14 Nov 2007

Every new day cotains pain..

This week was busy with exams. Biology, physics, grammar and poems of Arabic language and English exam for today. I did my best and hope the results will be good. There will be many other exams next week.

A few days ago, something happened and didn't let me have good night.I kept thinking of it for a long time.
We were on our way to the school. There is a trrafic on the way in a very busy junction and the light was red, so we had to stop waiting for the green light.
In Iraq, there are many uncivilized things and one of them is to let boys( boys who are orphans or very poor) sell cigarettes, ice cream or so. in roads and junctions as a way to earn living.
One of them came towards us and offered to buy some from him. I felt so very embarrassed.I didn't have money at that time, but fortunately our driver (we go to school as groups of girls) had and bought from him then the boy twittered thankfully and kissed the paper of money( this is one of the ways that many use to show their gratitude) and went away.
I wanted to get out of the car to follow him, to ask him about his name, his family and about the raison that led him to work at the age of roses( he seemed to be 9 years old).I know there are many like him, many don't have parents or any other one who cares about them.
I felt very sad and wished the earth to quake to hide me.

This year, in English we have a literary reading( I suppose you know it) : Oliver Twist.
It is very tragedy stories, talk about a little boy , an orphan, his dad ided before his birth and his mom at his birth, so you can imagine what could happen with an orphan in a workhouse with ill treatment and severe life with long suffering.
So I think this boy is lke Oliver.
Oh my God!!!!! maybe there are thousands Olivers in Iraq!
I hope the day when I'll all children in Iraq but all the world get knowledge and good life.
And inspite of thinking of helping such men, we see many fight for nothing and try to be the best. I think these stupid men will not reach the top at all. I will reach the top when I see all children and babies live happily and well '' Children are the roses of the earth".
Tomorrow, we'll have a party in school.
Here we can't spend times out of home getting happy moments.
What we hear and face everyday is sad, so no place for long happy time.
But we are brave and strong, we serve our country and try to do the best in our life to achieve something, our lives had become full of achievements, because we are still optimistic and thinking of shining future because our sun is still shining.
In the school we have a nice garden, so the headmistress decided to devote a day to happiness and dancing. Every class has a special day.This could put an end for something bad.
Tomorrow is our special day. I'm preparing myself. There will be Iraqi food, dancing and new look for each girl.
I'll make a nice hairdo.
I'll write something about what will happen tomorrow.
One day I bought a map.
It was a map of Iraq.
I put the map on a table in my room.
On the table there were three roses.
Near the roses there was a plumes.
Near the window, there was a bulbul.
He kept siniging when I bagan to smile.
He sang a song.
The three roses shared him his singing, as well as the plume.
The all sang a song whose first words were:
We Love Iraq... We Love Iraq.

Every night, I hear sounds of explosions and I don't know where and between whom.I don't hide.I feel afraid, but this fear leads me to stay strong forcedy the bad ones' hatred.
I'm situation will improve.
I hope the day when I'll sit in front of my PC in, writing that the situation is very good, will come.
Everytime when the love's ray visit us, it improves something bad and make us feel so cheerful.
Let The ray of love and peace visit your hearts always,


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Muhannad said...

"I hope the day when I'll sit in front of my PC in, writing that the situation is very good, will come."

Me too, Sandybelle. I hope it comes soon. Stay hopeful and be careful.