29 Nov 2007

It was a rich Wednesday

I am fifteen years old and at this age I don't think I'm tiny to speak strongly and to have strong personality among whom around me.
In the class, we are 28 girls. In the>party two weeks ago we had a lot of happiness with each other. In every moment I felt very glad . I thought they could be the greatest ones. I didn't think that they will face my charity with them with harm. In fact they did.
I enjoyed them just
last year as a new girl younger than them. At the beginning they treated me friendly. But this year, as they see that I'm smarter than them, and that all the teachers love me and try to be closer to me in everyday. So they began to feel jealous, because I got all the attention of the teachers and the headmistress of school.
They always try to make me feel sad and uncomfortable by saying words and doing things I dislike. I always try to hide my ire. But this time I couldn't bear any more.
I stood against them and they all didn't know what the had to say.
Anyway, my mom says that the successful man always face people hate him\her at his\her success.
May Allah give me a bit of patient to bear more and more.
Last night, my uncle called from Baghdad and said that the situation is so much better than month ago. We will spend al-adha feast at my grandma's house in Baghdad because the way to Baghdad is safer than before.
This made me feeling very happy. At last people of Baghdad can live peacefully.
Mohammad Yonis the winner of Nobel Prize of 2006.
How great man he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope I'll be like him in the future. He made an interview with Oprah. He kept talking about his plan with Green Bank. They gave many paupers loan to help them to own houses. I think that the loan was about 200$!!!!!!!!!
He said this amount doesn't spare a dinner for rich couple in America!!!!!
But he and Green Bank did their best to make it enough for a family of paupers.
He also helped a woman to improve her livelihood by making her selling mobiles and now she owns a simple company of mobiles!!!!!!!!!!
In this man, all features of the best can be embodied.
He helpful and with his help he made many happy and excited.
He got the Nobel Prize at aptitude and he is soooo very humble.
Thank God because he got it.
" I got thousands of Nobel prize with every smile on their faces." He said at the end of the interview.
To get Nobel prize everyday seems very grandiose.
It is great to create smiles wherever you go is so beautiful.
I hope everyone try to get Nobel Prize and try to help people as much as he can.
Everyday new dream is created. Now, I have a new dream in addition to my many.
I love to be a famous poet someday.
In school, this week we had a celebration of Library Day.( Library, one of my most favorite places). Teachers and all the students attended as well as some directors.
I had a poem to recite. Absolutely I had to keep all laws of the right way of reciting.
I received the poem that I had to recite just on on Tuesday and the celebration was on Wednesday!!!!
In Wednesday I had very hard exam of biology, I studied for 4 hours and I had so many homework. I couldn't practice well. Even I forgot the paper of the poem in my book and at that day I lent it a girl.
I called the teacher of Arabic language who loves me very much. I told her about the manner. Then, she called me and sked me about the address of my home.
Then half an hour late, she was knocking at our door!!!!!!!!!
That was great. she gave me the wanted divan and I could get the poem.
On Wednesday, it was the waited time. ( shush shush shush, tell nobody, I didn't practice at home, just 15 minutes before the celebration I practiced!!!!!!!!)
The celebration began, the librarian at school said a speech also some speeches in French language and in English language. Then it was my turn.
I felt at that time that I'm alone in the world and I felt with sme power urging me to do my best.
I didn't feel but at that time when I heard soo much clapping.

Then, the teacher of Arabic told me that everyone was very surprised and happy of my reciting.
I did well!!!
even the director of Arabic language asked for me later. I met him and he told me about his admiration.
So, I lov eto be a famous poet someday.
On wednesday , we had to do an exemplary class in Arabic language.
We had to do our best.
All the girls did their best especially me.
Other teachers came from other schools to show us. they couldn't hide their jealousness of us.
They talked badly about us although we were perfect!!
Ok, to be famous poet is geat for me. But the greatest is to get the Nobel Prize someday.

Make a bow to all the winners of Nobel prize.
I make a bow.

''and instead of cursing the light, let's light up a candle!''


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