21 Feb 2008

Smile of dawn

" There is nobody here.. There is nobody near..
Let these matters be.. Don't you trust what you see..
Take hold of your time.. Step into the line.."
I kept saying while I was washing dishes. Mom is abroad and I do all home affairs. I tried too find sutiable tone for these words, and praise be to God, I did.
At night, I needed to stand beside my window. The sky was completely dark with the exception of some shining spots that we call stars. There was our dear and the great helper of the sun, the wonderful Moon.
The scene was like a black cloth inlaid with pearls. I began to count the stars ( childish behaviour), the first was for my grandpa, the second for grandma, the thirs for grandpa........... then, there was a pause, I stopped for a while, and I kept thinking. Maybe every star is a sun for another group of planets!!, maybe there is another earth! maybe there is another people live far away from here!! It is strange and maybe foolish idea, but I thought. Maybe poeple there aren't humans, maybe are angels and will come soon to put an end to this misery. Yes, Yes. God never foget his worshippers. God really knows who we are and who I am.
I felt of shudder , I wanted to go out, to stand in the middle of the street and to make loud cry
" WE WANT TO BE ALIVE!!!" , "No one can make our life like this dark night. No one can destroy our hearts. Maybe bulidings and streets are destroyed, but not the hearst!!".
I went to my daddy and asked him about the angels, he said" Oh dear, the main field of the angels is Eden. But look, you are maybe right and maybe worng. But the very thing I believe in and can tell you is that we must not wait for the angles only, we have our hands, our opened and free mind. We did alot, and we will do. there is no other choice and no other way. We chose the life".
I went to bed , I couldn't sleep. I brought up some old memories, my grandpa. His words still fill my mind when he said "Whoever wants to be or do, he/she will. but I say that man can create pain in one moment to another, but to remove this pain , it needs so very long time".
Maybe that is right, evildoers and terrorists gave us pain for four years and if pain of one moment needs long time, what about pain of four years?!!!
But there is a space and hope. The time is n't over and this is why we can live for ever!
We believe in what we do and what we can achieve. God stands by our side , as well as the angles and the prayers.
We are faithful, we are hopeful , we are strong..
We are brave, we are great and we are not alone..
I admire westlife when they gave songs, meaningful songs having power to move many hearts.
" Flying without wings, amazing,season in the sun, rose and backhome and so many others" every song has its own spirit. They talk about friendship, love, hope, help and faith. and they have main aim, is to create the smile.
I'm moved by all them Especially the one backhome, they talk about their homeland Ireland. What about my home?!
*Iraq* that word which is full of grandeur. the mother place of the first letter, the first wheel and the first laws.
Our ancestors lighted up many candles. And it is our chance to light up others.
They sowed and we harvest,and we sow for others to harvest. So let us sow for love and peace.
Now, terroists want us to lose everything, hope , home and life. They want to destroy our country and memories and hope. But no thanks!! we decided to build again and to sow again.
Now, my life contains many surprises. although I love surprise , but I don't favor them to be kind of fear. Every new day contains anxiety about people whom we love. When I hear of an explosion took place in Baghdad here or there, I begin to think of 100 persons!! maybe uncle, or aunt, no it is cousin, but I'm sure it could be the best friend!! Oh God!! soon, I turned to prayers. But on the other hand, there is great sight of hope everyday.
I look at my sisters with pity. Poor ones children of Iraq. They didn't feel of or live real life that any child in the world live or plan to live and lead.
Many children are forced to leave school to earn their pure living, because they have lost their dad in some explosion or because they were born as orphans, and NO ONE cares.
after these thoughts, I felt so sleepy and then I slept deeply. My grandpa visited me in the dream and smiled.
Then, I was awakened by explosion at about 6:30 a.m., I quickly went to the window and took out the curtain, there were not destroyed windows nor killed poeple!!! But there was Sun and beautiful rays!!! It was the dawn!
Thank you grandpa!! Now I have the desire to go to sleep, I may see you again!!!
But I believe that your soul is everywhere around me, supports me and gives me the power to do and not to stay asleep! God bless your soul grandpa!
I brought up my school books and kept turning their pages. every page reminds me of day, one was special that we didn't hear any explosion, other was funny that we made many jokes in the class, other was dangerous that big explosion took place.
The second academic semester will start next Sunday. Thank God we can go to school. We study and get knowledge.
The study reminds me of the great scienists.
The scientists that gave the humanity the great ways that lead us to this developed world were simple men, but they used their mind and thoughts in the right way. Their circumstances and the life that they lived was not perfect. And this make me feel comfortable, that these days are not completely bad, there is something good that we can be giant and great like them. Always the hard days lead to find great people!.
At finaly I can say
" What we do and say is like a great tree, its roots are fixed and has olives reach the sky. And what they do is like ash, any simple wind can take it very very far".
The lucky one is who can climb our tree..

