10 Jan 2008

She said "Ma petite"!!!!

It is so nice to go for your dreams, just like this puppy.
It is so silly to say that you don't want something just because you can't have it.
The days ago was ful of exams and hard homework. I received some marks, and the all were very good( full marks). I had an exam of Arabic literary today, and the questions needed deep thinking , and I did.But everything was normal.
One of things that gladdens me is that the teacher of French language wrote this phrase on my paper" Excellente ma petite" it means "excellent my baby". I was so surprised because the teacher didn't show her love towards me than before. but this time she did. thanks for her nice


Muhannad said...

I'm so glad your French teacher likes you! I am not surprised though, since you are so likeable:)

Amal said...

Keep it up, sister...
And a delayed New Year Wishes from your one and only Indian brother.. ;-) ( I was away for a training. Didn't have access to internet )
Between, do you watch Indian movies? If you do, do not miss the movie - "taare zameen par". Its one of the best Hindi movies, I have ever watched. :-)

Sandybelle said...

Dear Muhannad,
Thanks alot for your kind feelings.

Dear Brother amal,
Thanks for your nice wishes and I wish you did well.
i have never watched hindi movies.
but i'll try to watch this movie and i'm sure it is nice.
Thanks agian and take care..

Iraqi Mojo said...

Sandybelle, check out this post. It looks like "Sandybelle" is written in Arabic on one of those flags:)