7 Oct 2007

Beauty of Eid

After Ramadan, after the happiness by sharing others our favorites. After being closer to Allah.
We would live three days full of other kind of happiness.
Eid ul-fitr
Happiness when someone says" I wish you did well in Ramadan, I wish you prayed for me as I did for you and all the other ones. How do you live Eid's Spirit? Did you make Clecha? Will you go to the dreams city-as I like to call it- we will come with you.
This was in the past.
The three days are still three.
But the spirit has been changed.

Yesterday, I kept thinking of Eid. I remembered all the nice times I spent in the three days in the past - before 2003-.
I remembered when mama was making Clecha while I was tasting the dough and playing with it." ohh, you don't have to put it in your mouth, hh" my mom would say.I would stop eating the dough
I would be thinking of what will happen in Eid.
What shall I wear?- in Eid we used to wear new clothes-
How shall I spend Eid at my grandparents' home in Baghdad- in Eid we used to go to Baghdad to spend it with our relatives who would be come from their cities. Where will I go?
In fact, I would be thinking of 100 things at the same time.
But this was good.
This was happy.
But nowadays, many Iraqis don't like Eid to come.
They will remember all the nice times they spent with their lovers who maybe were murdered by terrorists, killed because of one of the explosions or bullets or so.

As usual, before the feast,
We cleaned all home, we made Clecha.
I remembered all the nice time that I was spending them in Baghdad, when I was getting up in the first day morning of Eid, seeing all my uncles and aunts, cousins , sisters and brothers and parents, I would say " Ayamkum Sa3eeda" - happy days for you- and I would exchange kisses and wishes among us.

I was thinking if these times will be returned someday, I hope so.
How will I spend the feast this year?!
Maybe I'll keep calling my dears felicitating them or by email.
How boring!!
I'll not travel to Baghdad, baghdad and the road to it is very dangerous( everyone says).
Maybe with supporting friends like my real friend IraqiAmerican , as well as family, I'll be able to spend al-eid cheerfully.
No no no, not cheerful eid, but at least, convincing Eid
But what happiness?
Everday, in the news, we hear that many Iraqis died as martyr somewhere and others injuired
How will orphans spend the feast?
How will the sick ones who can't find their suitable cure in the middle of these events?
How will the ones who lost their lovers yesterday or days ago?
How will the paupers?
Such people increase everyday in Iraq.

These questions are the 100 nowadays.
" Sandybelle!, what's wrong?" my mom said
" ohh, nothin mom" I answered.
Sometimes I think that the terrorism and unfear will overcome us.
But, in my heart ( like all other real Iraqis) there is a voice saying " free free"
What freedom? I don't know.
However, that will keep me breathing ( at least).
Maybe we all are waiting for our death, which is calmly steals a bit of our souls, bit..bit.
Then, we shall find that we became died without feeling of.

May Allah blessed our days.
May Allah protect you and all the Iraqis.
May Allah help us to stay optimistc and hopeful,
And to forget all our Sad Moments.

Eid Mubarak for all The Iraqis,
And for you.
Just like the sun,
I forgot to tell you, Clecha is an Iraqi dessert we make in Eid.
The one of it consisting dough filled up with: date , nut or cacao or so.
I do love clecha. and I do love you

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Iraqi Mojo said...

I love clecha, especially the clecha with nuts and sugar. Yummmmmmmy!