28 Feb 2008

Back to school

On Sunday,
"I'm back'', I said when I entered my school. I sang longly and kept saying prayers.
I was afriad of marks, but I feel so grateful now, I received them and my rate is %98, I know it is less than the first academic season's one, but it is higher than the others'.
Thank God..
The teachers gave us much homework, and I can't deny that I faced a problem in the study, it is the frist day and mammy didn't let me touch any book during the holiday.
Even, I was catching the pencil hard!!!
On Monday,
I was walking in our little school yard when I got a horrible shock.
You remember my friend Zuzu who was dangerously injuredin the horrible explosion that happened in a town near the city five weeks ago.
Everybody told me that she is Ok, and the surgeries that she did are perfect and that I don't have to worry, she is Ok.
But no, they all lied at me. I met her in the yard, when she entered the school holding her bag with a simple sack.
She was not Ok at all. Her beautiful face is swollen and malfomed. Also her hand and her shoulder, she needed to do many surgeries and she will do!!!.
When I saw her, I ran to her and hugged her warmly ( she said that I'm warm!), I couldn't stop kissing her and shedding tears. My spirit let me down, I couldn't bear. I know I didn't have to cry in front of her, but this happened and I couldn't bear.
In one moment, I remembered all the jokes that we exchanged, all the subjects that we talked about, and all the nice moments I had with her. I remembered her, how glad and happy she was when she knew that I could pass the hard exam.
It was one of the worst days in my life.. I stood in front of her, I wanted to do anything for her ,
I went to her in the break-time and I began to talk stupidly ( unusually) I just wanted to talk to her, to hear her voice and to look at her eyes deeply. " Why are you sad? , look at me!! I'm not!!"
She said.. I spent whole the day gloomy and sad..
I came back home and burst into tears.
When dad came home, I told him . " Why did you lie at me? you did never have to do!! Zuzu badly appears and she is not Ok at all!" I said.
" Oh, dear, I needed to lie , you didn't have to know, I know you might spend all the days sad and gloomy, and this what I hate to see, my dearest daughter's face sad! No. And don't forget that her case is the least in danger. There are many people and they are all worse than her. She will be better soon, the malformation and the swell will disappear by time , she will make another surgery and everything will be back perfectly and she will be Ok" he replied.
I didn't listen to him. I couldn't study at that day. when I read any words I just remembered her and thought of her. and this condition lasts for two days..
The rest of the week was silly and boring. There was not anything good and nice. Just much homework and thinking of Zuzu.
I don't know, maybe these days are the worst. I have never faced worse ones than before.
The holiday was boring too, there was no main achievement, I just learned cooking.
I feel like a plume flying slowly and sadly, write and then lie down on a comfortable pillow for relaxation. I really need time to gather my parts.
I came back home today, there was delicious iraqi food for lunch. After that and while I was sitting contemplating the sky ( when I feel sad and gloomy I contemplate the sky longly)an explosionn happen and I jumpped quickly , it was near one , and nearer to my sisters' school!!
I called the driver, there were no damages. Sisters came back and Thank God they feel better than me. They still own the real innocent and childish spirit.
The plume is still flying, the candle is lighting and my spirit will always be high.. There is no other choice..
Because the sun can't be seen except in the clear sky, Make he sky clear!!

Just like the sun,

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Iraqi Mojo said...

OMG Sandybelle! Poor Zuzu! Hopefully she will fully recover. Insha Allah.

I'm sure you will do great on your exams!