29 Jan 2008


It has been not a short time since I was here.
In fact I don't have the time to talk to anybody. I'm in another world in the present time. Worls of exams and school.
When I'll come back I'll publish.
I have soooo much to file here.
I have alot to say here. The days are full of different feelings. But the most important thing is I'm still alive.



Anonymous said...


Michael Yon Email: “Major offensive has begun in Mosul. This is likely Al Qaeda’s last real stand in Iraq. Surely they will continue to murder people for a long time, but they are running out of places to hide. Just arrived Kuwait. Should be in Iraq tomorrow and will be in the middle of it.”

Keep your head down since you are in the middle of it also.

I look forward to your next post when exams are over.

Tom in Texas

Sandybelle said...

thank you dear. i'm just quickly checking my blog and read your comment.
Pray for me as I do for you and all the others.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Deery balich 3ala nefsich, ya Sandybelle. You have your priorities straight. You will do well on your exams, inshalla.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Sanbyelle, did I ever thank you for linking to my blog? If not, shukren jezeelen:) May I link to your blog?

Sandybelle said...

inshallah dear friend, i'll take care.
of course dear. you can add me to yours. it is my honor:)