29 Nov 2007

It was a rich Wednesday

I am fifteen years old and at this age I don't think I'm tiny to speak strongly and to have strong personality among whom around me.
In the class, we are 28 girls. In the>party two weeks ago we had a lot of happiness with each other. In every moment I felt very glad . I thought they could be the greatest ones. I didn't think that they will face my charity with them with harm. In fact they did.
I enjoyed them just
last year as a new girl younger than them. At the beginning they treated me friendly. But this year, as they see that I'm smarter than them, and that all the teachers love me and try to be closer to me in everyday. So they began to feel jealous, because I got all the attention of the teachers and the headmistress of school.
They always try to make me feel sad and uncomfortable by saying words and doing things I dislike. I always try to hide my ire. But this time I couldn't bear any more.
I stood against them and they all didn't know what the had to say.
Anyway, my mom says that the successful man always face people hate him\her at his\her success.
May Allah give me a bit of patient to bear more and more.
Last night, my uncle called from Baghdad and said that the situation is so much better than month ago. We will spend al-adha feast at my grandma's house in Baghdad because the way to Baghdad is safer than before.
This made me feeling very happy. At last people of Baghdad can live peacefully.
Mohammad Yonis the winner of Nobel Prize of 2006.
How great man he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope I'll be like him in the future. He made an interview with Oprah. He kept talking about his plan with Green Bank. They gave many paupers loan to help them to own houses. I think that the loan was about 200$!!!!!!!!!
He said this amount doesn't spare a dinner for rich couple in America!!!!!
But he and Green Bank did their best to make it enough for a family of paupers.
He also helped a woman to improve her livelihood by making her selling mobiles and now she owns a simple company of mobiles!!!!!!!!!!
In this man, all features of the best can be embodied.
He helpful and with his help he made many happy and excited.
He got the Nobel Prize at aptitude and he is soooo very humble.
Thank God because he got it.
" I got thousands of Nobel prize with every smile on their faces." He said at the end of the interview.
To get Nobel prize everyday seems very grandiose.
It is great to create smiles wherever you go is so beautiful.
I hope everyone try to get Nobel Prize and try to help people as much as he can.
Everyday new dream is created. Now, I have a new dream in addition to my many.
I love to be a famous poet someday.
In school, this week we had a celebration of Library Day.( Library, one of my most favorite places). Teachers and all the students attended as well as some directors.
I had a poem to recite. Absolutely I had to keep all laws of the right way of reciting.
I received the poem that I had to recite just on on Tuesday and the celebration was on Wednesday!!!!
In Wednesday I had very hard exam of biology, I studied for 4 hours and I had so many homework. I couldn't practice well. Even I forgot the paper of the poem in my book and at that day I lent it a girl.
I called the teacher of Arabic language who loves me very much. I told her about the manner. Then, she called me and sked me about the address of my home.
Then half an hour late, she was knocking at our door!!!!!!!!!
That was great. she gave me the wanted divan and I could get the poem.
On Wednesday, it was the waited time. ( shush shush shush, tell nobody, I didn't practice at home, just 15 minutes before the celebration I practiced!!!!!!!!)
The celebration began, the librarian at school said a speech also some speeches in French language and in English language. Then it was my turn.
I felt at that time that I'm alone in the world and I felt with sme power urging me to do my best.
I didn't feel but at that time when I heard soo much clapping.

Then, the teacher of Arabic told me that everyone was very surprised and happy of my reciting.
I did well!!!
even the director of Arabic language asked for me later. I met him and he told me about his admiration.
So, I lov eto be a famous poet someday.
On wednesday , we had to do an exemplary class in Arabic language.
We had to do our best.
All the girls did their best especially me.
Other teachers came from other schools to show us. they couldn't hide their jealousness of us.
They talked badly about us although we were perfect!!
Ok, to be famous poet is geat for me. But the greatest is to get the Nobel Prize someday.

Make a bow to all the winners of Nobel prize.
I make a bow.

''and instead of cursing the light, let's light up a candle!''


22 Nov 2007

The previous days..

The week ago was normal. I had exams, French, physics, computer, religion and I did well.I also received some results, they were good.
Everyday, the teachers increase the homework, they say that there isn't enough time to complete all the curriculum, so we have to study more and more. Even sometimes I awake up very early, smetimes earlier than 5:00 p.m. to continue the homework!!!
We do our best, and the teachers too.

