29 Aug 2012

Already Alive

One is tanned, and one is white.
She's holding her hand, and the hands swing in air, partly fixed to the seat and partly fumbling spots of softness in fingers. They stare at passing by opposite places. Every next minute " Hey look at…" they both exclaim interrupting each other, till the only thing they find themselves doing is looking into is each others' eyes.
Places pass by, or they pass by the places, the difference is no big, since the result is the same, everything and everyone is passing by.
She hardly can hide her poorly figured laughter, she's doing her best chastening the outwardly expressed manners. Everybody can realize then, its harder than she's really capable of, so, it liberates from the depth, smiling, giggling then bursting into unstoppable deluge of laughing.
"Don't you listen?! I'm singing!! I own a very nice voice, don’t I ?" the driver speaks to Rar who's sitting next to him, uncontrollably shaking his leg, so worried, so wanting to get out the car.
"Oh yes.. yes.. that's awesome.. yes" , the so called "yes" fills his mouth, slipping over his tongue, and apparently, he reflexively begins to undergo a very wronged headache.
The little jalopy offers nothing related to comfort features, and the two girls start discussing the project to send it to the closest museum to their mind!
Both white and tanned are captivated by the very well designed houses, very green streets and very burning sunrays. Closely approach each other, and quickly they are out the jalopy, seeing off the carping driver, all is going on coyly.
The correlated group has reached earlier, and all people are ready for the ill-arranged journey.
They walk, walk ,walk and walk.
White is holding her sister's hand, whispering in the glimpses of their so brown following shadows, giggling and saying how much happy they are.
"Two rivers"
White notices, " two rivers.. the two rivers" , translating the address and title the same way they really are, paying no effort for further necessary explanation.
This is the notice White will never forget. White thanks God warmly, wishing purely , stammering proudly.
She keeps her eyes fixed at the very closely arranged letters, considering it to be a miracle, no matter how important letters should be related that way, by curved lines, blue or white, both are beautiful, it's a miracle and nobody has to protest.
Walk is back, all are walking.
"Ashak!! How awesome you are brother Ashak!"
The usual cagey will to urge the noise turns into a very curative caprice to run and jump, jump up till reach the sky.
White is excellent in casuistry, and the credenda she started already to obey lead her to be older than behaving like children, knowing very well that jumping and running are the very rights she wants to get back from the time she was younger than teenage.
They keep walking, Ashak keeps making White laugh, laugh till she's no longer strong to support herself standing up. She's begging him stop speaking at all. Even the way he expresses his agreement makes her laugh. Laugh and laugh, as if she never laughed before.
"Ashak, God bless you" White and Tanned tell each other in God's observing.
"w hi el-shams teh'mes hamesهاي الشمس تحمس حمس" Ashak keeps saying (= this sun is so burning, it’s a very fashioned phrase by the Baghdadi very Iraqi youth).
They move into a cafeteria, choose a table below a fan that's ready to spread away all types of smell, even cigarette smoke. Ashak can smoke peacefully . All enjoy the ice-cream offered out there.. No one believes then how time passes quickly, till its so over, they are so sorry to leave.
The caespitose happiness, the six-membered group, and the guidance of daylight , all together go ahead, and White quickly begins to cram the members' minds it will never be the end, as long as they are alive, there's always a destiny and work to achieve it and be "together" all over again and again.
They cruise the streets, with the same way laughing. The countless observations awake a scare about being green-eyed, as old women, their childish thoughts care about that so called "green-eye" a lot, it’s the very thing they want to lose nothing, and the slowly dancing waves hint to the daily renewed corroboration, the cytostatic animation, the cataleptic injection, it's the cadent of their laughter ,the silver reflection of their tears and the charisma of their being are already told amongst the ancestors, already blessed, already alive. Forever, alive.


12 Aug 2012


12 p.m :)

It's all about "Mythical blindness"

............ and everyone lived happily ever after. The end!

2 Aug 2012

The letters game

"The Sun Can't Be Seen Except in The Clear Sky
Beyond the sun, there is something needs to be found. When I can say, write, do and help, what lies beyond the sun will be closer to me than my shadow..From the land where the sun shone for the first time..Mesopotamia"

Letters deprecate

"The First Lesson In Dictation
I'm the claimant hanged below, demanding for affiliation to the stone age, waiting for Godo and his palm fronds.".