15 Sep 2009

O! Daddy!!

Dad, I remember once when I told you about a very beautiful village , and how I wanted to visit it. with the pleasure in your honey-colored eyes, you suggested to go there. They were the happiest times ever, they may not be repeated again.
In the beginning, I was surprised with that suggestion, you are always busy with college and students. but now, I am not , I just can understand, you always want us to see the happy places, always want us to see the beauty..

Dad! I love you!

Happy birthday daddy!!!


Dr.Violet said...

Happy sweet birthday to your daddy sweetie !
Please say that to him for me :)

Ali said...

A very beautiful comment. happy birthday to your dad.

oops! honey-colored eyes?? he seems handsome! lol

Yasser said...

hi Sandybelle, ShamSS, Soleil...

let me say " Happy Birthday" to your dad. he is indeed wonderful dad. may god gather you all soon. my invocation to god to

return your mom with health and safe.
in this occasion let me give you this gift, its a song of a kid to his dad...

There’s some pretty great dads in this world
and one of them is mine
I know no Dad is perfect
but he’s pretty darn close a lot of the time

He let’s me pop the popcorn when we watch a vid
I’m glad he’s my dad. And I’m glad I’m his kid

My Dad. I really love him.
My Dad. Sometimes I bug him.
My Dad. It’s nice to hug him
When I’m sad. My Dad.

Everybody tells me that he’s a heck of a guy.
Sure sometimes he’s a little bit grumpy.
Sure sometimes I’m the reason why
When we play hide and seek.
Somehow he always knows where I hid.
I’m glad he’s my dad.
And I’m glad I’m his kid.

My dad is pretty busy. But I know I mean the world to him.
Even though he says no every time I offer to give him a trim.
He’s such a great dad I know he’ll forgive me for that last little oops I did
I’m glad he’s my dad. And I’m glad I’m his kid.

((Bryant Oden Songs))

be safe...

Johny said...

Sandybelle, you are so great, your speech to your dad is so moving. lucky daddy!

MixMax said...

I am trying to imagine my own little daughter writing (saying) such a thing for me.

That will make me very proud and happy.

Beautiful words, Sandybelle, be always your father's pride, as always :)

Alfred said...

Sandybelle!! wowwwwwwwwwww
its really a very fantastic article, few lines but so great and amazing.
You made me cry a bit, unfortunately, i have only 2 sons, but no daughter :(
happy birthday for your papa.

Yasser said...

hi again sandy

this is not comment.
just note.
few days ago i discovered this amazing way to test the IQ of a person, laid by Yale university...
its realy amazing
and thought you maybe want see it.
simple overview of it at this link

Hadia said...

happy birthday to your dad...
الله يحفظكم لبعض ^__^

Wisam said...

اي خيه اي, بعد شيريد عمو!!!!! التاريخ الدقيق!! اني زين مني اعرف سنة ولاده ابويه, زين مني اتذكر عيدميلادي اني
تحياتنا يا شمسنا

Susan said...

It's my fist visit to your lovely blog, you have a great energy, and an amazing ability to express your feelings. I love the side image you put here, everything in your blog seems great, you have a nice white heart!
why dont you start writing a novel? yes, it can be great since you are not a native speaker! let it be entitled " A white heart" or " a tune from Iraq" , " Shams",
" A rainbow", you have many choices, I hope I'll read a post of a news that you start working on this great project, our world today needs such great writers with deep and honest emotions.


Anonymous said...

H.a.p.p.y. b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y. t.o. y.o.u.r. d.a.d.

Bross said...

Happy birthday to your papa!

i missed your blog :-P

Anonymous said...

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