24 Jun 2007

An iraqi team

A year ago, 13 of the Iraqian Taekwondo team were kidnapped in Al-anbar city, the Iraqian government found no trace for them, the members were coming back from Jordan in a trip, and they had to come through Al-anbar, they came to Iraq ,their homeland, with medals, they did their best in competitions against many other players from other countries, they had no guilt, they just wanted to tell the world that the Iraqi people with any thing sad happened or will happen in their country, they will stay strong, they had families, brothers and sisters love them very much and wanted them to stay for ever to take from them the wanted strength!!
When we heard that in the news, we felt so sad and sorry, what was their guilt??
We were all praying for them, but you know, some of us forgot them because every day we had new tragedy story like this and that make some citizens forgetful any other past story .
Some days ago, I heard ( in the news) that the Iraqi government found their remains in a desert in the west of Iraq, near Al-anbar.It was obvious to us that they have been killed after torture.The terrorists always work with hard to make us weak and sad.I hate them(although I don't know the hatred in my life, because I just hate the hatred, and what they do means hatred, so I have to hate them) the terrorist, always make us losing our dear people, NO TERROR,I say to them now and everyday.
In TV I saw the 13' parents, they were crying, big pain in their hearts.I'm really sad, please don't let any place for the terrorism in your contries and your lives, it is really bad situation, but I think there's some lone solution of that disease do you know what is?? so let me tell you.
work hard and cooperation with each other that is the best, we have to love each other more and more, all that to live happily.
The rainbow is a so clear example of the cooperation and love, the rian's drops, the sunrays and the air, all help each other to make strong love towards the people, and to give us a very nice gift, the seven colours, the hopeful colours all make us happy, in fact, when I look at the rainbow, I feel so happy and optimistic.
So let's give each other the love and happiness to live for ever.
God bless the 13 souls, and bless you.

23 Jun 2007

A challenge

I'm an Iraqi,living in Iraq,and I'm a student having all the problems that any other student living in Iraq has...Some of these problems : no continuous electricity, no safety, seeing horrible scenes everyday in the way to school, to the market and even to home.

That is on a hand, and on the other hand, many victims suffer alot every day for no main reason, many injuries, many died people in addition to the harm we got ever moment.I hope that you'll never live like that,never never, but may you imagine? can you imagine?? most of children in the world imagine the dreams city, to fly with the butterflies, or even to own the largest factory of cacao on the earth, but the Iraqi ones just imagine living safely & praying for their parents hopefully that God will bless them and keep them for ever.

But the life has to continue, God is our guard, in any place or any time. and He is the most gracious, the most merciful.

One day, our school's headmistress told us that there was an exam for the super and the smart student, if we pass it, we will be able to pass the whole following year by only three months.

I did like this idea, and told my mom, she supported me this time (no, in fact, she always does do), but there was something, the main place of the exam was in Baghdad, and the road was so dangerous, what a problem!!!

I trusted in God as usual and decided to go to Baghdad, to do the exam. Daddy was the other angel who made my road full of flow with his nice words and supporitng look and say.

the days before the exam, my friend (who wanted to do it to but her marks didnt allow her) called me and told me to be strong and never give up.. it was such a nice call.. i thank her sincerely. but she told me something about the exam's date, i got sshocked, that there had been a mistake that the headmistress told me the date wrongly. i soon told dad, and we quickly went to baghdad the following morning. Thank God, i was about to lose it!!!!!!!!

I did go, the road was very bad(we spent 15 hours in the car) to Baghdad.

I spent the night at my grandma's house. All my uncles and aunts prayed for me deeply. that day, David Beckham, my favourite footballer lost a game, and i turned sad, so sad..

I did the exam, although there was another mistake, the authorities of the school didn't tell me the right way to do the exam, three of the subjects were not the same(we had get all the informations of the exam from the school).

Then, we got threatened by the terrorists, they asked us for so much money, so we decided to leave iraq for that moment and headed to Syria.

When i was in Syria, my mom's friend sent us and e-mail and told us that my name was announced on the TV that i was the first successful student, and i DID IT!!!!!

then, i had to do other exams of the following year subjects, which meant the second chance for those who were really in that grade (older than me) because the failed .
we were in troubles for fear of returning to mosul. but finally, we decided to return, we had to, we couldnt leave everything.

the school that i had to do the exams in was horrible, no fans, and hot weather..and the students who did the exam with me were lazy, they tried to steal the true answers from me, amd they were older than me with at least 5 years, they had failed to do it many times.. the observers wanted me to do perfect, you could see them sitting next to me, just to make sure that i would be fine and happy.. mom every day accompanied me to the school.

then i recieved my marks, and the average was 94%, mom said that it was a miracle because i studied the 10 subjects in only two months and i was studying by myself without any helper except the dears' prayers.

At first, this result didn't convince me. I don't get marks lower than 97%. but you know?
To pass exam in the middle of more than 7 policemen around you, with so hot weather and to see a mouse passing from between your feet could be nice. Especially when you was about to be kidnapped the day before.

But There was some power inside me. Power urged me to continue the way and not to stop at that step. I had to do something.And I did, i am so thankful, i believe i was not alone. all my people were with me.

He stand by me. Most Gracious Most Mercyful. I'm so thankful.

then, school time came, I went to school happily , I began the new year with a new group, they are older than me with a year, but that doesn't matter, they are all so sweet and friendly.For them I became as a new friend , they considered me like A SISTER what a great group!! I love them soooo much.

I will never forget the lesson that says:The darkest part of the night comes before sunrise, Before Sunrise

Everyday, new ray, new hope and new life.

We face so much hurt every moment, however, we have duty to do.

Do your duty.... Carry a message.....

Thankful Sandybelle

BTW: All that was in the year 2006, and in the other year that I ment is 2007, I passed it also with 99% as an average.

6 Jun 2007

A geat meeting

This is a real story from Baghdad, the centre of iraq, my homeland.

''Y'' is a shy, sensitive and sweet little boy.(he is only ten years old).
For some reasons, he had to live with his mom only, away from his dad. and that was when he was 2 years old or younger..

His father was sad during these long years and with hard, he tried to hide his sadness.

The days are going on and quickly, and the longing is increasing day after day.

One day the father decided to meet his only child Y, although the child Y is living in a very dangerous neighborhood in Baghdad.

The father bought Y some gifts and new mobile( kid's demands in Iraq nowadays).

I've got the mobile's number, and began to call Y and we became close friends.
I've known from him that he's so zealous to see his dad
Each call,I try to encourage him with some words that maybe can make him feeling that there are many people in this world love him so much.(of course,I am one of them), and there many children who live away from their parents but this doesnt mean that they dont miss each other.

On Saturday 2\6\2007 ,I've got a surprise, the the dad met his child Y, this was amazing, I couldn't believe that!!!both of them could overcome his fear and shyness, lol ;)


Finally they met each other,Y ran into his father's arms saying "I missed you dad! it's the suitable time to live my days with you"

"me too dear, me too" his dad answered

And every one tried to hide his tears.

This was a great meeting,wasn't it???

BTW: I've known that Y is very good in school,a brave boy and soo polite, and this is great too.