24 Jun 2007

An iraqi team

A year ago, 13 of the Iraqian Taekwondo team were kidnapped in Al-anbar city, the Iraqian government found no trace for them, the members were coming back from Jordan in a trip, and they had to come through Al-anbar, they came to Iraq ,their homeland, with medals, they did their best in competitions against many other players from other countries, they had no guilt, they just wanted to tell the world that the Iraqi people with any thing sad happened or will happen in their country, they will stay strong, they had families, brothers and sisters love them very much and wanted them to stay for ever to take from them the wanted strength!!
When we heard that in the news, we felt so sad and sorry, what was their guilt??
We were all praying for them, but you know, some of us forgot them because every day we had new tragedy story like this and that make some citizens forgetful any other past story .
Some days ago, I heard ( in the news) that the Iraqi government found their remains in a desert in the west of Iraq, near Al-anbar.It was obvious to us that they have been killed after torture.The terrorists always work with hard to make us weak and sad.I hate them(although I don't know the hatred in my life, because I just hate the hatred, and what they do means hatred, so I have to hate them) the terrorist, always make us losing our dear people, NO TERROR,I say to them now and everyday.
In TV I saw the 13' parents, they were crying, big pain in their hearts.I'm really sad, please don't let any place for the terrorism in your contries and your lives, it is really bad situation, but I think there's some lone solution of that disease do you know what is?? so let me tell you.
work hard and cooperation with each other that is the best, we have to love each other more and more, all that to live happily.
The rainbow is a so clear example of the cooperation and love, the rian's drops, the sunrays and the air, all help each other to make strong love towards the people, and to give us a very nice gift, the seven colours, the hopeful colours all make us happy, in fact, when I look at the rainbow, I feel so happy and optimistic.
So let's give each other the love and happiness to live for ever.
God bless the 13 souls, and bless you.

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