1 Nov 2007

Hope for life

These were the first two weeks of school.
New year, new beginning and maybe new life.

Here is the routine.

In the first week, almost, everything was normal, with the except of seeing the warplanes in the sky,this tell us how horrible is the situation( we see the American planes everyday in the sky, but not the warplanes.But this time this was different).
There is an office of police and national guards near our school ( it is about 500 kilometers far from school), and the citizens say that this office has been threatened by terrorists( just like all the other offices of policemen in the city).
The office will be destroyed in any time, there will be alot of victims, maybe I'll be one of them or any one of my close teachers!
Oh, God Forbid!!
In the fifth morning of the first week, I spent 2 hours in the car, from street to another.
All the streets were locked, we still at this suffer of the delay of going to school and coming home.
I hope all these bad things will be finished soon.

In the school, at the beginning, we came to know the teachers, closely.
Every teacher has her own style, but the all seemed to be nice.
Every teacher gives us hard homework, but this is normal.

But the teacher of Biology is really not good, we had a sudden exam of biology!!
Sudden exam!! the question were hard.
Ahhh, befor I forget, I have to tell you that we don't have clinical exams in biology.Just exams on papers, and absolutely this seems very bad.
In French, the teacher's style is very dangerous and maybe hard for some girls.
Many girls say that she doesn't have good style of teaching, but even though the teacher was not good, we have to study well to get high marks.
We had an edition in English today, I did well.
The edition was of a nice reading section, about education, and how some countries used to use the schools that trevels to teach the children who live in large areas of land far from the main cities and towns( rural places), this is very nice to try to reach the knowledge to every child, to let him/her discover his/her own new world.
When I read this section for the first time, I felt very sad about the large number of children who don't go to school and don't get knowledge.Even on our road to school in the morning, we see some children moved by cars to places where they have to work to earn their living. It is so horrible, especially when you see them looking at you with look full of hatred.
It isn't their guilty to hate, no at all.
It is just because they can't go to school like us.
I hope I'll do something good for every uneducated man.

On Sunday, we'll have exam of chemistry, and on Monday, there will be an exam of mathematics, I'll try to do my best to get high marks.

Everything is ok, up to now.
I suffer nightmares in the night.
I hope they'll leave my head soon.

with my love,



Muhannad said...

You suffer nightmares? I feel so bad for you and the poor Iraqis who must endure this mayhem. It is very sad, and I hope the violence ends soon.

Study hard and do well in your exams, insha Allah.

Sandybelle said...

thank you