6 Dec 2007

Everybody sees how you seem;however some know who you really are

I liked this lesson and kept thinking of it for along time. This is right.
To know someone's reality couldn't be easy thing.I, for example was shocked by someone who appeared very nice, but very sinister inside. She has other face. Face that I did never want to see or know.
This week was chaotic but normal.
Everyday, the teachers in our school become worse.In fact the curriculum and education system need so much change.
In french class, we study grammar, and as you know, every language grammar needs some explaining to understand. But the teacher doesn't expalin.
Even, she doesn't trust us, never. There was a talking about something in the class, Guess what she said.
" I do never trust you, I'll make sure from another girls" She calls us liars!!!
Anyway. I had an exam in chemistry, I did well. I received a result in physics and I feel so comfortable about it. Next week will be rich of exams.(I'll do my best).

Yesterday, I called my uncle( in Baghdad), he is so very sad( I hope he'll get better).
He needs three needles!! Oh, God. I do hate needles.
My aunt is doing well in her job( she is a teacher).

Situation gets better. Policemen and national guards everywhere. when I see them> I feel so comfortable.
Thank God!

In Eid ul- adha, I shall go to Baghdad to see my relatives there and to spend the happy times with them( I have not seen them since September-2006).
The pic beside is nice, I found it in
American soldiers became less in number.
Many of them were killed, others went back and others here suffer.I wanted to share it with you.
I heard alot about a city in Iraq( in Baghdad) where more than 2 millions Iraqis live.
Today it is called ul-sadr city.
It is the most miserable city in Iraq.
I'll write about it in post.
There, people below the average poverty live. in house( oh, sorry, I mean in rooms) made of slay!!!
Or, in a house less than 100 square meters as area , more than three families live!!!!!!!!!!
And, what makes it worse, nobody cares about them. The men there are idle. Many patients of chronic conditions live there and they can't buy what they need of medicine because it is very expensive, for example to buy a needle you need to pay 150$, and they don't have enough money to buy a chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May Allah care about them!!!!!
Satay safe,

Today, I checked
this blog.. check it too.. living in Sweden is nice..


Amal said...

I read your blog, and it was very touching. I'm one person, who have been following Iraq since the 90s. I remember the days when my mother used to tell me, how good a country, Iraq was. Now, everything is in shatters... When you face tough times, think of the following..
1) You may not know what is best for you. God almighty knows it.
2) More than half the world population is less luckier than you. Thank GOD Almighty for what he has given you. :-)

We, Indians do pray for the well being of Iraqis. :-)

Between, I saw a comment on my blog. My blog is basically a technical one. Do not write anything personal over there. :-D
The idea is to add interesting howtos and make it available on search engines.

Amal said...

I have a suggestion for you. You don't seem to be adding labels for your blog posts. Do add labels, so that search engines crawl your website more efficiently.

Sandybelle said...

Sir, at first THANK YOU for your nice visit.
Second, I'll take your advices and I'm sure the candle will illuminate again.
Indians, they are very deep-rooted people.It is one of my dreams to visit India.
Thanks for your advice about labels.
Thank you again.
take care,
oops! I forgot to say I'm sorry for the late reply.You know , as usual, I'm so busy with school and exams.

Amal said...

Hope, you have done well in your exams.
The positive attitude you have inspite of the adverse circumstances you are in is really great.
The picture says it all - "Never Ever Give up"
And yes. Indians are deep-rooted people. You are always welcome to visit India. :)