28 Aug 2010

A plastic mask

I get into the car and start to describe the burning sun lengthily. I luxuriate in my description, persisting in talking, till my dad resents calmly " Hoar hair madam, let me drive peacefully if you don’t mind".
I become silent, and try to think of the real intended meaning of the hoar hair madam..

We pass three checkpoints. The fourth follows lastly and it seems we wont leave it but the next morning.

My patience perished, and I find myself scrubbing the palm of my right hand. My tongue pinched that I should speak again!
I take a deep breath, by which I assumingly touch my heart and pick every beat.
The conditioner still sends out pretty breeze and that comforts me largely.

I keep thinking of any means I can spend the time by.

In the middle of my scratched thoughts board, I incidentally hear somebody talking in whispers and a so hard curiosity pushes me to eavesdrop. It was like he was talking to his mom, by a very southern beautiful funny way.
Then, I trend against the window, and turn my head gazing carelessly until he notices what I am interested in , in the moment.
He is wearing a heavy helmet, and moving his finger along the upper edge of the net of the barbed wires. Holding a bottle of water by the rest of fingers and a mobile in the other hand, while the gun is fixed between his shoulder and the cabinet external wall.

He makes a sign by his hand asking if there is something, and it is like I wake up. I bite my lip and smile and he happily smiles back with no worries.
Then, I keep my eyes staring through the sun glass that I immediately take off.

I check my shoes' latchet, after this, I begin to labialize all the words that express me freely.

My mom lampoons the so near deceiving fear and I burst into laughter.

We park the car and I get out.

The so hot weather, and the so severe sunrays, the loud generator sound and the totally full garage bring out laziness.

"yalla baba, khenfoot" (come on in daddy) my dad urges me.

My mom pushes the door, and I go in after, I am met by a very troubling crying of a baby, and this is the very thing that gives me a sense of horror , but I do my best to ignore it.

After an hour and a half, my turn comes. My dad pats me on the back, and my mom looks into my eyes with a big interest.

" I know I should throw a way the pain, before it takes me down its feet." I say to myself.

A man with a white dress comes and introduces himself that he's the anesthetist. " are you Azrael?" I ask within my mind and laugh silently.
And soon he starts his job and tends to hypnotize me, exchanging a very respectful conversation which is very funny too.

I keep walking with him, amongst the weirdly green appearance walls.
Then, I halt near the bed that I should lie on.
The doctor asks me to relax as he launches a series of jocks. I quickly say a small part of any tribute I can remember , or perhaps, I can create. By each word he gives out a long series of happy tones, repeating " good girl!".
Like a tumbler, I give up my consciousness after they have put a plastic mask connected to a long plastic tube over my nose and mouth. And it seems I have to forget to say my own prayers.

"cover her with a blanket! Don’t worry about the bleeding! No laughing and no hard chewing" then " Sandy!" I hear, and too difficultly can recognize the voice and answer " yes" with a suppressed sound wave and no ability to open my eyes.
"mom, I love you" I speak and I feel of a teardrop falling down along my index.

My face is tightened very well by several sheets of plaster. Even the eyebrows have only a small part to show.

Herein, I bring back my sight, and my parents help me stand up and walk along with me to the hospital second gate.

Another child glances at me, and he's about to cry while watching me and observing my slow steps. I feel so tired, and I stretch my hand towards him, and he stretches his too.

I leave the hospital and arrive home by few minutes.

My sisters help me find a way to bed, one kissing my hand and the other hugs me with her tacky fingers and a great desire to ask her what she has been tucking during my absence.

I ask for nothing, except an analgesic, and fall into a sleep.

After an unknown period of time, I wake up and as it tells, have no dream to think of..

I just gnaw my nail and keep remembering the stretched hand and the green coloured walls.



Ali said...

هسه تمام شموسه..الحمد لله عالسلامه ياورده ويارب متشوفين عزرائيل بعد

والاسلوب كالعاده, جميل ومؤثر

Anonymous said...

That's so huge Sandybelle. I hope you are fully recovered now. i wish you all the best and thanks for the new beautiful post.


Richie said...

Welcome back!
I'm surprised for you had a surgery!! i hope you recover fully and you will keep your writing up.we love you

Anonymous said...

Sweet web site, I hadn't noticed iraqiplume.blogspot.com previously during my searches!
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

May God bless you, please, stay safe and healthy.

moonlight said...

7amidilla 3a salaama Sanybelle!! I hope your recovering well and feeling better now. I've missed seeing your posts. How'd your summer go?
All the best inshallah,
bosat ilich min america =)

Wisam said...

واخيرااااااا!! مليون هلو
شلونج ساندي بل؟ شلونج دكتوره عيني؟

بس هاي شنو؟ هم دتكوره وهم يسوولج عمليه؟ لعد شلون حتداوين الناس متكليلي؟
لالا, اشاقه وياج, ان شاء الله كل الصحه والعافيه وتصيرين احسن دكتوره يارب

الحمدلله عالسلامه وكل فرحت لان انتي رجعتي والله

Henry said...

A very nice post Sandybelle. And i look forward reading another one.
Take good care of your health.

Johny said...

Thank God you are back and safe. im happy for you are fine after your sugery. i wish you all best.
waiting for your news.

Caesar of Pentra said...

Thanks a lot, dear! It's been a while. How is life treating ya?

Caesar of Pentra said...

alef salama ya Sandy! Hope you are getting better!

Mike said...

Sandybelle, you own such a wonderful blog! you should never stop writing, you should keep improving it, so we read and get enjoyed mor, and so largely :)

Johny said...

They say Ramadhan is about to be over Sandybelle. I hope you had many nice and calm days full of prayers and faith whispers.
And I hope you'll enjoy the Eid. :)