18 Oct 2007

Touched heart

Today I went to school, officially, the first day.
All girls wore the uniform( it is consisting in black skirt and white shirt).
I met my classmates and teachers.
" happy feast for you" I said to everyone, even the watchman.

I missed someone.
Ran, she was real friend. I have no real friends, but her.
She was always supporting me in my hopeless moments, she was always listening to me.
I went to the place where I met her for the first time, I remembered all the nice moments I spent with her.
We exchanged talking about our dreams of living peacefully and without terror.
She was modest and generous and beautiful girl.
Even, an overseer came to get a look about the teachers in our school.
He was specialist in English language.
" are you twins?" he asked us.
" well, not exactly!" we answered happily.

She was Christian. And I'm Moslem.
Our friendship shows all the world that there will be no difference among the religions if the heats love and help each other.
There are many people think that Iraqis are racists, absolutely, this isn't true at all.
Iraqis love each other, but in Iraq and like any other country, there are bad guys, they try to control the situation to give wrong look about Iraqis and to destroy them.
We understand what we face, this will not make us feel weak or hopeless, olds left many lessons for us, and what we face gives us lessons too.
We will stay strong and brave.

Today, Ran called me, " sandybelle! Are you home this afternoon? I love to visit you"
" yes dear, come in any time".
This was nice surprise.
I immediately arranged my room and got ready to receive her.
I prepared some of my important papers to give her, this can help her in her study.

She came, she told me that her dad was kidnapped again!! They paid 50,000 dollars to release him. They began to feel afraid.
As soon as her dad was released, she and her family left the city.
I hope I'll meet her again, someday.
They feel very sad now, they always go to the church to pray and ask God to give Iraqis the prompt peace.
God bless Ran wherever and whenever she be.

I think God doesn't leave his good serfs without keeping.
Allah always compensates me.
I got new friend.
You are my friend.
This year, courses seem to be having kind of difficulty.
I don't care, I the study.
I have to concentrate on the study this year.
May God help me to get high marks.
I'll do my best.

Teachers this year are friendly, especially teachers of chemistry and physics.
Teacher of chemistry full of vigor and energy.
Teacher of physics full of calmness.
And I love both them.
Many teachers distinguish between girl and another.
But they all love me, " you have nice soul my dear daughter" every teacher says to me.
This makes me feel high many times, and this make me feel comfortable when I feel sad.
Have nice spirit, you'll feel high forever.
Today, girls talked about the explosion which happened two days ago.
Some people stayed for 10 hours under the rubble.
Four houses have been destroyed completely, for no raison.
Many of the casualties are in dangerous case.
I hope they will get healthy sooner.

Terrorists are very stupid, they think that they can damage our hearts with this way.
We all say to them.
We all will stay brave and strong.

The terrorists don't know how harmful are these explosions!
Explosions destroy the nature surroundings, they increase the pollution, pollution in water, land and the air.
I'm sure that there will appear new diseases in the future in Iraq, as ruins remains.

Sooner or later, they will know how foolish they were! But that will be after many losses, especially loss of the kindness which has to full everybody's heart.
I hope bad things will be ended.
May God protect the Iraqis and all innocent people in the world.
Stay safe,



Iraqi Mojo said...

Sandybelle, I am glad you have a new friend. I can just imagine you in your smart looking uniforms - I remember how professional all the students looked wearing their uniforms.

I am sorry to hear about the explosion in your city. How horrible. Will this madness ever end? I hear many people saying that this will all stop when the US withdraws from Iraq. Do you think so? I want the best for Iraqis, and if a US withdrawal leads to peace and stability in Iraq, then I hope it happens soon. I do not know what the terrorists hope to achieve with their violence. They are only making enemies among Iraqis. Maybe they hope that Iraqis will end up hating Americans, but I'm sure that Iraqis will hate the terrorists too!

Take care and stay safe. I hope you ace your exams!

Iraqi Mojo said...

Also I am sorry about the kidnapping of your friend's father. This has happened to so many Iraqis, it is so sad. My mother's cousin's son was kidnapped a few weeks ago. His family had to pay $30,000 for his release. It is so, so sad. I hope your friend and her family are safe and insha Allah they will not endure any more hardships.

Sandybelle said...

thank you for your nice feelings,
take care.