and don't you forget" the sun can't be seen except in the clear sky".
We may make our sky clear.
Just like the sun,
NB: the explosion I heard was about car bomb exploded by the national guards, we are thankful that they noticed it and there was no victims or damages .


cat said...

Hey Sandy!
This is an interesting post. But to say that no one cares about the people of Iraq is totally wrong. There are many people who care; That is one reason of our occupation. The first and foremost is to get rid of Al Qaeda, but that most certainly ties in with caring for and helping the Iraqi people. So anyway, I liked your post, luv and hugs,

Sandybelle said...

Dear catty,
Thank you for your nice words. We always look forward the best next. we hope!! Thank you all for your care!! the best one is who do the best for others.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Peace will soon come to Iraq insha Allah, sandybelle. Meanwhile you do the right thing and study. I'm sure you'll do great.


Your words really moved me and today I feel refreshed and focused on what it is we are here to do.I see hope in the faces of the children of Iraq and I see the future.Iraq has every capability of thriving and blossoming into a truely beautiful nation.It always brings a smile to my face to see the many children walking to school with their back packs on and one day they will shape the future of your country.I think we are almost neighbors as we heard the explosion of the vehicle that the Iraqi Army found.Be safe Sandy, and learn all you can.Please know that all Americans are not bad and that we do care about what happens here.You are an awesome writer and poet.

Sandybelle said...

Dear Sir Grunt,
your words are nice and fill my heart with hope that we are not alone." I'm honored that you visited me." Thank You:)
Maybe to see iraqi children suffer made me say(no one), but I believe and I'm sure there are many many poeple care, and soon the dawn will make the cry.
You see the children?!!!and see hope? How great!!!
Americans are people, and every people contains good ones and bad ones. Many inventors and many of ones who asked to do the best for the children and innocents in the world are Americans.So I know sir, I know:)
I hope we'll stay friends forever,
Your friend,

Michomeme said...

Hi Sandy, how are you? your English is good but sometimes you must be carful about little mistakes..your English will be better Avec Le temps.

I wanna ask you somthing..are you Sunshine's friend? Sunshine from Mousul? she mention in one of her previous post, that she has a friend how tried to take all her style and to imitate her way of writing and every little thing that she do..I think this friend is you, cuz when I saw your blog for the first time, I noticed that, I always tried to write you a comment about your post but I couldn't do it without telling you my feeling.
Write in your own way girl, Sunshine is a realy good girl, and you are too, each one of you has her style, so go on with yours.
I don't wanna hurt your feeling, I wish that you are not feeling upset.
Let us know the REAL SANDYBELLE her..we are all waiting for you..

keep up the good work girl

Your Aunt
Micho from Iraq

Anand said...

Sandybelle, I hope that Mosul becomes the safest, most prosperous, and most successful city in the world. Maybe if the Mosulese are smart . . . they will elect you mayor. Then YOU can show the rest of us amateurs how it is really done. (Might I recommend that you give Sunshine an important ministerial post in your cabinet. It would give her the experience she needs to later run for PM ;-) )

I look forward to that day Sandybelle. Just being good transforms the lives of everyone around oneself. Your example inspires us all. Your comments on Mojo were so compassionate.

Insha Allah, long live Iraq and Mosul. May they transcend all previous heights of human greatness.

Sandybelle said...

I really thank you,
For your visit, and for your nice words. I feel so comfortable now. thank you:).

Sandybelle said...

Hell aunt, I'm so glad that you visited me. Yes, my English is not perfect but the important thing is that the others understand and can give me their notices in any time, but I feel Ok that my english is good especially when you know that these are my first articles in English

Michomeme said...

HI Sandy, no your English is good according to your age, girl i know that you will be PROFICIENT, we all understand what you say in all your posts, everyone can do a little mistakes sometimes, even me, i said that just to encourage you girl, because i like to see an iraqi girl like you or Sunshine or any other iraqi girl talking like that and expressing her own feeling in such a beautiful words.

I will always visit your blog..

Your aunt Micho