7 Feb 2008

Just like the sun

Good day,

The life that I live is great and interesting althought the difficulties are so many, but no matter, we was born to live and to do something. Making the chaotic life great and peaceful is so nice way to live.
The weeks ago were full of happenings. let me talk about them.
as the academic year consists of three main parts, the first academic course, mid-year exams and the second academic course.
We finished the first course and I received my final average of all the subjects. It came as %99.5
How nice!!!
I beleive in the say "Who works hard at fir will get alot at last".
On Wednesday, I didn't go to school.I was abit sick and my mom insisted at me to stay home to get rest time. The exams of mid-year would start the week later and I had to be very fine.
On Thursday, we had very lovely lesson of chemistry. the teacher kept telling us very nice stories about her life in college and we laughed alot. We did the exam of english" the listening paragraph" this time it was about animals with backbones and animals without. The great thing is that we everyday know a new animal. Animals are many and they all have their own lives.
When I came back home, there was so much homework waiting for me. I studied biology and physics. The subjects we had got that day were a bit difficult and they needed long time to study them perfectly.
A great explosion took place as we were writing our answers. Greatly terrified we returned.
Thank God foe saving us.
On Friday, I studied English, and On Saturday I studied the computer subject.
Saturday was special day. Millions of Iraqis went to Kerbala commemorate the anniversary of martyrdon of a special leader who killed for more than 1000 years ago. Imam al-Hussein, is his name. The whole story is about wronged people who sent for the imam to come to liberate them from the unfair rule. The imam came with his family and friends to come to the city al-Najef to be able to communicate with people there closerly and the whole train was about 72 ones. When he was on his way to Najef a great army came with the order of the ruler to stop the train and to kill all the comers. This was done in a great battle called " altaf". The result was Killing all the men wrongedly when they were too thirsty. None stayed alive but kids and women.
The revolution of the imam is about revolution of correction, to make something right. This battle needs so much talking and I will talk in a provide post about it. It is a story of Great Man. And I still memorize the say of Ghandi( the Indian Famous leader) about him" I learnt from Al-Hussein how to be wronged to triumph"..
I watched a movie entitled" enemy at the gates" about the world war. How horrible is the war. Many victims the huminity lost in the wars for the foolishness of the leaders.
On Sunday I went to school and did the exams of english and computer lesson (they were oral exams).
The two other day I did the exams os Arabic and religion. I did well. as well as in the French on the fourth day (it was Tuesday).
Too, OnTuesday, I saw my teacher of mathematic, she seemed very gloomy. There was some trouble between her and another teacher. I kept talking to her and at last she felt soo better and she said" Dear one!! you always shines and gives us many rays that enter our hearts to keep them warm".
I saw the teacher of art and she talked to me alot. She asked me if I know a suitable girl in the age of marriage for her son!!!!!!!!. I've never got such question than before. hehehe
I came back home. The school gave us the table of the exams of the written exams. On Saturday(the first day) there was physics.
On thursday, a horrible explosin happened in a little town in my city. Many victims, many houses had been damaged completely!! I kept praying for the victims. There were many sad scenes. Then, We lost our chief of police in one another. As a result, the Prime Minister made a visit to our city to see how is the situation here.
On satyrday morning and before entering the class I heard a horrible news. My friend Zuzu got hurt in the very bad explosion that happened on Thursday. She went to another city to get the care there in a better hospital than the others in my city.
I couldn't do the exams without thinknig of her. when I came back, I called my brother( he is a doctor) asking him to go to see her, how is she and what is she doing. I cried alot about her.
He went and said that her case is the least in hurt than all the others!!!!!! he said he couldn't stop crying as seeing the victims and the injuries.
He comforted me abit about zuzu. Thank God. She would make a surgery.( I called her mobile number and will call her today).
In my life, I have friends and they are divided into: friends, close freinds and dear close friends.
And with all the kinds I realise that the friendship is about a seed. It needs good soil( Honesty), water(love), sunlight( peace and hope) with all this it will grow and become great tree with deep and fixed roots. God bless Zuzu!!
On Sunday, there was arabic exam, i did well. I talked to my teacher of this subject alot after the exams aout poets and the languages.
I came back and began to study in an early time( On Wednesday there was biology), during my study, in the street there was very heavy shooting and shell and chases. The days are passing with fear.
The questions of biology were good and nice and very scientific. I saw my teacher of french and she kept asking me about my doing in exams and about my projects in the holiday. this woman cares much about me as well as many other teachers, like the arabic one and physics one.
I came back home and the way was dangerous more than expected. On Thursday, there was exam of chemistry and art class. the questions of chemstry were easy( the teacher is so lovely and perfect). and the art was difficult!!!!!! hahahah. I drew well.
On Saturday, there was exam of mathematic and I did well. Thank God anyway.
In 31/1 there was the first anniversary of the students of al-mustansiriyya university in Baghdad who were killed by a very stupid explosion. God bless their nice spirits!!
A friend of mine told me that five american soldies were killed in her quarter and this was followed by inspection and general alarm.
On Sunday, there was exam of English and the questions were nice and I did well.
The other days later I did the rest of exams, religion and French and today computer lesson.
Today, I talked to my teacher of physics. She will make a cake with cacao today for me!!! she will write my name in it!!!! Woowww. Nice.
When I finished my exam, I didn't come home directly, we, in the car made a little journey round the city. I visisted streets I had not visited than before.
Some days of my study I suffered of my Nasal sinuses iinflammation. I feel better now.
The days ago were full of events and completely were full of chases between the american soldiers or the policemen and the terrorists. We live in a battlefield. But everyday, we became stronger.
The days ago were full of sadness and happiness , suffer and success.
My projects about my mid-year holiday (which is about almost 17 days) are reading some books that my mom's friend sent for me. But my mom insisted at me to leave reading for a while. she said that as much as I love reading, I have to love my eys. My eyes need so much care. I think this si right. I have to take good care of my eyes. Eyes are great gift. You can read, watch and see the scene of sunrise!
There is alot to do. Many people I have to contact. I'm sure they are maybe abit angry. I was in another world and I came back now!!!
I feel comforted now and the most important thing is that my plume came back after flying for a long time( I can write with it easily now) and my candle is still lighting also the book is still opened...

Just like the sun,

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Iraqi Mojo said...

99% average??? WOW! That is difficult to do, especially in Iraq! Nice work:)