up to the sky..
Allah complies with these prayers..
We pray everyday, and ask Allah to give us the safety..the freedom and the happiness.

Here in Iraq.. we all live in Ramadan spirit…
In the dawn, and before the calling to pray of matins.. we have al- suhur (it is like the breakfast".. then, when we hear the calling to pray, we should stop eating and we go to pray.
After this, we eat and drink nothing until the sunset..
In the day.. we usually talk about Ramadan, and how important it is!!
Fasting in Ramadan teach us the tolerance and the patience..
Mom and dad and all the members of my family, we all go to our jobs..
In the first day of Ramadan, I congratulate my classmates and teachers..but this time, we are on holiday.. so we used to use the phone to congratulate our friends..
Then, when school is over, I go back home.. do my homework.. then, help my mom to prepare al- futur.
We always have the soup and the milk as the most favorite liquid on al- futur.
but everyday, we have different banquet for everyday.
Befor having al-futur, we have our own praying" oh God.. bless our life and our piety.. help us to continue the right way to reach you..to make you satisfied of us...oh lord.. we ask you to grand success to us...Amen"
No for war... we don't fight in Ramadan and if we have any problem with any one we have to solve it peacefully..
dear ones, blessed Ramadan..
Ramadan is the most blessed month.. so let's try to make all of our days full of reigious moment and full of helping the others and love and peace..with patience..
Pray for us and for other Iraqis as I pray for you..
After Ramadan, there would be the Eid.. 3 days full of enjoyment and delight..
enjoy your Ramadan and your Eid...

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