16 Oct 2007

Iraqis celebrate

Iraqis, in the middle of these bad events have their own ways of celebrating.
In the first day of the feast, most families gather at the house of the oldest member of the family, like the grandparents
Relatives exchange wishes( best wishes) and talking about many different subjects, personal( like talking about weddings) and original ( like talking about the situation).

For me, I didn't attend this gathering this year.
Way to Baghdad is dangerous and full of terrorists.
Last year, when I went to Baghdad, there were many terrorists, they kidnapped the travelers, and killed who were from sect differs with theirs.
Our driver was brave, he drove quickly through another way, so we could escape.

In the past, my cousins and I were all spending the time playing and exchanging jokes. We would take al- 3eediyat, and spend it on buying desserts.
We would go to the games city. We would buy some deserts for poor people who can't buy.

Al- 3eediyat is money we take from the parents and uncles and aunts( people who are older than us), as well as grandparents.
We would eat clecha too.

The second day, we would go to friends' homes to felicitate them.
The third day, we would stay at home to receive some visitors.
But this was in the past.
Now, some families are still do the same custom.
As well as, there many people mean to get married or engaged in Eid, to make the happiness twofold.
Some families spend Eid remembering their dear ones who died by different ways, like : killing, explosions- car bombs, mines, or so-, bullets of random shooting, and many other ways, due to the terrorism.
So, they don't have feast.
Others, spend Eid playing with the very simple and rusted iron games.
They can't go to the main games city, the situation is horrible and they don't have enough money to go.
This what touch my heart and make me feeling sad many times.
This year, I saw some hope.
In Baghdad, we have a park called al- zauraa
This park was closed for the 3 years ago.
People were afraid of going there, they could be killed by terrorists.
But this year, fortunately, our brave national guards and policemen guarded the place.
Many people went and spent nice moments there, they had picnics with Iraqi food, yum!!
There was some celebrating arranged by a media channel called al- hurria, the aim of it was to establish the relations among the Iraqis.
Some one asked" can anybody tell me how many sunnis and shiits here? There is big present , 1 million dollars for him "
They all answered with one voice" there is nobody sunni or shii, but just real Iraqi loves Iraq and its citizens".
The question was delusive, to make the others understand the Iraqis, and know them at their reality.
This show me, you and all the world, how brave and united are the Iraqis!!.
I'm so glad for this.
Baghdad and its citizens suffered a lot , and they deserve some happy moments.
I wish I were in Baghdad.
I hope I'll be in Baghdad next year, posting from there saying" hi, I'm in Baghdad, I'm happy, shining day came!!".

God bless our national guards, our policemen, all Iraqis and

The day when our beautiful Sun will shine so calmly will come soon, let's be sure of that.


Iraqi Mojo said...

And God bless you, Sandybelle. I am confident that the security situation will improve. Allah Kareem.

Naseer Chyad said...

شي جميل ورائع بس عندي سؤال

اني بنت عمي اسمها ساندي ! بس ما اعرف انتي لو لا :] اذا .........