31 Dec 2007

Happy New Year

The New Year... The New Beginning... The New Life... The New Moment...
New Rays of Beautiful shining sun.

at first, let me tell about the last days.
I went to the school wearing the new clothes of Eid( like any other child). I exchanged congratulations with all the others: teachers, students, drivers and sweepers( with everyone).
I had a lot of homework ( as usual).
I'll have many exams in the next days.
I sit here keeping thinking of what happened in 2007 and what may happen in 2008.

In 2007 not many changes took place. I checked all my previous posts and remembered all the sweet and nice times I spent.
Everything now is just about memory but I enjoy recalling something happened. school and exams, holiday( it was not boring perfectly, but no very important things has been achieved, but I still remember the sweetest moments in this year when our football team could make us really sooooo very happy.
We lost many Iraqis in explosions. But at last it was our game of deciding and we decided the best.
Situation is very better than before( Thank God).
In the end of this year we had many carnivals( with Muslims and Christians) of Eid al-Ad ha and Christmas.
It is so nice to finish the year with happiness and celebrations.

I kept thinking of bad things I faced and good things. Everything was nice. although there was some space needed something to be filled.
Now, it is the time for 2008.
I don't want to imagine anything about it. It is better to let everything come as surprise.
But may all my and your dreams come true.
To see the world full of happiness and peace and without wars and starvations. To live in world clear with paupers and poor. To be good doctor can create the smile on every face.
Those are my greatest wishes.
You know what?

Every year adds something to my personality. Every year can be cosidered better than the last one. Every year my dreams grow more.
and every year some of them come true.
I hope next year I'll write a post too telling that many of my dreams came true.

Today I watched a show of celebration of 2008 at cctv in China. It was very beautiful celebration. I wish I were there.
I hope I'll attend such great big celebrations in Iraq.

May Allah protect all Iraqis.
May Allah protect innocent people all around the world.

Stay safe.

Just like the sun,

24 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas

Hello again,
Merry Christmas to the all.

There Is No Place Like Home...I'm Home

Hello everybody( especially dear brother amal, dear amal, I have now three brothers, two iraqis and one indian, wowwwwwwwwwwww).
I enjoyed my trip to Baghdad sooooooooo much. I vivsited my uncles and aunts and met new members in my life( they are my uncles' wives, my uncles both got married a year ago and I don't really know their wives, they are just like you, cute and nice).
I bought nice clothes, I made clecha with aunts and different Iraqi famous food, I bought very nice CDs of
westlife and Celindion.
They of going was very nice and clear of American tanks. There were many national guards and they all were very nice and they made jokes with travelers and gave them some bananas and clecha. God bless them.
I went to many places I didn't go for al ong time. Places like: philisteen street, karrada, zayyona, bnook, sha'ab, bab el-mu'addam, new baghdad and many others.
Mom and uncles and aunts went to Kerbala and Najef( I did not go , just because I'm a child!!!!!!!!!).
I called all my relatives( whom live in other cities and were not able to come to Baghdad), one of them is my uncle( dad's brother) Hs, he is so great, I spent about an hour on the phone laughing and eschanging jokes with him.
Great time I spent there and I wish you did too.
By the way, I went with my uncle's wife to the dentist, he was so cute that he has nice way of treating patients. I imagined myself having a clinic and treating sick ones kindly.

16 Dec 2007

Short update

Hello everybody,
I'll travel to Baghdad tomorrow to spend Eid with my relatives there.
I suppose there will be grea pleasure.
I had exam of math today and I did well.
I gave present to Manny and other girl from Baghdad, they both were happy for that.

Spend nice Eid and moments.

Al-Haj in Islam

She is my grandma who told me about Al-Haj and how it is meaningful.
She said
"All Moslems go to Mecca every year in the month of Dhu Al-Hijja to do the duties of Al-Haj.
They all wear the same clothes' color. The white, color of peace and goodness. Everyone doesn't be special because he/she is of ones who have glory or fame. The all have the same level and no difference among the all, the poor and rich, the master and the slave, the all are the same.
They are about ten days when people do.
They all aim to wander around Al-Kaa'ba and between al-Safa and Al- Marwa. The wandering between Al-Safa and Al-Marwa is the same which Hajar( the wife of Ibrahim prophet-peace be upon him- did when she looked for some water for her tiny child- Isma'il prophet( peace be upon him-. And wandering around Al-Kaaba is one of the orders that Allah by Holy Koran asked to do in Al-Haj.
When ones go around Al-Kaaba telling Allah that they came here to comply to his orders and to be pure of faults that they did in their lives.
In those day, the one forgot everything and everybody but remember Allah. Also they remember in one moment what they did whole their lives and be happy about well-doing and sorry about wrongdoing and they ask for God forgiveness.
Many Moslems( especially who went for Al-Haj) used to slay to give alms in this duration, there will be great reward for their charity.
Finally, every duty in Haj isn't wanted for its appearance, but it is a way of many others we can show through our obedience and piety."

