12 Feb 2008

Going Shopping

Yesterday, I went to a market consists of an only main street full of shops of different things like: clothes, CDs, books and antiques and also food and deserts. I bought nice clothes and I found no perfect books( also my mom withheld me from buying any book, she said that I have to take good care of my eyes that I don't have to read any book).The fans above are funny. they are made in China!!China, that country where best things are made. They made hand fans for us too!!The Chinese began to realize that Iraqis suffered alot of the bad electricity which comes as a very witty humorous visitor, and What a visit!! it lasts only for less than 3 hours a day!!We didn't have electricity and water for two days( we only have the water that we keep in large tank on the rooftop) and Chinese realize that Iraqis can being out of electricity area for years in the next too!!
Iraq imports many goods from China especially the electronic instruments and the electrical ones too. But this is the very funny. Hahahha!
Between the fans, I put my Magiacal light!! It works without electricity, it helps me too much in the time of study when there is no electricity. It works at draining by electricity for three hours or by polonging the battery life. Thank You Mister Light!!
This street is good one.
Today, I went with my mom to the biggest market in my city. In the markets in my city( and of course the other Iraqis cities) there are many dirty areas with mud and dust. it is horrible. There is no good municipality.
I Saw That The beggars increase in number and they are from different ages, kids, young and old women and young and old men.. They are from different cases, some are blind, some are handicapped. The all contain a great tragedy.
I bought some nice clothes.We bought fish!!One of the most important parts of this market are: fish market and gold market.In the fish market, there, we find fish from different kinds, but the very one in this season is Silver. I love this market.In gold market, there, we find different shops sell gold as beautiful shapes of jewelry , necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelet. and also there is silver and diamond. But the less one is the diamond.
Today, I was about to make a fighting with my mom!! In the market, as we are good shoppers, we buy many things and I as the young girl has to carry the sacks( good manners!) but my mom always refuses that I carry them. "Ohhhhhhh mom! let me!!" I said "No!!" she answered.But Don't worry, at last I won!! I carried them in spite of her subborness.
I feel Ok. I went to the market.
These days, there are much of inspection activities. Explosions are alot too. It is the latest try for the terrorists. I'm sure that we are the winner at last.However the difficulties are many, We are stronger because we are people and we when the people insists to live, the fate will respond and obey...
Yesterday, in the night, I watched a nice show about Grammy prize of the fete of 2008.There was Beyonce, Tinna Birner, Hana Montana, Akon and many many good singers.I listened to a song I had not listen to than before.."LET IT BE" is the title of it.It is very moving and pathetic song. It is an old one. But I see that the song however was old, but the time makes it newer day after day.the Humans have to cooperate.. Have to love each other.. That way, we can live happily forever.No Matter the distance was far.. The Hearts want and the days can be changed...
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This morning I had some extra time and was able to add your blog to the blogroll over at Iraqi Bloggers Central.

You've got an interesting blog here and I've enjoyed reading the entries you've posted so far.


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it is realy good keep going girl