26 Oct 2009

Yesterday was made of blood.

Excuse me to publish another post talking about explosions. its the unavoided truth.. Near the ministry of justice and other places.
Congratulations for all torment, blood, explosions and slaying makers. They made us cry again!


James said...

Shams, Thank God you aare back to blogging. I read your last post, it made me feel of a weird feeling, you are very brilliant and great at writing.

I am so sad that Baghdad , the beautiful city, the city which you love faces these horrible times. I hope the injuries will recover soon and things will be better.
I'll pray for that, as always.
Be safe and keep blogging. we love you.

Ali said...

We are sad sandy. but we dont cry, we trust our fate. maybe you would cry! dont worry, things will be better soon insha'allah.

Sam said...

therez nothing much to say and comment on these criminal brutal events, just god keeps us safe and blessed..

Yasser said...

مرحبا د.شمس
ما اقول اعتقد ان الصور ابلغ من كل قول. اللهم تغمد الضحايا برحمتك والجرحى بلطفك.


تعبتْ بغداد من ثيابِ الدم

تعبتْ وبكتْ

وحين طلبتْ جرعةَ ماء

أعطوها قنبلةً للموتِ وسيفاً للذبح

وحين طلبتْ رغيفَ خبز

أعطوها رمحاً من نار

وحين طلبتْ شمساً

صادوا شمسَ الله

حتّى لا تحضر يوماً ما

لشوارع بغداد.


تعبتْ بغداد من ثيابِ الدم

نزفتْ موتاً أحمرَ كجهنم

وحين أرسلتْ في طلبِ الطبيب

قالوا لها:

الطبيبُ مشغول بالخليفة

والخليفة مصاب منذ ألف سنة

بالمللِ التاريخيّ

والمللِ الجغرافيّ

والمللِ الروحيّ

والمللِ الأمنيّ

والمللِ الجنسيّ.

ولذا سيجيء إليك

بعد أن يُشفي الخليفة

من أنواعِ المللِ جميعاً!

فلا تبتئسي!

وحين نزفتْ بغداد

ميتاتٍ أخرى لا حصر لها

في أزمنةٍ لا حصر لها


عن أيّ طبيبٍ تتحدثُ هذي المسكينة؟!



دماؤكِ سالتْ في الشارعِ للرائحِ والغادي

كيف سيوقفها الفقراءُ العُزّل؟

بأيّ حروفٍ ودواءٍ وتعاويذ؟


وبغداد هاجمها كلُّ ذئابِ الكون

نهشوا وجنتيها، شفتيها،

نهشوا ثدييها ويديها،

بالوا في دجلتها

حين رأوا دجلة

تتألقُ في الشمس

وحين رأوا فيها مئذنةَ الحرفِ الذهبية

تمتدّ إلى ما شاء الله

مارسوا فنَّ التفخيخ

وفنَّ القصف

وفنَّ الرجم

وفنَّ الذبح

وفنَّ المكر

وفنَّ التدليس.



الحقدُ شديد

نعم، والألمُ شديد.

والقتلى انتشروا دون رؤوس

في كلِّ مكانٍ من جسدك.

والفقراء العُزّل

سقطوا من فوق الجسر ومن تحت الجسر

وفي جامعةِ المستنصر بالله

وفي مصطبةِ عمّال البابِ الشرقيّ



فآهٍ، بغداد، وآه.


لكنكِ، يا بغداد،

ستقومين من الموت

أعني ستقومين من الدم

فباؤكِ باءُ الله

وألفكِ أشرفُ موجوداتِ الحرف

ودالكِ دالُ الدنيا والدين

وسرّكِ سرّ الحبّ،

كلّ الحبّ.


نعم، يا بغداد،

ستضيئين الدنيا ثانيةً

بثيابِ الشمس

لا بثيابِ الدم،

فأنتِ العنقاءُ وأنتِ الشمس!

للشاعر العراقي - اديب كمال الدين

Johny said...

Its so sad and miserable. May God bless you and keep you safe. t.c.

Ali Rawaf said...

I am deeply saddened by Sunday's horrifying attacks. But in a way, it is good that Al-Maliki cannot run in the elections and say "I made some improvements on security" which will help give a clearer picture of his lies. I cannot wait until he is not our prime minister anymore.

Al-Basri said...

I am shocked by them. i began to think that bad things are over, but its out of our dreams!
All the neighbors are against us,they dont like the iraqis to be ok, because they know if we are well feeling, we will do what hey cant even dream of doing.
May Allah bless the martyr's souls.

