15 Nov 2007

Sun gives us every day..

Today we had a party in school( which I talked about in my last post) we were very happy.
In the morning, every girl began to show her clothes to the others.
My friends said that my clothes were perfect, thanks for them. Also girls made nice hairdoes.
I did a hairdo too and of course with my mom's help. they said it is nice.
Then we had so much to talk about: the latest news of singers, actors and also the family.
Then, we went to the garden.In fact, it was cold, so we returned to the class, we didn't want to get ill.
In the class, we ran the recorder.Girls brought CDs and cassetts of different singers. There was dancing, so much dancing and so much happiness.There were songs which had been made about our team when it won in Asia Cup, I remembered those happy day.They were nice new beginning for new happy life.
One of my classmates said that yesterday on her way back to home, she saw slayed man in the street and people were passing by him without any care. These scenes became very normal in Iraqis' lives.
I felt so sad about him.I'm sure he has children and wife love him so much and they will be so very gloomy and sad to lose him.There are many men died with this way in Iraq.
Any way, we just pray and do our best from our places and degrees to make the situation better.
Ater that, we put the food on the desks( we made a big table by desks, we created happiness by this).
Iraqi food is so very delicious. There was dolma, biryani, lahm bib a'jeen, pizza as well as desserts( I brought the desserts) and cake, we ate alot and I still have a bit of ache in my abdomen.
The teachers came to see what we do, we make them taste some of our food, the siad that it is very good.Two of them stayed eating for not a short time.
We had photoes with teachers.
Teacher of French loves me, and five days ago, I promised to sing for her( my relatives of whom love singing say that I have nice voice, I love singing too much as well as acting) she loved my singing and asked me to sing for the all someday a french song.This is cool!!!!!
I love you...You love me we are best friends like friend should be, with a great gig hug and kiss from me to you..............

At the end of the day, we prepared our selves to go backe to home.We gave the woman in our school who works as a servant some food,she is poor and have some children, she was so thankful.
We had so much fun and happiness.I hope such days will full what next of our lives.
At the end, we thanked each other and praised each other.
It was nice party.
To see whom around you happy, you'll feel happpy too. It is so nice to make some of them happy and share them this happiness.

Be happy and hopeful


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