Yesterday, I didn't go to the school, I had bad headache, winter began, the season of sicknesses. But I love it so much, alot of snow, but in my city snow don't fall, the degree of tempreture isn't suitable for the snow to fall. Anyway, in winter, we all sit near the fireplace exchanging talking about stories we hear, many times my mom put the tea-pot on the fire of the fireplace to make the tea perfect( my grandma says that if you put the tea on a calm heat, it will be perfect, and my mom always follows my grandma's example) . I drink hot cacao so much. This is great for me.

The situation gets better, although there are many explosions but to see the policemen and national guards in the street make me feeling a bit happy. On the gate of every street there is a police car. This is good. There is some hope.
Yesterday I heard very sad story.
It is about a girl called Miriam, her family lost her in an explosion happened their house. She was playing with her friend in the quarter.
" She is gone, I have no sister now, she was my only, she was full of energy and very good in school. She always believed that the sun doesn't disappoint us. But now, everything is bad for me, I think sun will never light me life without my sisyter" her brother said.
" I have not lost my sister only, but also my close friend and everyone I loved and wanted to continue the way with him. I will never forget the happy days I spent with Ali, my friend, who died in an explosion too. explosions became normal now also killing and kidnapping. Every part of Iraqi people got its own share of sadness and terror" her other brother said.

Mirian just like the others who are at her age, loved Iraq and wanted it to become good and its people to live peacefully.
we lost many like Miriam from different ages.
Prof.s, students, scientists workers, and doctors and many many.
Every one had his/her own sad story.
We lost them all. We lost the for no raison.
Miriam had her dreams, had her thoughts and ideas, she was able to discover a new world, maybe we would be able to take the best from her and many like her.
Now, there is childhood in Iraq but without happy children.

Make the children happy and let us dont lose more.


15 Nov 2007

Sun gives us every day..

Today we had a party in school( which I talked about in my last post) we were very happy.
In the morning, every girl began to show her clothes to the others.
My friends said that my clothes were perfect, thanks for them. Also girls made nice hairdoes.
I did a hairdo too and of course with my mom's help. they said it is nice.
Then we had so much to talk about: the latest news of singers, actors and also the family.
Then, we went to the garden.In fact, it was cold, so we returned to the class, we didn't want to get ill.
In the class, we ran the recorder.Girls brought CDs and cassetts of different singers. There was dancing, so much dancing and so much happiness.There were songs which had been made about our team when it won in Asia Cup, I remembered those happy day.They were nice new beginning for new happy life.
One of my classmates said that yesterday on her way back to home, she saw slayed man in the street and people were passing by him without any care. These scenes became very normal in Iraqis' lives.
I felt so sad about him.I'm sure he has children and wife love him so much and they will be so very gloomy and sad to lose him.There are many men died with this way in Iraq.
Any way, we just pray and do our best from our places and degrees to make the situation better.
Ater that, we put the food on the desks( we made a big table by desks, we created happiness by this).
Iraqi food is so very delicious. There was dolma, biryani, lahm bib a'jeen, pizza as well as desserts( I brought the desserts) and cake, we ate alot and I still have a bit of ache in my abdomen.
The teachers came to see what we do, we make them taste some of our food, the siad that it is very good.Two of them stayed eating for not a short time.
We had photoes with teachers.
Teacher of French loves me, and five days ago, I promised to sing for her( my relatives of whom love singing say that I have nice voice, I love singing too much as well as acting) she loved my singing and asked me to sing for the all someday a french song.This is cool!!!!!
I love you...You love me we are best friends like friend should be, with a great gig hug and kiss from me to you..............

At the end of the day, we prepared our selves to go backe to home.We gave the woman in our school who works as a servant some food,she is poor and have some children, she was so thankful.
We had so much fun and happiness.I hope such days will full what next of our lives.
At the end, we thanked each other and praised each other.
It was nice party.
To see whom around you happy, you'll feel happpy too. It is so nice to make some of them happy and share them this happiness.

Be happy and hopeful


14 Nov 2007

Every new day cotains pain..

This week was busy with exams. Biology, physics, grammar and poems of Arabic language and English exam for today. I did my best and hope the results will be good. There will be many other exams next week.

