10 Sep 2010

Three little children

Taking a seat, and my elbow rests on my leg, I keep thinking of what to do next, diverting myself away from any mentioning of what's called food.(:))

Around five feet ahead of me, is a woody table triangle in shape. Beside the table, is a small woody sofa. I change my mind and decide to have a rest over there.

On the table are three small cups with their saucers contained within a beautiful basket. And on the other side of the table is a fictile vessel of elephant form .while in the middle is a plastic anvil with a plastic tree whose twiglet hangs over the right side of a silver tray. The truthful deceiving plant makes a beautiful sense since it exactly appears as the tree located at the front of our garage.
The silver tray has three groups of candles straightening up, the first one includes one candle, the second has got three and the third catches up thirty and all are white and of ordinary height.

The first one picks up my attention. The apical end is blazing severely and from a moment to another, the flame takes up a different direction, following the air inspirations.
The more I approach my hand, the better I feel the little heat stings.

In the end, the heat alarms me, and I jump up terrified.

I start traipsing everywhere home.

My dad invites me for a car journey along the market. I hesitate to speak, as if I am still feeling the heat so short waves. Finally, I give no answer, and tend to the refrigerator, open it and find the wonderful brightness. Everything shines greatly, then I close the door grinningly banishing my appetite .

Half an hour later, I find myself directed to the house gate which is half opened, slightly move it, and keep watching the empty street.

Suddenly, three little children come down the lane, I am surprised in the beginning, but later, find it a big joy to observe their lazy steps, drawing a big sack which is seemingly full of sweet things. The tallest one is blond, the other wears an attractive jeans, and the last and shortest finds a big difficulty to carry his belly walking.
So hard to find my ability destroyed and my control broken down at laughing. They notice the laughter and stand motionless, looking directly at me and I feel sorry and want to hide inside myself.
Smiling widely, understanding my transaction, each one encourages the other to do something, and all their talking happens in whispers. So they tune out and bear up, reach my stable body and greet me.
They open the sack, and each one shows me what he's bought, and how they've lavished all their money.
I tread on air as listening attentively to every word of their speech, and how so admirable they are as giving me a full description of what they did during the day.
Then they ask me to take a chocolate piece, and keep insisting as if they've heard about my love towards the chocolate.
I ask them to wait a bit, and return with a big sweet mass. Their eyes sparkle as happily as mine to see these sweet things. I hug them each, and thank them so much.
Then, they ask me what I am supposed to do in Eid and whether I like Eid or not. " I do love Eid" I turn the trick in the tenor of the story they are just telling.
" why do you love Eid?" they ask me and keep explaining Eid for me and why they love it too.
Although they were not so clear this time, but I get it , and solicit my inner self to give a reasonable reason.
Then, my tears roll down, and immediately hide underneath my chin. And before I answer them, they hug me so tight, and say " Happy Eid.. We love Eid, and we already love you".
I dry my wet cheeks and kiss them each. I say goodbye, and see them go, and I feel I am willing to tweeze every tiny piece of stones from down their following footsteps. I am so afraid of they may stumble, but after this, I become comfortable as a young man I have seen before comes, and holds them together while they apologize for their latish return!!
I am satisfied, and close the door . My feet hit the ground repeatedly, a sign for a big query, a query about why I love Eid..

I feel so happy though, and I wish you a

Happy Eid



Ali said...

Sandybelle,I am happy to read this so sensitive post, it is very beautiful. I am happy too for you are the first friend i congradulate for Eid. Stay safe and dont cry again, lol

Wisam said...

الله, هاي شنو, الابداع ديزداد, يابه الموضوع كولش حلو ورموانسي ورقيق جدا

هنياله الخطبج!! لوووول
لا العفو, ماقصد شي, بس انت ياشموسه كولش حبابه ورقيقه وتستاهلين كل الخير
اخوج وسام

Anonymous said...

It's a very good entry Sandybelle. Keep your great stuff of mind safe and you'll be a wonderful writer in the future.

Johny said...

Sandybelle my dear, by time i come to a big result how great and beautiful is your soul, and this is why the children liked you that much. regards

Hamid said...

wow great writings and sharings..very good and sweet of you.Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

an excellent job is this post Sandy. We r very proud of our little so big sun. Keep shining Soleil. And always dry ur tears.Ur friend Edy

Anonymous said...

i dont always leave comments.bt this is soooooo sweeeeeeeeeet

Al-Basri said...

كل عام وانتي الف خير عمو سوليله, ويارب ينعاد عليج وانتي باحسن صحه وعافيه, وربي يخلي مامه وبابه وكل عائلتج الكريمه ويون نشوفج طبيبه بكد الدنيه وعروسه لاحسن انسان يحافظ عليج ويحميج
اما انت ياوسام فاحترم نفسك, اني عمها, ههههههههههههههه
شفتي عمو شكد يحبوج؟ههههه

Touta said...
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Touta said...

yuboo sandy, children are scary :S

happy eid habibti :D

Joe said...

Hello Sandybelle, it's my first visit on your blog, you own such a nice one and you are showing a very good stuff, especially for a person gets english as a second language. Keep up your work!
and now tell us, how did you spend Eid?
and why did your tears roll down your cheeks?? :(

accept my great wishes

Sandybelle said...

Hello my wonderful friends, I'm so glad to read your nice comments, i know its been a very long time since i responded to comments directly and regularly :)

Sure, i won't cry again :)

العفو, خجلتني وسام, اشكر حضرتك, بس اني شخصيا ماحب هيج نوع من التعليقات, بعدنا صغار عالخطبه وهالسوالف المتوكل خبز, لول

Bross and Johny, you are very kind as usual, thank so much..

Very greatly welcome sir to my simple blog. thanks so much for your nice words, i appreciate it to a great extent. :) and keep visiting this poor webiste ,so i can read more of your beautiful words and be encouraged more and more..

Edy, and anonymous,thank you!

شوووووووكرا عمو, انت كولش عزيز عليه واتشرف تكول عليه انت عمي, الله يحفك اليه, وبالضبط هيجي اريدك ذخر وعون توكف وسام عد حده (موانا بحرب علساس)هههههه تحياتي الكم ثنيناتكم عزاز عليه

yaba!! nawarti elblog, walla we miss you so much. toutati, happy eid to you too habibit, and of course, children are so scary,hehehe

hello sir! thaks for your visit :) it makes my day :)
I sent Eid well, no big things, but it is the best Eid to see your family all are well and surround you warmly and kindly. :) I was just at home, but now, the family are making visits to friends here or there :)
And it is a very complex but so simple in the same time the reason that made me shed tears.
its so nice to see everybody happy and sharing his or her happiness with his/her people. and the smiels are everywhere mixed with big wishes. nice to see your people gathered together for the reason of joy. thats the true meaning of Eid.
As well, Eid is the best return to our beautiful(that we should make beautiful) life after long hours of faith and prayers. you feel of a huge majic that you have got so big powers and in different aspects to do more and to make people happier more and more.
That's simply what touched my feelings as remembering and made me cry :)

to all of you my friends,
best of my wishes

Anonymous said...

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