1 Feb 2010

Just to thank

Arthur is a nickname for someone i like to thank.

"thanks for helping me to survive"
I know, "thank you" is not enough, but I believe it can explain.
Many of the difficulties were turned into easy and simple things. your surprise added the colour for the hard days I passed through recently.

May God protect you, and give you so much happiness with whom you love.

Deeply surprised and thankful.



Sam said...

hey sandybelle,
its good to c u back..
wat abt ur last day in first semester? u didnt mention it!!
is it was like the first days?
take care girl..

Anonymous said...

no tx needed remember?!
u know my wishes and my whom!!


Anand said...

Happy New Year. Saw your comment at Mojo. ;-)

"Happiness means to give, to sacrifice, and to share all of these with whom you love."
Very nicely said.

Anonymous said...

يا مرحبا بعودتك ساندي بيل، افتقدناك كثيراً كثيراً، عسى ان تكون الحياة الجامعية قد طابت لك....نتمنى نسمع الكثير من اخبار العراق و اخباركم.

Khalid from iraqiblogupdates.blogspot.com/ said...

I would like to thank the nick named as Arthur because he helped the always anazig our Sandona to survive.

Thank you Arthur on behalf of the Iraqi nation for supporting our lovely girl.

العزيزة سندونة سلام شكو ماكو؟ مبين آرثر ابن حمولة الله يحفظة ويحفظج ودعائي لك ولجميع محبيك بالسلامة والسعادة

James said...

Say hi to Arthur!! lol