17 Oct 2007

Sometimes I can bear it

I don't know when will I say" thank God, it has gone, everything is perfect"!
Yesterday Was Messy Day.
Yesterday, I woke up( as what I do everyday), I had breakfast, took a bath and read something about .
In the noon, I helped my mom to prepare the lunch, we had fish and rice as well as the salad.
As soon as I said" oh mom, you don't know how hungry I am!!"
Explosion, no, so very violent explosion.
Home was shaken, bluster and dust.
Then, shooting and immediately the road was locked up.
American helicopters hovered and covered the area.

I felt so exhausted, and quickly went to the bathroom( strong vomit).
Then everything was quite , the street was empty of cars.

We used to put adhesive tape on the windows ( war condition).
Thank God, we had no losses, with the except of horror and fear.
" just because of good things that we did for the others, god did protect us" I said.

Later, I heard from friends we called, that there was truck full of TNT and bombs.
The explosion happened near a police office about 1 kilometer far from home.
At first, I expected it was in our street.

Our neighbor lost some windows and some possessions.
" hello sandybelle, I'm busy of gathering the bits of the glass of windows, hehehe, we don't have windows now!! Don’t worry, we will fix new windows, this is normal, this is the 4th time!!" girl said, when I called her asking her about her family's case.

I decided to go to her home to help her, but the governorate media announced the curfew.
In Ramadan, we prayed a lot and asked Allah to stop these bad things, but nothing has changed, at the opposite, the situation gets worse moment after moment.

Friend of dad's called us, he said that the ambulances are still carrying the injured and the died ones to the hospitals ( after 2 hours of the explosion). There are many victims, some are in very serious case.

Sometimes I feel that evil is stronger than us, we are still hopeful, but maybe hope should mean nothing for us.

Many Iraqis left, some with return and many without.

And I don't know, what about me." I wish I were in the olds era. There were no explosions, no bullets and no terror" sister said.

I am still wondering..

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Iraqi Mojo said...

Oh my God Sandybelle, I didn't know the explosion was in your neighborhood! How terrifying! The animals who do this do not care about Iraqis, obviously. May they burn in the depths of jehenem! I hate them so much.

I am sorry you have to live through this.