A few days ago, something happened and didn't let me have good night.I kept thinking of it for a long time.
We were on our way to the school. There is a trrafic on the way in a very busy junction and the light was red, so we had to stop waiting for the green light.
In Iraq, there are many uncivilized things and one of them is to let boys( boys who are orphans or very poor) sell cigarettes, ice cream or so. in roads and junctions as a way to earn living.
One of them came towards us and offered to buy some from him. I felt so very embarrassed.I didn't have money at that time, but fortunately our driver (we go to school as groups of girls) had and bought from him then the boy twittered thankfully and kissed the paper of money( this is one of the ways that many use to show their gratitude) and went away.
I wanted to get out of the car to follow him, to ask him about his name, his family and about the raison that led him to work at the age of roses( he seemed to be 9 years old).I know there are many like him, many don't have parents or any other one who cares about them.
I felt very sad and wished the earth to quake to hide me.

This year, in English we have a literary reading( I suppose you know it) : Oliver Twist.
It is very tragedy stories, talk about a little boy , an orphan, his dad ided before his birth and his mom at his birth, so you can imagine what could happen with an orphan in a workhouse with ill treatment and severe life with long suffering.
So I think this boy is lke Oliver.
Oh my God!!!!! maybe there are thousands Olivers in Iraq!
I hope the day when I'll all children in Iraq but all the world get knowledge and good life.
And inspite of thinking of helping such men, we see many fight for nothing and try to be the best. I think these stupid men will not reach the top at all. I will reach the top when I see all children and babies live happily and well '' Children are the roses of the earth".
Tomorrow, we'll have a party in school.
Here we can't spend times out of home getting happy moments.
What we hear and face everyday is sad, so no place for long happy time.
But we are brave and strong, we serve our country and try to do the best in our life to achieve something, our lives had become full of achievements, because we are still optimistic and thinking of shining future because our sun is still shining.
In the school we have a nice garden, so the headmistress decided to devote a day to happiness and dancing. Every class has a special day.This could put an end for something bad.
Tomorrow is our special day. I'm preparing myself. There will be Iraqi food, dancing and new look for each girl.
I'll make a nice hairdo.
I'll write something about what will happen tomorrow.
One day I bought a map.
It was a map of Iraq.
I put the map on a table in my room.
On the table there were three roses.
Near the roses there was a plumes.
Near the window, there was a bulbul.
He kept siniging when I bagan to smile.
He sang a song.
The three roses shared him his singing, as well as the plume.
The all sang a song whose first words were:
We Love Iraq... We Love Iraq.

Every night, I hear sounds of explosions and I don't know where and between whom.I don't hide.I feel afraid, but this fear leads me to stay strong forcedy the bad ones' hatred.
I'm situation will improve.
I hope the day when I'll sit in front of my PC in, writing that the situation is very good, will come.
Everytime when the love's ray visit us, it improves something bad and make us feel so cheerful.
Let The ray of love and peace visit your hearts always,


8 Nov 2007

Let bygone be bygone but stay having a grateful heart..

Four days ago, I heard this story
Once , there were two patients in a hospital, Ken and Sen. They both dwelled in the same room. In thre room, there were just one window and Sen's bed was the one beside it, so he only was able to look through the window.
In every day sen was telling ken about what he sees through the window." People, large garden full of trees and plants, big fountain and a child plays near it, as well as Red Rose'' Sen says and ken imagins.
Days passed, evil began to rise in Ken's heart. '' why I'm not the one whose bed beside the window? why I don't have to be the one who can see through the window? why should I imagine in everytime?'' Ken says.
Day after day this evil grows.

One night, Sen suffered of heart attack.
Sen died.
Absolutely, Ken felt happy, because at last he will be able to stay in the bed beisde the window to look through it.
Ken was removed to the place he wanted.
He looked through the window.
Guess What
He saw a wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He remembered Sen and kept crying.

I'm sure Ken felt very sorry at that time.
There was nothing of the nice and happy thing that Sen was telling him about.

But yes, Sen despite of his sadness, he saw the life as a big garden and by this he tries to make the ones who around him happy.
And Ken who let the evil to rise in his heart saw the life as wall.
Today, it was my sister's birthday.
She is Ten years today.
We had a party with the song of " Happy birthday to you''
I remembered my tenth birthday.
Many parts of me are still 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years old.

I still love to sit at my mom's lap crying.
I still love kiss my dad before sleeping.
I still love cacao.

Happy birthday Dear Sister, I hope all your dreams will come true, I hope you'll be good dentist, my nice sister.
I had exams this week, French langyage, chemistry and Mathematics.
Classmates said'' I'm sure I'll see you in Hollywood someday, you act perfectly''
We had a dialog in English. The teachers asked us to act it, and we did.
I do love acting, as well as singing and writing poems.

