24 Dec 2007

There Is No Place Like Home...I'm Home

Hello everybody( especially dear brother amal, dear amal, I have now three brothers, two iraqis and one indian, wowwwwwwwwwwww).
I enjoyed my trip to Baghdad sooooooooo much. I vivsited my uncles and aunts and met new members in my life( they are my uncles' wives, my uncles both got married a year ago and I don't really know their wives, they are just like you, cute and nice).
I bought nice clothes, I made clecha with aunts and different Iraqi famous food, I bought very nice CDs of
westlife and Celindion.
They of going was very nice and clear of American tanks. There were many national guards and they all were very nice and they made jokes with travelers and gave them some bananas and clecha. God bless them.
I went to many places I didn't go for al ong time. Places like: philisteen street, karrada, zayyona, bnook, sha'ab, bab el-mu'addam, new baghdad and many others.
Mom and uncles and aunts went to Kerbala and Najef( I did not go , just because I'm a child!!!!!!!!!).
I called all my relatives( whom live in other cities and were not able to come to Baghdad), one of them is my uncle( dad's brother) Hs, he is so great, I spent about an hour on the phone laughing and eschanging jokes with him.
Great time I spent there and I wish you did too.
By the way, I went with my uncle's wife to the dentist, he was so cute that he has nice way of treating patients. I imagined myself having a clinic and treating sick ones kindly.


Amal said...

Thanks for giving me the 'brother' status. :)
I do not have any real brothers or sisters. So, it feels nice to have a little sister. :)

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Sandybelle said...

thanks alot, you are great to add me:)
I'll try to have my own google reader page. Thanks alot to advice me.
You are real brother.