22 Nov 2007

The previous days..

The week ago was normal. I had exams, French, physics, computer, religion and I did well.I also received some results, they were good.
Everyday, the teachers increase the homework, they say that there isn't enough time to complete all the curriculum, so we have to study more and more. Even sometimes I awake up very early, smetimes earlier than 5:00 p.m. to continue the homework!!!
We do our best, and the teachers too.

Yesterday, I didn't go to the school, I had bad headache, winter began, the season of sicknesses. But I love it so much, alot of snow, but in my city snow don't fall, the degree of tempreture isn't suitable for the snow to fall. Anyway, in winter, we all sit near the fireplace exchanging talking about stories we hear, many times my mom put the tea-pot on the fire of the fireplace to make the tea perfect( my grandma says that if you put the tea on a calm heat, it will be perfect, and my mom always follows my grandma's example) . I drink hot cacao so much. This is great for me.

The situation gets better, although there are many explosions but to see the policemen and national guards in the street make me feeling a bit happy. On the gate of every street there is a police car. This is good. There is some hope.
Yesterday I heard very sad story.
It is about a girl called Miriam, her family lost her in an explosion happened their house. She was playing with her friend in the quarter.
" She is gone, I have no sister now, she was my only, she was full of energy and very good in school. She always believed that the sun doesn't disappoint us. But now, everything is bad for me, I think sun will never light me life without my sisyter" her brother said.
" I have not lost my sister only, but also my close friend and everyone I loved and wanted to continue the way with him. I will never forget the happy days I spent with Ali, my friend, who died in an explosion too. explosions became normal now also killing and kidnapping. Every part of Iraqi people got its own share of sadness and terror" her other brother said.

Mirian just like the others who are at her age, loved Iraq and wanted it to become good and its people to live peacefully.
we lost many like Miriam from different ages.
Prof.s, students, scientists workers, and doctors and many many.
Every one had his/her own sad story.
We lost them all. We lost the for no raison.
Miriam had her dreams, had her thoughts and ideas, she was able to discover a new world, maybe we would be able to take the best from her and many like her.
Now, there is childhood in Iraq but without happy children.

Make the children happy and let us dont lose more.


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