They are all things done against the PM"s personality, because he made many good things, they just want his face to be black in front of us.
The secreteries of the interior ministry and defense ministry should be dimissed. they dont obey the pm's plans. however, its all a complicated issue.
Be safe Sandyelle
and by the way, when will you start college? have you registered?

Ali Rawaf (The Iraqi Future) said...

Al-Basri, you speak of Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki as if he has done significant improvements in Iraq. As you have seen, we still have massive deadly attacks, many areas of the country lack water, and electricity gets worse. During his time, the price of gas has increased in the country. I hope that one day, people like you don't look at Maliki and say, "he is one of us, then it is ok." It is not okay. He has persecuted many Iraqis and seeing him on TV gives me nothing but a resemblance of Saddam Hussein and his authoritarian and oppressive era.

Sandybelle said...

James, Ali and Sam,
Thanks for your nice comments and Amen to all your prayers.

يسوري شكرا جزيلا, دائما تعليقات حضرتك تضيف الجديد والجميل لهالمدونه المتواضعه, شكرا لتواصل حضرتك , وحباب الله يرضى عنك بدون القاب, اني اخجل شويه, هههههه اي والله جديات
هاي وحده, وثنين, شلونك انت ؟ شلون دوامك؟ الكليه؟ ان شاء الله كل شي اوكي وتمام


Thanks for your comment my dear ammu. the last explosions were not against the PM only, actually who got damaged is "the people", and all what the PM did (like all the other leaders) is to order to start an investigation, dont you see that the investigations became so many?
I hope the military plans will be better.
there's a kind of treason, because that all happened before the guards' eyes.

Ali Rawaf,
Welcome dear to this humble blog!!I'm really glad to see you here :)
I really appreciate and admire your patriotic feelings sir, me too, I was saddened deeply.
Ok Sir, its not up to me, but dont you see its too tough with Mr. Al-Basri? he's poor too, a normal cicitzen like me and you!
Both of you have the wonderful Iraqi Spirit, I am sure.
You are completely right, no noticeable good changes have been done, the same bribes, the same atawis, the same administrative corruption. no PM has made anything good since 2003. however, its a complicated issue that i am away from, because as you see, the PM is not the only one responsible for whats going on, it is not only his guilt, it is THEIR guilt.

emmmm, ok, but i see, the PM Al-maliki is good, he enjoyes a strong personality, and he has been on the chair for the last four years, maybe behind the curtains he was doing something, maybe, i think he should stay the prime minister for some more time, maybe he has started something , and as well, now, he is better than the others with Iraq's issues, lets give him a chance , maybe he made a basis and he needs some more to build, what do you think?
lets think rationally, is not he better than anyone else for the moment? we dont need to try other PM, we dont need to taste other flavours of injustice. if another man takes the responsibility today, he will need more times only to start a basis.
all in all, its very complex, we can't guess whats inside..

Thanks again sir, and please stay safe..

Ali Rawaf (The Iraqi Future) said...


Thanks for the kind words. In my opinion, religion is the source of all problems that are accuring in the country. Without religion, we wouldn't have Sunni lists vs Shiites', we wouldn't have a Christian list. I believe that whoever wants to serve Iraqi the best, shouldn't run under the banner of religion but rather, under the banner of nationalism with an attitude to serve the country in the best ways possible. So far, I don't see any of the religious parties telling people that they have a political program for Iraq's future. All thy are good at is quoting holy books and referring to religious clerks.
That is not what Iraq needs.

Sandybelle said...

" believe that whoever wants to serve Iraqi the best, shouldn't run under the banner of religion but rather, under the banner of nationalism with an attitude to serve the country in the best ways possible.So far, I don't see any of the religious parties telling people that they have a political program for Iraq's future. All thy are good at is quoting holy books and referring to religious clerks.
" you are quite right, and surely that is not what Iraq needs. Those consider the religion as a politician commodity, while they do nothing of the religions' orders. They try to exploit simple people's minds and they could in the last elections. Only I say, May God forgive all the bad things and all the crimes they did for us. They only keep thinking of themsleves and forget us.
But I think that our people already discovered their reality. I think we can't be deceived anymore..

Caesar of Pentra said...

Great posting, but painful images! I hope everything's ok at ur side. I liked the comment u dropped on my blog. And I replied u on that. Keep up the good work.

Lilly said...

Hey Sandy,
Its been a long time, and I miss your blogs. this post is so sad, we need to read some more about your daily life. best wishes :-)

Sandybelle said...

hello lilly, thanks for your return, and finally, i could start typing again.

Welcome here, and Thank you!