24 Sep 2007

Of mine

I have many hobbies and things I love to do in my life.
reading( especially the stories, I adore the stories of Agatha Christie, encyclopedias and any cultural or educational book).
Writing( especially the poetry, of course in Arabic language.. and I write my dairy in English and little bit in French.. I love to write soooo much, with pencil.. I think I can correct the faults if I write with pencil..


Acting, I love to act with myself... I love to act with a hollywood star someday.. in a movie, I prefer to name it '' Dairy of an Iraqi Girl in America'', it is a nice dream, isn't it? and little bit of singing.lol

Studying, I do love the study... my future will be bright if I be good in the study... in Iraq nowadays there's no nice future without the study.. I would like to be a Famous doctor in the future and this need to study.
Menage... I do like help my mom doing menage.

with time, i notice that my interests get changed or develpoed. sometimes i feel i like the idea, sometimes i feel so sad.. i wonder why..

I love to make my mom and dad and my family happy and excited..
I love to help the others and share them the days of suffering and success.
and now... writing posts..

When the school gets start.. my writngs will be less than now..

I'll be so busy.. my teachers give us very much homework hmmm.

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