16 Dec 2007

Al-Haj in Islam

She is my grandma who told me about Al-Haj and how it is meaningful.
She said
"All Moslems go to Mecca every year in the month of Dhu Al-Hijja to do the duties of Al-Haj.
They all wear the same clothes' color. The white, color of peace and goodness. Everyone doesn't be special because he/she is of ones who have glory or fame. The all have the same level and no difference among the all, the poor and rich, the master and the slave, the all are the same.
They are about ten days when people do.
They all aim to wander around Al-Kaa'ba and between al-Safa and Al- Marwa. The wandering between Al-Safa and Al-Marwa is the same which Hajar( the wife of Ibrahim prophet-peace be upon him- did when she looked for some water for her tiny child- Isma'il prophet( peace be upon him-. And wandering around Al-Kaaba is one of the orders that Allah by Holy Koran asked to do in Al-Haj.
When ones go around Al-Kaaba telling Allah that they came here to comply to his orders and to be pure of faults that they did in their lives.
In those day, the one forgot everything and everybody but remember Allah. Also they remember in one moment what they did whole their lives and be happy about well-doing and sorry about wrongdoing and they ask for God forgiveness.
Many Moslems( especially who went for Al-Haj) used to slay to give alms in this duration, there will be great reward for their charity.
Finally, every duty in Haj isn't wanted for its appearance, but it is a way of many others we can show through our obedience and piety."

I can add something to my granma's talking, everything you do to bring happiness and comfort for the others Allah will be very happy of it accepting it with great consenting.

Thanks Grandma( May God bless your nice spirit).


By the way, everybody who wants to go to Mecca to do al-Haj has to be at good relation with people he/she knows before his/her going, so his/her deed will be perfect.
Be Perfect

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THat's a very nice description by a young lady like you Soleila.