6 Nov 2009


The mascot piece has slipped away , it is so shameful that I didn't have an energy to pick it up. Coldness renders the fingers as marks of gooseflesh.
Since it is,
and it means,


Never did notice the monotony wraith baffling the brains wrinkles, stealing my concentration faculty.
Humble attempts to spin reeds instead of wool, normally, that would make pricks, so by any means, I can notice that wraith some soon minute.
So weird to say, but I recently realized that reed is better than wool in bringing warmness *passion* . simple stuff gives people life.
Reed.. Rain.. Iraq.. All of them leave a huge space when the true morales are not shown, and when the balderdash is appointed the chairman.
I miss Iraq while I am in my own Iraq.. *Crossroads*

Janus! The door is on the jar, waiting to release every freedom pleasedly.
"Random words.. so much to talk about especially that your voice echo still follows my hair waves everywhere I go.
Unstable desires explain good reasons , they were unforgettable days."


Thank you all, something you gave, so much could save.
Baba called us yesterday, the last medical report says that my mother is completely recovered..
Mama called us today, talked to everyone, I have not heard her voice for two months, things refused to strengthen the tongue to speak, but things finally have obeyed.
Thanks for everyone prayed for us, everyone thought of us, thanks for your support and encouragement. Thanks so much!

The mascot piece rolls..

We had many bad haird days, and we cried so loud. Now, we are happy, and we look forward to the future, look up to her name which is so high, which is saved in our hearts, our souls and which submerges with our blood drops.
The most precious person.

Balance of mind my mom taught us incinerates the difficulties. And I.. I did all my best, never kept any iota for me or my own.. never..

Like if the light kindly lolls down. A dark sky.. lightning.. thunder..
Oh, how macabrely thunder had frightened me! And winds storming used to tease me and lumber my chamber of confused intentions. But this time, all brought good news.
Pain matrix.. I know it is still existed..still here and almost everywhere.. But I need a pause, there's a jolt to let everything come to its suitable place. I admit, lately I found out I had established many places for anarchy in my life style and it led me to be in a very bad temper, so hard to create a "mutation", but the bright side is what I need is only "arrangement" and "mutation" will be very well done.

Altough it may appear so close to bring noise, but I just like it,

I'm so glad for my sister, I see her doing well in the school , I was scared to death in the beginning! As if it was my homework and my study, but she always hints to my past, and her usual and favourite question to any teacher in the first meeting is :
" Madame? Madame? Do you know my sister?"

*And talking starts about Sandybelle*

Nowadays, mightily I become happy to hold a textbook and keep teaching my sisters and giving them pieces of advice, as if you would understand completely that I was in love with textbooks..(Such an irony)!
What always gave me headache that may make anyone looking for a bandeau here or there to wear, now, it gives me happiness, especailly when I listen to their voices tunes praising my excellent (as they say) teaching and saying "Why don't you become a teacher? Why don’t you come to our class and teach us and our classmates there? We all will get the full marks!".. With great honour, I repeat it again, "spoiled sisters".

Every day my sister brgins me my teacher's greetings and best wishes, with offers of help, because I was not only a student, not only a friend, not only a daughter , vut also someone they all feel proud of and remember with smiles. They remember all my banterings.
It was my jaw breaker to say "I love the school" , but now, I really do say it with such a confidence, " I love the school".

Hmmm ,something else I should admit, I AM IN LOVE WITH TEACHING and really it is one of my dreams to stand before a bunch of students and drawing many letters on the board ;however teaching devices have developed and maybe in my time there'll be no need for a board pen in Iraq.
*but* I AM IN LOVE WITH MEDICINE TOO, my mom has actually solved it by saying " you should study so hard so you can be a professor in the college, you'll find many students to teach there. Like me and your dad" she is totally right with this, and I'll be free with any teaching way I take on.
However, I made my choice, it's so hard, medicine , the goal that tells to sacrifice and remember the humane feelings that some people almost forgot.
Only what remained of this holiday الي مفتهمت منها شي طبعا
Is *one week*, and I think I'll spend it by : sleeping, cooking, playing by the jigsaw puzzles and lamenting my destiny that I couldn't go to the amusement city to enjoy the merry-go-round :D

Many things became like a so far mirage, it only helps to mull and put an end by a conclusion, there are other miens we have.

