19 Sep 2009

Happy Eid عيد سعيد

Tripping, while jumping to this little chair, *signing in* .. hehehe.

It seems like the same tripping that happened last Eid, but that was different, yes, in the morning, just wanted to close my dad's eyes, frighten him and say " lak halaw!!!!! sabah al-kheir!! ayyamkum sa'eeda!!" (= hey hello! good morning! happy days!).

No, no, no. hmmm, ok, its easier now to bite my index finger, blaming my sole and remembering what happened later, I just leaned against him, and he said " kul a'am winti bkheir" (= may you be happy every year).

I am planning to do something with the little two fairies whom I have, living with me, capturing my heart!!!
Wishes are sent, and may they come true.. may the happiness follow your lead...

15 Sep 2009

O! Daddy!!

Dad, I remember once when I told you about a very beautiful village , and how I wanted to visit it. with the pleasure in your honey-colored eyes, you suggested to go there. They were the happiest times ever, they may not be repeated again.
In the beginning, I was surprised with that suggestion, you are always busy with college and students. but now, I am not , I just can understand, you always want us to see the happy places, always want us to see the beauty..

Dad! I love you!

Happy birthday daddy!!!

14 Sep 2009


And there was a rainbow...

Till further.. YUP!

5 Sep 2009

An Iraqi way..

"Ramdan unites us".
I have the honor to give the pic above as a gift to a friend.. to "Yasser".

Date-palms from Iraq..

Guys play al-mheibes game.

Man-alsma, Iraqi kind of dessert.

I myself dont like it that much, because its very sweet.

Al-turshana. I actually dont know what to describe.. let me say it's a broth. its so sweet. it includes apricots.

Al-bryani, one of the best Iraqi meals, which i have learnt to prepare lately :D
"My love is Iraq"

Iraqi Sagf , a way of grilling.

Zlabya, another kind of dessert.. here's a women wearing al-abaya which is an important piece of clothes that many families urge their daughters to wear.. to be honest, many others see it as an uncivilized dress, but i myself see it as a piece of heritage that i am willing to wear,, even for once in my life!

The Iraqis, when they are many and together prefer to sit on the floor, its easier to eat as they believe and find! and they usually -not all of them- eat food with their hands, without spoons,forks nor knives.. i really like this!!!!!!! lol

A dessert shop..also in Iraq!

A baker's shop in Iraq.. what I have noticed is that most of Iraqis suffer from a lack of eating bread when they leave Iraq, as there is nothing equal to the Iraqi bread!!

The Iraqis are used to prepare for Ramadan, by buying things they need, like spices..

Spices..legumes.. yeast.. starch..

Al-Shwrja market in Baghdad.. one of the greatest markets in Iraq.

When we put food into trayes, we cover it with bread, so it doesnt lose hotness.

Here's an old man willing to taste a piece of dessert offered by the vendor.. it makes me smile!

Fasting means to stop eating and drinking since sunrise (when there is a meal called al-suhur) till dusk (al-futur).

Here's something about Ramadan in Iraq.

The Iraqi families every year get ready for Ramadan.. The most important thing is shopping. Markets become crowded of people in order to provide all the needs, especially food like meat, spices, legumes and the necessary powder for the simple dessert -that the Iraqi lady enjoys preparing for the evening- although the prices get rised.

And first of all, all the Iraqis hope that Ramdan nights will be free from explosions and full of safety and comfort..
Also hope that the politician leaders will devote their desires for nothnig except our home. With generosity, sacrifice and mercy. Away from all the conflicts and hatred. And surely, to leave the space for everybody to pursue his worship freely.

The Iraqi markets swarm with different kinds of foodstuffs which come from forgein sources . deluxe types of rice, juices, flour ,canned foods , desserts and pastries.

Many TV series are displayed on TV, but not all the Iraqis can get the chance to follow because of the continuos cut of the electricity , and the responsible authorities promised to improve the power, they did , but not perfectly. The administrative corruption is the reason.
Many families seek the help of the private generators that they own in their houses, or private lines whose origin is a main big generator provides the particular neighborhood.
Some families go to the resturants for al-futur and enjoy walking in the streets during the night. They became a bit safer than before.

This Ramadan there are series of (Radhi's diaries) and the second season of (seven sisters) which are very funny and displayed on al-iraqiyya channel, I watch them but not every day :D

In Ramadan, the most famous game is al-mheibes (the ring) .. Popularity to a great extent, and it takes its turn of interest. Old and young men participate, since after al-futur till sunrise.. teams from different places all around Iraq come and compete. With foloklore inspiriations, folk dances, Baghdadi style of music, and even football matches in local playgrounds.
This game contains a rivalry between two teams. Each team consists of about 50 players. The aim is to hide the ring in some hand and a member from the other team should try to find it.. my sisters and I many times play this game.. so much fun.
For example, in Baghdad , teams come from Al-kadhumyya, al-a'dhamyya, baghdad al-jdeeda, philisteen street, and al-sadr city..
The main goal of this game is to strengthen all peace, love, and hope relations..and this really what I hope for..

Let the Iraqis be always happy .. Let them smile.. Enjoy their smiles!!!

It's another day in my beloved Iraq, this night I would really love to see myself climbing a date-palm!!

I would really fear its top, but it's in truth, what about the dream???

Sandybelle te re!!!