8 Nov 2007

Let bygone be bygone but stay having a grateful heart..

Four days ago, I heard this story
Once , there were two patients in a hospital, Ken and Sen. They both dwelled in the same room. In thre room, there were just one window and Sen's bed was the one beside it, so he only was able to look through the window.
In every day sen was telling ken about what he sees through the window." People, large garden full of trees and plants, big fountain and a child plays near it, as well as Red Rose'' Sen says and ken imagins.
Days passed, evil began to rise in Ken's heart. '' why I'm not the one whose bed beside the window? why I don't have to be the one who can see through the window? why should I imagine in everytime?'' Ken says.
Day after day this evil grows.

One night, Sen suffered of heart attack.
Sen died.
Absolutely, Ken felt happy, because at last he will be able to stay in the bed beisde the window to look through it.
Ken was removed to the place he wanted.
He looked through the window.
Guess What
He saw a wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He remembered Sen and kept crying.

I'm sure Ken felt very sorry at that time.
There was nothing of the nice and happy thing that Sen was telling him about.

But yes, Sen despite of his sadness, he saw the life as a big garden and by this he tries to make the ones who around him happy.
And Ken who let the evil to rise in his heart saw the life as wall.
Today, it was my sister's birthday.
She is Ten years today.
We had a party with the song of " Happy birthday to you''
I remembered my tenth birthday.
Many parts of me are still 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years old.

I still love to sit at my mom's lap crying.
I still love kiss my dad before sleeping.
I still love cacao.

Happy birthday Dear Sister, I hope all your dreams will come true, I hope you'll be good dentist, my nice sister.
I had exams this week, French langyage, chemistry and Mathematics.
Classmates said'' I'm sure I'll see you in Hollywood someday, you act perfectly''
We had a dialog in English. The teachers asked us to act it, and we did.
I do love acting, as well as singing and writing poems.

In Chemistry, the teacher siad'' dear girls, I have to leave you, I have to continue my study to get the Msc in chemistry''
This wasn't a nice surprise at all.
We all love her, and we last year suffered alot of our chemistry teacher- another teacher-
and this year, the new teacher came and added something nice to the lesson.
But at last, she was joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is good in making pranks, because at firs, I believed her and kept praying asking God to not to let her go( I felt very afriad).
In mathematics lesson, we used to make jokes and laugh- it is very funny lesson-we all love it and the teacher of it.

We have two exams on Sunday ( Grammar of Arabic language and physics) and on Monday there is an exam of biology, the teacher of biology used to give us very hard questions, but I'll study to get high marks.

The situation is bad- as usual- explosions and kiling.
A girl told me that the terrorists have slayed two men in the street in front of many people.
''I couldn't sleep at that night and I ate nothing. I kept silent all the day''
My God!! How horrible!
I have seen corpses -this is normal- but not slaying of somebody!!!!!!!!!
I hope this will end soon.

Stay safe,

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Muhannad said...

Happy birthday to your sister. 3eed meelad sa3eed:) and I hope you ACE your exams.

"I hope this will end soon."

Me too, Sandybelle. Me too.