3 Jan 2008

My first post in 2008

Hello everyone. I hope everything began to rise again in better than last year.
On Wednesday I had an exam in French language and luckily I did well because the questions were not too hard( at least suitable with the teacher's explaining).
There was an exam of religion and other of English, I did well.
Exam of English was about a listening text, teacher reads the listening for us and we have to losten attentively, the she after a moment of rest, she gives us questions related with this text. This time, the text was about language of animals and how animals can communicate with each other and we don't understand them. The lions roar, the lambs bleat and the birds sing.
I sing, but I don't understand the language of birds!!!!
I just feel of animals and any other beings. Anyhow, I liked this text.
Today, I had an exam of Arabic language, I did well too.
Thank God.
Today, in the school the boys from another school came to mine to attend the debate of the Arabic language which was prepared by the branch of The misitry of education in my city. Our girls answered the questions which were asked by different superiors.
Today, I found a very beautiful example. You can help at least three peaple in your life to make them happy, and without asking them for something in return, but ask them to do the same with other three peaple. Now You can imagine howmany happy peaople will be in our lives.
In fact, this example moved my feelings. We need to make our life full of help, with that way nobody will hate nobody and this what we need to achieve the dream of shining future.
Nobel Prize..
I can't wait more for the time of progressing the Nobel Prize. I do love to know who has the hounor of having it. I love to know how many people were helped this year.
I know that many companies whose duties are to offer aid for many people are nominated, and the one who did the best with get. It is so nice.
I also can't wait more to the time of presenting the Oscar prizes. I have many favorite actors and movies ( you can check out my profile to know more).
But also the ones who did the best will get it.
In school, the teacher asked us to write an article about: The most suitable and safest place for the great ship is its origin one, but that ship wasn't made to stay in that place whole the life.
It seems to be difficult subject, but simply the ship here means the man. Man is like this ship, but he/she wasn't made to only live, but also to make others alive.
I wrote mine and the teacher liked it sooo very much, she said it is the best that she ever has read. She also tld the superior of our school about it and she said that he liked it sooooo very much too.
Charles Dickens is the writer whose story is our literary reading this year. Another teacher said that I seem to be like him. My style is near to his.
Charles Dickens write alot about challenges and men, about real character lived in this tough world, about children and their suffering. And I write alot about these subjects too.
How nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is one of my many dreams to be a famous writer someday.
You know what?
Although my dreams are not few, but I'm sure the most( if not the all) will come true with the days, because I believe in the lesson that says: Howmuch you get is as much you did.
Today my fearful miss at school shouted at me for no raison. She saw me standing near the desk trying to have a piece of paper from my bag( because the headmistress asked us to write our opinions about the teachers in different lists.
She said that I make noise, but I don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I explained for her about what was I doing and gues what she said." ohh dear, I was angry anyway, and I needed to shout. I know that you are perfect girl-student too- so I'm soo sorry, I didn't mean that.
I was surpriesed. If you are angry, this doesn't mean that you have the right to shout at others.
Anyway, I have to forgive her. I have to be as how my parents and people who around me love me to be, lovely, polite , helpful and forgiving . And in fact, this what I always love to be.

Stay safe,

N.B Sunday will be holiday in Iraq. It is our National Army Day. May God bless our army.


david santos said...

Hi Sandybelle!
Have a lovely, happy, healthy and successful 2008!

Sandybelle said...

Thank you soo much.
for you too. May God make 2008 full of peace for all the world.
May all your dreams come true.

Muhannad said...

Happy New Year Sandybelle!