1 Aug 2007

Let's smile and never cry

yesterday was really special day, my birthday, but what a birthday!!it rised with the celebrations of the Iraqi people about our winning in the competition of Asia Cup...

God help us always...Allah love the Iraqis..I am sure..

Younes, Nashat, Noor, Ali Riheima, Karrar, hawar, Jasim, Basim, Ahmed Mnajid, Haider, Qusey, Mahdi, Khaldun, and others, they formed a great group of hope and peace and love.

we all got a nice lesson from them.

they all iraqis..we all iraqis..they love iraq..we love iraq..

Iraq in our hearts and our spirits..here we are..Iraqis.

Nobody can separate us..

Even, in Baghdad, some explosion happened, and a womam lost her child, but

"I shall not make consolation, I want the players to bring Asia Cup, and if the bring it , I'll make consolation, but if not, I shall not"

that moved the players' souls and sensation..so they decided to do their best for their homeland.

for the iraqis..for this woman..

They did it..they brought the Cup..

it was the most beautiful birthday whole my life..

I saw all the Iraqis happy and excited..

I felt very high...

I saw some iraqis who are outside crying and saying ''we want to go back home..we want to go to Baghdad, we want to kiss the ground of Baghdad"

that touched my heart...

I just spend whole the day thinking of our team.. one of my gifts was the picture of the Iraqi team..this is amazing..

Now, a new dream entered my life..it is to meet our players and to say to them

"We all love you and Admire you..You brought us together..You gave us smiles on

every face..God Bless You"


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