26 Jul 2007

Our brave team

The Iraqi Football Team

I was not able to write something about the iraqian team,Iwas traveler and the home where I stayed in did not have internet.
I was in Arbil, my dad did his surgery( cataract), and I stayed at Mrs. R, she is studying to get the M.Sc., and my mom is her director, her family don't love to watch the matches at all, but we made them..we were very zealous, and that surprised them, so they decided to watch the match with us.
Younis, Nashat, Hawar, Mahdi Karim, and the hero Noor Sabri.they made really a very nice picture of the iraqi people, I call them Football Doves, because they are really .
The Iraqi people suffer alot, I think some times that the happiness decided to not to capture our life , but the happiness answers me that it loves us very much...this time the happiness came by the iraqi footballers' hands. they won in the match against the team of Korea after the victory against Australia and Vietnam.
I was afraid of the team, I did not think that we shall win.
Against Australia we won with 3 goals for Iraq by 1 goal for Vietnam, but in God we trust, so we could do it.
Vietnam , we won against its team with 2 goals by 0 goal.
agains Korea team, we won with the penalties.
in this image, Younis seemed full of challenge , the captin, he is a good player, I hope I'll meet him one day.
his nimber is ten, ten is the most favorite numder for the players, he deserves it.

Noori Sabri, he is our goalkeeper.
always, he brings us the smile in the critical minutes.
the iraqi players came from different cities in iraq, because their love towards iraq gathered them, and they decided to continue the road with each other to make their people happy and to serve their homeland without separation and without terrorism, I admire them.
We, the Iraqi people, felt soo happy.at last, something began to shine..

In God We Trust.
God bless our team and the the Iraqis forever.
the lover of Iraqis,

10 Jul 2007

Message to Baghdad

Be good, be good, be good, be good Baghdad, you and your people are in my heart, every night before going to sleep I think of you and remember the nice days I spent breathing your clear air, I love you, I love you .....

So please be strong forever as I knew you, the most favorite city in my life and my great mother.Be strong for me , I don't want to lose you, because if I lose you, I'll lose my heart.

Mama, papa, sisters , brothers and I , all pray for you every day,

Because We Love you.
your lover citizen,

A small party..very big in meaning

Hello friends, how are you? I hope it is a sunny day, because the sun is the source of hope.

6 days ago, I was very sick.My sisters were traveler to an other city, I was alone at home and of course with my mom.

I was sooo hot, I had to drink the medicine although I hate it so much.its smell is unbearable.

Sisters when heard that I'm sick decided to come back and they did.

when my sisters came back home and saw me in this case,they became sad, I noticed they were preparing for something.

In the evening, I saw some small card beside me" please, accept our invitation of the party", a party!! i said..

The place of the party was our room, in the party there were: acting, singing and laughing.and the players of everything were my sisters, they felt sad to see me sick, so they decided to make me happy, because the smile and the happiness are the remedy of any illness.

I felt soo happy, I have known how much I mean for them.It is so nice to find someone loves you very much ,like my sisters.

Surely, you have many people around you who love you that much and more..