There is a city I pray to visit, where I like to wear alabaya with two books , some places to long for and stay in for a very long while. Just to feel a right I really innerly miss..
The other night, covering my little sister with a thick blanket , I could know it.

this post was written last night, when I received an unexpected email from someone I love so much.


Johny said...

This post displays random thoughts, but it is very nice though.
do your post with your future career and I am greatly happy about your mom, thank God!

Ali said...

Hello Shammosa.
I am so glad for you and your mom, it has been a long time since you ignored everything and started working for your family,such a dutiful you sre!

I wish you more and more of success, you are so 7abbaba and you deserve all the best.

Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Sandy,

Your English is getting better dear. I can't explain how happy I am when I know that you are taking care of your siblings that is really amazing.

May God heal your mom's pain soon.

Take care


p.s nice template

Anonymous said...

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Khalid from iraqiblogupdates.blogspot.com/ said...

شموسة الوردة يجب ان اهنئكم على هذا التصميم الجديد والرائع لمدونتكم يعني صدك يخلي الواحد يشعر بالراحة فيحس بهدوء جميل يساعد على التركيز والقراءة والاستمتاع بعدين مبروك الرسالة الي استلمتيها من فد واحد تحبيه كلش ومحروسة وانت تديرين بالج على اخواتك اللائي ينتظرن منك الدعم والمثل الاعلى مرفوقة ببسمة حب ولمسة حنان

Also, I'm so glad that you're:

happy, and we look forward to the future

A special SALAM

Wisam said...

Dear Sandy,
i like the new look of your blog, and i like this post very much. the song you published made me smile so wide, i think you love your mom more than i do :P
Take care Shammosa, and keep writing. every time you stop writing for a long while, we all get so afraid and so worried.
please, take care of yourself. your english is fantastic Miss doctor ;)

Sandybelle said...

Wisam , Ali and Johny,
Thank you for your nice words and encouragements.

My dear!!! walla elblog nawar! ya hala!
thaaaaaaank you so much for your passing by, I love!
not the template is the nice, its your eyes dear! lol
Take care of yourself and keep in your mind you never leave my mind nor my prayers :)

يا هله ومرحبه بالخطار, شلونكم عيوني؟
شكرا على ذوق حضرتك اللطيف بخصوص الخلفيه
ثاني شي
الي كتبتها بالملاحظه بالاخير هي بنيه مو ولد , فقط للاطلاع, عفت كل الحجي رحت على هاي الجمله الصغيرونه كلش!!!! هممممممممم
حاشتكي, لول
الله يحرسك ويحفظك انت هم عمو, من كل مكروه, آمين, ويحرس مارشوه وكل الطيبين

Special Salam for you too, be safe
عمو, شكرا جزيلا

Judie said...

Sandy it is a very powerful post. very possitive. i liked it so much. keep up hard work! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Shams. notre soleil :)

Henri said...

Hello Sandybelle, Soleil,
How are you?
I am very impressed by your writing, since you are not a native speaker. your writing style is very emotional.
You are such a creative young woman!
Also, I noticed in the list "sheen" that you are a very good reader, very excellent novels, they are very meaningful. I admire that to a great extent.A girl in your age with that ability should be so proud of herslef and of what she is doing.

keep writing please, i am a good follower of your nice blog. you will become someone very important in the future. Since your dreams and ambitions are so wonderful.

I hope to meet you in person once..

By the way, I checked out your profile, you said you like "acting", have you ever acted ? if yes, could you write something about that experience? if no, why?


Wisam said...

عاشا ايدج شموسه على هالبوست الحلو , كلش عجبني ولو هو هم مخربط
بس ميخالف انتي كاتبه راندوملي

انتظر بوستات اخرى, وبلكت تكتبين شي جديد , اقصد غير مواضيع, مو الا عالحياة اليوميه , والله, تره اني هم ضجت

لتزعلين عليه, هاي من ميانتي وياج , وحتى هم تغبرين شويه

والستايل الجديد مال البلوك كلش عجبني
يا صاحبة الذوق الرفيع

Yasser said...

hello shammosah aldoctorah

The mascot piece rolls..

realy nice post even i couldnt catch up all phrases.. lol.
hope u understand alots of ur coming life. and good news about ur mama.

be safe dear...

