13 Dec 2007

It has been a messy week..

The week ago was chaotic and in fact I was very gloomy. On Sunday, I had exams( biology and physics) and thank God I did well. At the night of Sunday I had very bad dreams of fire and volcano, buried ones.

On Monday, the situation was very bad near my school, national guards had a chase with terrorists and shooting made us feel very afriad and we kept staying under our desks, but at last everything was finished. I had English exam and also I did well.

On Tuesday, I had exam about computer, and everything was normal.

Wednesday, there was exam of religion. I received the result of grammar exam of Arabic language, I got 28.5 of 30, I didn't expect that. The teacher gave us -not hard questions, but wrong question!!!!- and when I tried to explain the fault I found, she began to talk to me roughly and actually, I tried to avoid her curse, so I kept quiet and sat down.
This is a simple signal about teachers and education in Iraq. She was wrong and she refused to avow.
May Allah lead her to the right way of treating others.
On Thursady, I had an exam of chemistry and I did well.
This week, one of the teachers kept talking with me for a long time. She is very nice, she always asks me about my life and how I'm doing( God bless her).
I told her about girls'harassment , she said that I do never have to care. " they want you to be the loser, they don't want you to achieve something, for no raison, but because they are jealous of you, so DON'T YOU CARE" she said.
I admire her so much. It is so nice to light up someone's candle. My Sun Shines every moment with such ones( ones like you).
Today, I went to the market, I bought some computer magazines, they are useful.
I met 7 of ones I konw in the market. I met an old friend and kept walking and talking with her for a long time. She said that she came to the market to buy some clothes for Eid al- adha.
( just like me).
But Guess what!!!!!!!!!
I kept calling her( my dear) because I forgot her name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are just 8 months since I have seen her in the last time.
I forgot her name!
Now, I can't stop laughing at me.Hehehehehheheh
I hope I'll remember her name soon.

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Muhannad said...

I'm not surprised that your teacher acted the way she did. She was probably embarrassed to admit that you, a teenager, were right and she was wrong. Some teachers are like this - luckily they are a minority.

I remember one time in the 9th grade, in Texas, my physics teacher asked a question, which I thought I answered correctly. She said no, that is incorrect. Later that day she saw me in the hall and told me that I was correct, that she had made a mistake, and she just wanted me to know that I was right! Some teachers are very good. I'm sorry you got stuck with a bad one. Hopefully your other teachers are good - at looks like at least one of them is very nice.

I hope the situation in your city improves.

Sandybelle said...

Thank you, you are very sweet.