6 Jun 2007

A geat meeting

This is a real story from Baghdad, the centre of iraq, my homeland.

''Y'' is a shy, sensitive and sweet little boy.(he is only ten years old).
For some reasons, he had to live with his mom only, away from his dad. and that was when he was 2 years old or younger..

His father was sad during these long years and with hard, he tried to hide his sadness.

The days are going on and quickly, and the longing is increasing day after day.

One day the father decided to meet his only child Y, although the child Y is living in a very dangerous neighborhood in Baghdad.

The father bought Y some gifts and new mobile( kid's demands in Iraq nowadays).

I've got the mobile's number, and began to call Y and we became close friends.
I've known from him that he's so zealous to see his dad
Each call,I try to encourage him with some words that maybe can make him feeling that there are many people in this world love him so much.(of course,I am one of them), and there many children who live away from their parents but this doesnt mean that they dont miss each other.

On Saturday 2\6\2007 ,I've got a surprise, the the dad met his child Y, this was amazing, I couldn't believe that!!!both of them could overcome his fear and shyness, lol ;)


Finally they met each other,Y ran into his father's arms saying "I missed you dad! it's the suitable time to live my days with you"

"me too dear, me too" his dad answered

And every one tried to hide his tears.

This was a great meeting,wasn't it???

BTW: I've known that Y is very good in school,a brave boy and soo polite, and this is great too.

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Anonymous said...

THat's very emotional!
Ereck from Chicago.