Mexican said...

dear sandybelle,
its been a long time since i visited your beautiful memories blog. I hope you excuse me !
Secondly, I am very glad to know that your mom became bitter after being so ill ,and i hope she will recover completely.
I feel very proud as I am publishing this comment, you are such a strong and intelligent girl!
I hope you will find every success in your study, but be careful, medicine is not easy at all. I am sure you will do great.
Accept my regards.

زهرة الراوي said...

سلامن عليكم ;)
لك هاي شنو؟؟؟
عيني شنهالجمال ؟ شنهالأناقة؟
أحسنت الاختيار شموسة .. هذا كلش أرتب :)

تدرين حلو دور الأخت الكبيرة وما ينمل من عنده.. المشكلة من يكبرون وتكبر مشاكلهم وتحسين إنج المسؤولة :)
الله ييسر عليكم كليتكم ويباركلكم في أوقاتكم ودروسكم..
وإن شاءالله كلكم أوائل

تحاياي اللي بدأت تبرد لأن الجو يتحسن :)

Al-Basri said...

A very nice article shammosa. dp well in your college.

From Australia said...

Hello sunsoona,how are you?
Very good news, ilhamdulillah mama got better, send my greetings to her please.
Take care, i keep reading your writings, and i am eager to learn more about you sweety.

mais.m.issa said...

you are such a good writer!

moonlight said...

Halaw Sandybelle,
hamdillah 3ala salamat umich! I'm so glad to here she's recovered and inshallah she'll continue to be in the best of health.

You've reminded me of myself and my descion between becoming a teacher or a doctor...I've decided on becoming a teacher because that has been my biggest dream. It makes me smile though at your desicion, you doctora soliel, and me sitt moonlight :) I'm sure you'll become an amazing doctor one day!

Best of luck dear in all your studies and everything you do.

Much love

زهرة الراوي said...

السلام عليكم يا أهل الدار
شلونج شموسة؟؟ أخبارج؟. أمورج؟
همممممممممممم كلللللش متأكدة إني حطيت رد على هذا البوست والبوست قبل اللي قبله، لأن بوستات المدارس تسويلي إنسبايريشن :) حيث إني أمووووووووووووت عالمدرسة..

وهم حجيت على النيولوك الرائع مالتج .. عاشت إيدج عليه.. بس يمكن الرد مالتي وكع سهواً :)

اللي أذكر إني حجيته أنه إنتي صحيح الأخت الكبيرة وكلشي فوك راسج بس صدقي شعور الأخت الكبيرة كللللللللللش حلو .. سلطة وسعادة وحنان.. تحسين الكل محتاجج وتحسين نفسج مسؤولة عنهم فدشي لطيف ..
الله ييسر لكم كل أمور الحياة وتحياتي الحارة لك حبيبتي

Yasser said...

يابة ممكن مشغولة بالدراسة والكلية بس ميخالف هم الله يساعدج اول اشهر متعبة
تحياتي وتمنياتي بكل خير

Amina said...

The way I see the election is this: Allawi's and Bolani's list is full of Baathists and Sunnis. Maliki's and Al-Hakim's lists are full of Iranians and thieves. Iraq needs a change. Do you agree?

Wisam said...

صدك لو كالوا, من لكه احبابه نسه اصحابه
يابه والله مشتاقين, رجاءا بوست جديد

Abbas said...

These are Iran’s agents in Iraq
(Al-Watan Al-Arabi) gets the real names and aliases, figures and the faked institutions of the mullahs regime agents in various Iraqi cities.

Read the rest at putiraqfirst.com

Khalid from iraqiblogupdates.blogspot.com/ said...

ساندونة يا طيبة ياحبابة ابارك لكم حلول عيد الاضحى المبارك اعاده الله عليكم وعلى اهلكم الكرام بالفرح والسعادة والصحة والنجاحات المستمرة


MixMax said...

It is not only your posts that I enjoy reading (with apologies for not commenting sometimes), but your taste in the layout and the colors used.

Alywas beautiful blog to visit

Little Penguin said...

ayamich sa3eeda sandy.. hope all is well :)

Al-Basri said...

حقج عمو حقج, حلوه وتبيع ثكل, شوفي شعرج الاشكر!!!!!! اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد, كل عام وانت بالف خير , ويارب تتحقق كل امانيج وتعيشين براحه وسعاده واحسن دكتوره وابن حلال يارب

Anonymous said...

Hi sandy
glad to hear good news about your mom and see you blogging again. i was following the news and praying for her.

take care.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!