16 Aug 2007

Ani iraqyya

I am Iraqi.. days ago, I was in Syria, I visited my relatives there, uncle and cousin with her husband.
Many Iraqis live in Syria nowadays, I met many of them, they left Iraq because of the bad and hard situation. Most them have been threatened by the terrorists, and they were forced to leave their houses.

In fact, I
I didn't find any other suitable title for this post.

i see that the Syrians treat the Iraqis badly. They forgot the Iraqis who fought with them against the Zionists years ago..( I see the Iraqis were wrong with that fighting, we didn't have to do that).

I went to Alippo, Lattakia, and Damascus.
they are wonderful places, but in iraq, there are like them and maybe more beautiful, im just sad because iraq's circumstances dont let the development cover the nature here.. hmmmm

Om Attiyour, was a very special place.. very dense green trees, sea surrounded by two big mountains, these mountains called Pig Mountains.

I visited Busra Alsham, it is an archeological place, it seemed very nice to me. In
Busra I met a tourist. He was Swiss,we talked to each other , share us our talking:
I: hello sir, where are you from?
He: I am Swiss.
I: it is beautiful country.
He: thank you.
I: I'm from Iraq.
There was a pause…………then,
He: you said your from Iraq?!
I: yes sir.
He: but I hear bad news about Iraq in TV.
I: yes sir, maybe.. the situation is very bad in Iraq. But we live strongly and everyday considered as a challenge.. but life has to continue and we have to continue our road.
He: what a strong people you are!!
I: hhhh, thanks, here we are sir.. Iraqis.
He: do you live in Syria?
I: I live in Iraq. I am a student.. my parents are professors at the university.. we can't leave our homeland.
He: so you came here just as tourist
I: yes sir. Just like you.
Then, mom asked for me..
I: ohhh sir, I have to leave. My mom is calling me.
He: yes.. I'm very glad, at last I met Iraqi . and what an Iraqi!! Brave, clever and beautiful.
I: thank you sir. Nice to meet you.
He: nice to meet you.

I was excited with this meeting.. I did something for my country..
I declared something for someone.. he has an other look about Iraq and Iraqis now.

We are strong…….. we are brave……..we are the oldest people on this earth..
Hammourabi, nabougath nussar, seen, these are our ancestors.. they died many many years ago, but you know what?

They are alive in our hearts and our blood.

Nibor , is a city in Iraq, in this city, the first parliament in the history was held by the deities to give the decisions which were organized the state of the universe as the people believed.

So the first democratic society was the Iraqi one…

We gave the others the democracy they needed.

Live a democratic life..


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