10 Jul 2007

A small party..very big in meaning

Hello friends, how are you? I hope it is a sunny day, because the sun is the source of hope.

6 days ago, I was very sick.My sisters were traveler to an other city, I was alone at home and of course with my mom.

I was sooo hot, I had to drink the medicine although I hate it so much.its smell is unbearable.

Sisters when heard that I'm sick decided to come back and they did.

when my sisters came back home and saw me in this case,they became sad, I noticed they were preparing for something.

In the evening, I saw some small card beside me" please, accept our invitation of the party", a party!! i said..

The place of the party was our room, in the party there were: acting, singing and laughing.and the players of everything were my sisters, they felt sad to see me sick, so they decided to make me happy, because the smile and the happiness are the remedy of any illness.

I felt soo happy, I have known how much I mean for them.It is so nice to find someone loves you very much ,like my sisters.

Surely, you have many people around you who love you that much and more..



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