I can add something to my granma's talking, everything you do to bring happiness and comfort for the others Allah will be very happy of it accepting it with great consenting.

Thanks Grandma( May God bless your nice spirit).


By the way, everybody who wants to go to Mecca to do al-Haj has to be at good relation with people he/she knows before his/her going, so his/her deed will be perfect.
Be Perfect

14 Dec 2007

Adha Mubarak

May All Your Dreams come True..
May Allah Lead us to do the best for ourselves and for the others.

13 Dec 2007

It has been a messy week..

The week ago was chaotic and in fact I was very gloomy. On Sunday, I had exams( biology and physics) and thank God I did well. At the night of Sunday I had very bad dreams of fire and volcano, buried ones.

On Monday, the situation was very bad near my school, national guards had a chase with terrorists and shooting made us feel very afriad and we kept staying under our desks, but at last everything was finished. I had English exam and also I did well.

On Tuesday, I had exam about computer, and everything was normal.

Wednesday, there was exam of religion. I received the result of grammar exam of Arabic language, I got 28.5 of 30, I didn't expect that. The teacher gave us -not hard questions, but wrong question!!!!- and when I tried to explain the fault I found, she began to talk to me roughly and actually, I tried to avoid her curse, so I kept quiet and sat down.
This is a simple signal about teachers and education in Iraq. She was wrong and she refused to avow.
May Allah lead her to the right way of treating others.
On Thursady, I had an exam of chemistry and I did well.
This week, one of the teachers kept talking with me for a long time. She is very nice, she always asks me about my life and how I'm doing( God bless her).
I told her about girls'harassment , she said that I do never have to care. " they want you to be the loser, they don't want you to achieve something, for no raison, but because they are jealous of you, so DON'T YOU CARE" she said.
I admire her so much. It is so nice to light up someone's candle. My Sun Shines every moment with such ones( ones like you).
Today, I went to the market, I bought some computer magazines, they are useful.
I met 7 of ones I konw in the market. I met an old friend and kept walking and talking with her for a long time. She said that she came to the market to buy some clothes for Eid al- adha.
( just like me).
But Guess what!!!!!!!!!
I kept calling her( my dear) because I forgot her name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are just 8 months since I have seen her in the last time.
I forgot her name!
Now, I can't stop laughing at me.Hehehehehheheh
I hope I'll remember her name soon.

this image is nice, what do you think?

6 Dec 2007

Everybody sees how you seem;however some know who you really are

I liked this lesson and kept thinking of it for along time. This is right.
To know someone's reality couldn't be easy thing.I, for example was shocked by someone who appeared very nice, but very sinister inside. She has other face. Face that I did never want to see or know.
This week was chaotic but normal.
Everyday, the teachers in our school become worse.In fact the curriculum and education system need so much change.
In french class, we study grammar, and as you know, every language grammar needs some explaining to understand. But the teacher doesn't expalin.
Even, she doesn't trust us, never. There was a talking about something in the class, Guess what she said.
" I do never trust you, I'll make sure from another girls" She calls us liars!!!
Anyway. I had an exam in chemistry, I did well. I received a result in physics and I feel so comfortable about it. Next week will be rich of exams.(I'll do my best).

Yesterday, I called my uncle( in Baghdad), he is so very sad( I hope he'll get better).
He needs three needles!! Oh, God. I do hate needles.
My aunt is doing well in her job( she is a teacher).

Situation gets better. Policemen and national guards everywhere. when I see them> I feel so comfortable.
Thank God!

In Eid ul- adha, I shall go to Baghdad to see my relatives there and to spend the happy times with them( I have not seen them since September-2006).
The pic beside is nice, I found it in
American soldiers became less in number.
Many of them were killed, others went back and others here suffer.I wanted to share it with you.
I heard alot about a city in Iraq( in Baghdad) where more than 2 millions Iraqis live.
Today it is called ul-sadr city.
It is the most miserable city in Iraq.
I'll write about it in post.
There, people below the average poverty live. in house( oh, sorry, I mean in rooms) made of slay!!!
Or, in a house less than 100 square meters as area , more than three families live!!!!!!!!!!
And, what makes it worse, nobody cares about them. The men there are idle. Many patients of chronic conditions live there and they can't buy what they need of medicine because it is very expensive, for example to buy a needle you need to pay 150$, and they don't have enough money to buy a chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May Allah care about them!!!!!
Satay safe,

Today, I checked
this blog.. check it too.. living in Sweden is nice..

1 Dec 2007

The last beginning in 2007.. no aids

It is the last beginning of a month in 2007.
Just after 31 days, the new year will hug us.
May Allah Protect all Iraqis.

Let's make this month the end of everything bad.
Let's Make All Our Days Just Like Aid Day

New Year Will Begin....
New Hope Will Cover Us.
And New Ray of Shining Sun Will Light The Darkness That Decided To Leave Us.
Just Like The Sun,
Hopeful Sandybelle