In Chemistry, the teacher siad'' dear girls, I have to leave you, I have to continue my study to get the Msc in chemistry''
This wasn't a nice surprise at all.
We all love her, and we last year suffered alot of our chemistry teacher- another teacher-
and this year, the new teacher came and added something nice to the lesson.
But at last, she was joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is good in making pranks, because at firs, I believed her and kept praying asking God to not to let her go( I felt very afriad).
In mathematics lesson, we used to make jokes and laugh- it is very funny lesson-we all love it and the teacher of it.

We have two exams on Sunday ( Grammar of Arabic language and physics) and on Monday there is an exam of biology, the teacher of biology used to give us very hard questions, but I'll study to get high marks.

The situation is bad- as usual- explosions and kiling.
A girl told me that the terrorists have slayed two men in the street in front of many people.
''I couldn't sleep at that night and I ate nothing. I kept silent all the day''
My God!! How horrible!
I have seen corpses -this is normal- but not slaying of somebody!!!!!!!!!
I hope this will end soon.

Stay safe,

1 Nov 2007

Isn't shame to be poor, but it is a shame when you think thst poverty is a shame..

In Our class there is a girl, nick name for her will be Manny.
Manny is a poor girl, solitary girl, and nice- as I thought from the beginning-.
When I tried to be nearer towards her, I found her very nice girl - I was right-

"hello dear good morning, how are you?" I said
" hello, I'm fine and you?" she replied.

This was the first talking between us.
Then I began to try to reach her inside.
She is very calm and humble girl. I noticed that the girls don't talk to her at all, they even when need to ask her about some subject, they behave very badly.
I don't like their behavior with her, and don't like to explain this.

When I sked some girl" why do I see most girl don't talk to Manny?"
" Manny , talking to manny?!!! he, Girl? do you love to talk to many? she is poor girl, even she doesn't know the meaning of........." the girl replied.
You notice that I meant to put ........ instead of the remaining words.
I didn't expect to hear them.

Is There any Shame of being POOR!!!!
No at all.
The one becomes rich when he owns the other hearts by being good and sweet and kind and not he one who owns all money of the world.
These girl don't know what is the meaning of leip someone else.
This is horrible and sad.
Absolutely, I don't listen to them.
I expect that Manny and I can create nice couple to help the others and to make them happy.

Don't you think that poverty is fault, but the fault is when you think that the poverty is fault.


Hope for life

These were the first two weeks of school.
New year, new beginning and maybe new life.

Here is the routine.

In the first week, almost, everything was normal, with the except of seeing the warplanes in the sky,this tell us how horrible is the situation( we see the American planes everyday in the sky, but not the warplanes.But this time this was different).
There is an office of police and national guards near our school ( it is about 500 kilometers far from school), and the citizens say that this office has been threatened by terrorists( just like all the other offices of policemen in the city).
The office will be destroyed in any time, there will be alot of victims, maybe I'll be one of them or any one of my close teachers!
Oh, God Forbid!!
In the fifth morning of the first week, I spent 2 hours in the car, from street to another.
All the streets were locked, we still at this suffer of the delay of going to school and coming home.
I hope all these bad things will be finished soon.

In the school, at the beginning, we came to know the teachers, closely.
Every teacher has her own style, but the all seemed to be nice.
Every teacher gives us hard homework, but this is normal.

But the teacher of Biology is really not good, we had a sudden exam of biology!!
Sudden exam!! the question were hard.
Ahhh, befor I forget, I have to tell you that we don't have clinical exams in biology.Just exams on papers, and absolutely this seems very bad.
In French, the teacher's style is very dangerous and maybe hard for some girls.
Many girls say that she doesn't have good style of teaching, but even though the teacher was not good, we have to study well to get high marks.
We had an edition in English today, I did well.
The edition was of a nice reading section, about education, and how some countries used to use the schools that trevels to teach the children who live in large areas of land far from the main cities and towns( rural places), this is very nice to try to reach the knowledge to every child, to let him/her discover his/her own new world.
When I read this section for the first time, I felt very sad about the large number of children who don't go to school and don't get knowledge.Even on our road to school in the morning, we see some children moved by cars to places where they have to work to earn their living. It is so horrible, especially when you see them looking at you with look full of hatred.
It isn't their guilty to hate, no at all.
It is just because they can't go to school like us.
I hope I'll do something good for every uneducated man.

On Sunday, we'll have exam of chemistry, and on Monday, there will be an exam of mathematics, I'll try to do my best to get high marks.

Everything is ok, up to now.
I suffer nightmares in the night.
I hope they'll leave my head soon.

with my love,