18 Feb 2008

Eye upon the hospitals in Iraq

Every university student who graduated from medicine college became at first as resident doctor, then rotator doctor and then he/she has to pass many years of hard work and study to be real good doctor. It could be a sacrifice " I myself like this job, I always call the doctors and the nurses who take care of people and bring the life to them again , I call them Angels from The Garden of God.".
Iraq had many great doctors, some were forced to leave Iraq because of the bad situation, some were murdered by terrorists for no crime, or they might be killed because they gave care to the national guards and the policemen( terrorists consider the national guards and the policemen as traitors, so those who care about them are considered traitors too!!". And some doctors are staying here because they find no other shelter suffering and challenging. For that, medicine teaching is worse than before because the expert doctors are rare " yesterday I heard from a report in TV that 135 doctors came back to Baghdad because the situation is getting better day after day, Thank God!!" .
Hospitals are the main field of the doctors.
Every city in Iraq has a hospital or more. Hospitals here are distinguished by old and badly built buildings. Also most them are dirty and full of rubbish, this is miserable!!
So, I see it is better to build some perfect hospitals and try to construct the others to be like the new ones.
Also, the doctors need so much experience, one day, my sister fell dangerously ill and we took her to the doctor, he gave her a medicine. But we noticed that sister wasn't getting better at all. We took her again to him, Guess What he said, " Oh, I'm sorry, It wasn't the suitable medicine, I was wrong." He maybe thought that my sister is a doll. I felt very angry at hearing this.
Also, the medicine is a bit expensive for some families( for example, the one can fall sick and needs medicine of 30$ for the one tablet, and what the family gain all the month is just about 40$!!! And there many families like that" Families live under the poverty level!
The perfect medicine is rare. Iraq imports medicine from countries like Syria and Egypt and others. But the best medicine factory in Iraq is Samarra factory( to the north of Baghdad). So to find perfect medicine we have to finance the factory well to get medicine well.
I see it is better to build another factory, let it be in the south, that way, Iraq will have two main factories and this is good for the present time.
I also see that We have to build hospitals in the south. There are many miserable cities in the south. For example the city of Omara/Misan, there we sooooo many poor people. I remember a friend of the family who lived there, when his son fell ill, he needed to come to Baghdad to make the checking and to find good doctors and hospital.
And the last and the most important suggestion is to spread the safety to make sure that all the doctors will come back to help more and more people.
May God Save and protect and keep you away from any disease.



Mister Ghost said...

Hi Sandybelle Soleil,
I wanted to recommend a book for you. Don't know if there's an Arabic translation of it, but thought you would like it. It is called, Angel Encounters: True Stories of Divine Intervention, and it is written by Karen Goldman.

You would like it, I think, because it contains many stories of Angels helping out and protecting people on Earth.

There must be many Angels in Iraq, because there is a lot to watch out for.

jisoo said...

hello sandybelle
nice post and beautiful blog,I like to discuss some paragraph of your last post.best wishes

Sandybelle said...

Hello Mister Ghost,
Really, I have a book about English literature, it contains many poems and stories of different authors.It is in english, I like it too much. I think one day I read the name Karen Goldman. I'll check it again. and I'll ask daddy to bring this book for me( although I expect that there is no such boik here, but let's try:).
your daughter,

Sandybelle Soeil

Sandybelle said...

hi jisoo,
your visit makes me so happy. Thank you!!!
I'm ready in any time to discuss the paragraphs:).
Best wishef for you too:).