20 Aug 2007

Isalm.. means peace

I have a religion like you. .my religion is a great one. It ia named Islam. In Islam, we have a holey book, The Holey Koran/ the holey qur'an. It covers all the orders and advices which were given for us by God.

Our main slogan is

" no God but Allah, Mohammad is the prophet of Allah"
Doing praying, giving the alms, fasting in Ramadan,
And going to hajj (pilgrimage) in Mecca.

Our religion orders us to treat the others well and with admiration and kindness.
Our religion orders us to search for knowledge and learning in everywhere to create a developed society.

Our religion orders us to give the woman her wanted cares to live peacefully like the man and not only the woman, but also every member of the human society, " We made you as different nations and different people, to came to know and to live peacefully and with cooperation, but the best one is the most pious one" .

Our religion orders us to respect the others' opinions about anything and try to make them changing their ideas if they were wrong with a kind way and without violence.

Islam doesn't mean terrorism at all. I know There are many terrorists in the world, they might be Muslims, but their Islam isn't the true Islam. Terrorism has no religion and Islam refuses it. Islam orders us to believe in all other religions .

Islam means love and peace. Even , our religion gave us nice words of greeting( like hello or hi in English), we usually say" Al Salam Alaykum" and in English this means, PEACE BE UPON YOU.

Islam orders us not to lie, .not to steal, not to give the others hurt.

So, please try to clarify the meaning for anybody, so, we all will live happily and peacefully..

we are the children of God

Alsalam Alaykum.


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