28 Feb 2008

It is time to say

Many readers may wonder about the relationship that gathered me with sunshine.
Sunshine talked a lot about me. And it is my time to speak. Of course if someone wants to know about some problems, he/she has to listen to both of the sides.:)

Sunshine talked about the blog.

When I joined the new group, I met sunshine in the new class. I still remember that day when she called me and asked about the courses of that day because she was absent. At that time I realized that she suffers from asthma. And I'm sure she remember how afraid I was about her. When I called my uncles in Baghdad and asked them about good doctors in Baghdad. But there was no one perfect at that time.

I'm sure that sunshine remembers that day when her grandpa fell dangerously ill and when I told her about some of my family friends that can help her. And I called her everyday and ask about her grandpa who was in the hospital because I really considered him as mine.

Also she remembers that day when a horrible explosion happened near her house and I kept asking my mom to let me go to her house to help and spend the daily horror with her, i wanted to share her everything, but mom refused because after that the governorate announced a curfew.

And the day of her mom's birthday, when I called her mom and talked to her directly, and how glad , happy and SHY I was.. I just laugh when remember those nice days. The happy occasions are wonderful.

She also remembers the days of explaining the difficult sections of different courses, and how grateful she was. Different course and many especially the chemistry because the teacher was really not perfect, and I did never feel bored, because I considered her my other best friend, and the friends do their best for each other.

Also when I told her about things that I have never told anyone before, I told her because I considered her , hmmmmmm.... silence

One day she told me about her blog, because we both trusted each other and I felt comfortable with her and free that can speak fluently and freely. I gave her help, love , trust and I was sincere with her and honest with everything I told her and every feeling that I felt about her, I did never act as she said.

I consider the idea of blogging at first as a silly one, but she kept telling me about her articles, and how I admired her because I thought that finally I could find someone can understand me and share me my thoughts and feelings.

Then I created a new blog. And I can't deny that my first article was VERY bad and she asked me to stop writing in English, she suggested writing in Arabic because I'm very good. Then I deleted that post, when I told daddy, he said that I can improve my English, he said it is good post if we realize that this is your first essay in English. And in fact I didn't care so much about English, but not after I realized that it is the language of the world that everybody has to learn.

Then, one of my family members took my password and as stupid behaviour he/she changed the password and didn't tell me, I didn't tell sunshine, I wanted to take the password at first. Then I told her in a comment, and at that day I wasn't at home.

When I came back home, I called her twice and asked her to check my blog and tell me her opinion because I CONSIDERED HER A FRINED.

Then, in the noon, she called me and said that I steal many words and sentences, also the background, the style of talking about hope and life, also the images, and also the idea of R's computer.

I answered all her questions, but there were surroundings around her mind that she didn't want to listen.In the afternoon, I checked my blog and found that wayne and programmer craig left two nice comments on my blog. Then as usual I checked her blog to leave a comment.

and because it had been a long time since my last visit. I was surprised that she wrote a post talking badly about me.

I deleted that blog and created one another.

Here is my answer,

" Dear sunshine, I'm sure that you remember the nice days and moments that we lived together, and the nice thoughts and opinions that we shared. You think that I have evil intention. But be sure, no!!!!!!!

You said that I faced charity with harm, and I say I myself didn't consider what I did for you as charity, I considered it as duty between two dear friends.

You said it is your battle, but I don't consider it as a battle, because I am not your enemy, I'm the best friend that you had one day and I will always stay like that.

About the background, I chose the rosy one because I really love this color and you know, I don't choose something I don't like.

About the images, I took all my images from the website 123greetings.com and you told me about it.

Also the titles of my blog like spirit of Eid, I chose the title from the same website too.

The sentences you talk about I can find them everywhere in dictionaries , effective movies and I use them because I see they fit with the aim that I try to give. When I talk about something leads to think of hope, I choose words refer to hope, the same is done with all the other subjects.

Never ever give up, I already love this sentence from the movie Titanic.

I write about different things, the all that I feel of and want others to know and like to dictate.

About R's computer, you remember that once when we sat together around the pc in the computer hall and asked the girls about R's condition.
You also remember and I asked girls too to make sure of this information.
When I told you about the idea, and I was able to not to tell, because that way we will be united more and more and we will become just like one family. I was able myself to buy it and then see all the others praise me and their admiration for me will increase and will be larger, but no. you know that I'm one of whom like to do good things for other by sharing others.
Sunshine! The language was found to make people able to communicate with each other, not to be separated. :)

Sunshine! Don't hate me, because I love you!! and you know!! who wants to achieve something has to love everybody and everything. Right?

I hope that my idea will reach like yours. And learn that I did never talk about this subject at all, but this is the sun that can't be seen except in the clear sky. I think that by this the sky can be clear.

I just wonder, you said " if you don't change your style, you will see the other face of sunshine!".

Is this the other face? I don't have any other face, i have one lovely one, one you know and believe..

Sunshine!! You hurt, didn't listen to me and then gave me pain..
Dear, without you I was able to start again.."

Because the sun can't be seen except in the clear sky,

three or four weeks later, sunshine found herself agian in Sandybelle's need of help. sunshine had a problem to understand a subject, maths point, but sandybelle again helped her, and sunshine later sent her an sms thanking her, saying
"thanks so much, its just my brain was like inside a box cant understand anything. you helped me, thanks. and the box was locked well."
i said,
" thank god we found the key.. dont worry, everything will be ok. send my wishes to your family. and take care of your grandma"..

the life is weird!!!

