31 Dec 2007

Happy New Year

The New Year... The New Beginning... The New Life... The New Moment...
New Rays of Beautiful shining sun.

at first, let me tell about the last days.
I went to the school wearing the new clothes of Eid( like any other child). I exchanged congratulations with all the others: teachers, students, drivers and sweepers( with everyone).
I had a lot of homework ( as usual).
I'll have many exams in the next days.
I sit here keeping thinking of what happened in 2007 and what may happen in 2008.

In 2007 not many changes took place. I checked all my previous posts and remembered all the sweet and nice times I spent.
Everything now is just about memory but I enjoy recalling something happened. school and exams, holiday( it was not boring perfectly, but no very important things has been achieved, but I still remember the sweetest moments in this year when our football team could make us really sooooo very happy.
We lost many Iraqis in explosions. But at last it was our game of deciding and we decided the best.
Situation is very better than before( Thank God).
In the end of this year we had many carnivals( with Muslims and Christians) of Eid al-Ad ha and Christmas.
It is so nice to finish the year with happiness and celebrations.

I kept thinking of bad things I faced and good things. Everything was nice. although there was some space needed something to be filled.
Now, it is the time for 2008.
I don't want to imagine anything about it. It is better to let everything come as surprise.
But may all my and your dreams come true.
To see the world full of happiness and peace and without wars and starvations. To live in world clear with paupers and poor. To be good doctor can create the smile on every face.
Those are my greatest wishes.
You know what?

Every year adds something to my personality. Every year can be cosidered better than the last one. Every year my dreams grow more.
and every year some of them come true.
I hope next year I'll write a post too telling that many of my dreams came true.

Today I watched a show of celebration of 2008 at cctv in China. It was very beautiful celebration. I wish I were there.
I hope I'll attend such great big celebrations in Iraq.

May Allah protect all Iraqis.
May Allah protect innocent people all around the world.

Stay safe.

Just like the sun,

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