NB: If someone wants to know me more, I advise him/her to read my posts as much as he/she can. And I consider this post as a nice chance to thank my dearest mojo, 123greetings group ,the dear alice, and every good reader fill my life with nice words. words full of power.


Mister Ghost said...

Well, hopefully your family and Sunshine's family won't start shooting RPGs or mortars at one another. :))))))

Okay, I am joking.

It seems like there is a Mosellian style of blogging, where many people write similarly, so it's best to be not so derivative (copying) and have your own style of writing. That way, no one can say, "hey she is plagiarizing my blog." :)))))))))))

But Mosel, it is a tough environment for any young lady to live through these days. Even before the war, when they stopped picking up the rubbish and providing municipal services, things were bad. And then the war came, and there was looting and lawlessness, and no one knew who was in charge.

But imagine this Sandybelle Soleil,
if you lived in a rural Iraqi village, you would likely be married by now, you may have a child, and you would probably be wearing an Abbaya, as you spent your days working out in the fields, from dawn to dusk

Iraqi Mojo said...

Sandybelle, that is a very nice post! I love your response to Sunshine. That's great! It seems to me that you and Sunshine were friends to begin with, you learned from each other and you taught each other new things. That's what friends are for. You made your move, and it's a good one. As we say in America, the ball is in her court.

On the background - I see many other bloggers using the exact background I use. One could be creative and computer savvy, like Abbas Hawazin, or one could change his template every week or two, like Treasure of Baghdad did for a long time. You like the color pink, and so what if you have the same background as Sunshine's. You might change your background in the future. Sunshine might change her background. I might even change the template on my blog! The colors you choose have nothing to do with your words. Keep up the good work ya 7ababa, and know that you did the right thing.

Sandybelle said...

Mister Ghost,
Sir! it seems that you know alot about iraqis! that is right, many girls in rural village are poor of the very simple needs of girls.
yes, i imagine, it is horrible for me.
Thank you mister ghost, know that you are always in my mind.

I have only " thank you" to say. i think that thank you is a great word. :)

Anonymous said...


The Iraqi blogosphere is certainly big enough to hold both Sunshine and Sandybelle, even if they both use the same colored background at present. I hope you and Sunshine reconcile. We need both of you. By the way, I'm an English teacher, and your English is fine.

Now, could you do me a favor? Could you ask Mister Ghost to please go back to work and resume blogging and posting his wonderful In-T-Views?


Michomeme said...

How are you girl? I realy don't know what to say, I can't give you or give Sunshine the right, all I can say that you were a good friends, you spend a good time together, you have nice memory that you both share together, Mybay I hurt you with my lasts comments but I just didn't mean it, I just wanted to know the whole story from you bothe, I even tried to go to your blog but it couldn't reache it for the first time, and i found it by chance, when you write me the first comment on my blog.
I can't judge on you or even judge on Sunshine.
But I can feel and see that you are realy a good girl..

good post Sandy, i wish you all the best ever, and keep up the good work, But I'm very sory for the frienship which ended.

Micho, your aunt

C.H. said...


Your post reminded me about how important it is for all of us to work together in uniting a demoratic a free Iraq...an Iraq that does not have to worry about terrorism taking the lives of innocent people every day.

The politicians here in the United States are getting nowhere by attacking one another over whether or not it was right to go into Iraq. Instead, they need to stop looking out for their political party and focus on what really matters...which is helping the people of Iraq, promoting reconciliation, and finishing off political terrorism once and for all.

Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Sandy,

Oh I just realized that you are the girl that Sunshine had talked about before...

Well pardon me dear, I didn't know the whole story and called you a plagiarizer!! Really sorry, I used to see your comments in my blog but never thought of you could be the same girl which sunshine mentioned..

Listen, you did the right thing and this is a very good step of retrieving your friendship with her...

You know both of you are flowers and were best friends so you girls have to work it out again to get to each other and share each other's thoughts...

May God watch over you and sunshine...

My apology again dear...

P.S: Your blog is added to mine :)

C.H. said...


Sunshine needs to understand that both of you have the potential to play an important role in Iraq's future. Each of you has a lot to offer.

I've read posts on both of your blogs, and you seem to be concerned, caring people who are looking out for the best interests of their country...you should be proud of the work you are doing.

With so much going on in the world, you and sunshine should be able to put these minor issues behind you and work together, along with those of us who also want to make the world a better place.

You are on the right path, you know what you want...and that is very noble. You'd be surprised how many people here in the USA only focus on their everyday lives and are perfectly alright with it, even though there is a whole world out there passing them by.

Sandybelle said...

Dear Jeffery,
Thank You!! I sent an email to mister ghost and i'm waiting for reply:)

Aunt Micho,
it is my pleasure to see you again, I loved your words and know you are the best micho on this earth.

Dear C.H.,
you are a great person, may God bless you:) thank you .

hi marcho. i loved your words too. they all support me.. I'll keep going.

For You All,
I liked your words and they all are sparkle in my sky. Thank You Dears. I hope i'll see you again in my next posts.
Best wishes for you all:)